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Amerisleep vs. Nectar: Which One Will Give You a Better Night’s Sleep?

For some people, getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t come easy. Tossing and turning from an uncomfortable mattress, and waking up feeling more tired than the night before is torture. Getting the right mattress for your sleep style and joint support is crucial for getting a restful night’s sleep. You’d think it would be easy to choose a mattress, but it’s more of a science. Not only do you have to take into account the price and the ease of the buying process, but you also need to know if the mattress in question will meet your specific needs. Today, we’re going to cover Amerisleep mattresses and Nectar mattresses. By the end of our mattress review, you’ll have a clear picture of which mattress is going to give you a better night’s sleep. Below, we’ll cover the similarities and the differences between Amerisleep and Nectar, and which one is best suited for your sleeping positions and your pocketbook.

Nectar is a new company that is taking the mattress-in-a-box industry by storm. For more than four years, Nectar has been hard at work developing a material that is designed to replace memory foam, and also outperform any sleep product made from memory foam. The company offers superior and innovative construction, with top-notch motion isolation.

In contrast, Amerisleep has been around for many years. They were one of the first mattress companies to cut out the middleman and sell directly to the consumer.

What are the fundamental similarities between Amerisleep and Nectar?

  • The two mattresses have a few key similarities that make either one an attractive choice for tired consumers.
  • Both companies use memory foam within the comfort layer
  • Both offer all-foam mattresses
  • Both mattresses have a reputation for being good at motion isolation.
  • Both offer decent pressure relief
  • Within their construction, both address cooling adequately
  • Each one has a slow-to-respond feel

With their excellent reputations regarding motion isolation, either mattress is an excellent choice for couples.

What are the key differences between Amerisleep and Nectar mattresses?

While both companies have a range of similarities, they do sport some key differences.

  • Amerisleep products are manufactured in the United States.
  • Nectar products are manufactured in China.
  • Amerisleep offers five models, whereas Nectar only has one model.
  • Nectar only provides customers with one firmness setting.
  • Amerisleep gives each of their models a different firmness level.
  • Amerisleep offers more bells and whistles in their construction
  • Amerisleep is more expensive at every step than Nectar

What are the main differences between the structure of Amerisleep and Nectar mattresses?

  • Amerisleep mattresses are constructed with three inches of memory foam, then two inches of polyfoam, and a final seven inches of poly support foam.
  • Nectar mattresses are 11-inch foam mattresses comprised of five multiple foam layers, including a top comfort layer, support layer, transition layer, and a foundation layer.

While both mattresses do a good job of addressing cooling factors in their construction, they go about this in fundamentally different ways, which are noticeable in the structure. Nectar gives their mattress a tencel cover with gel memory foam. Tencel is made from natural wood fibers, which make it eco-friendly. Even though tencel is derived from wood, it’s incredibly soft and also offers excellent wicking properties. In addition, Nectar mattresses are made from five layers’ worth of support, versus Amerisleep’s two layers.

Amerisleep mattresses, on the other hand, have celliant covers, and plant-based, open-cell memory foam, plus air channels. These celliant covers are a bit unique in that they may offer additional health benefits for customers. Celliant is a thermoreactive substance that has been scientifically proven to enhance blood flow by turning body heat into infrared light. The Amerisleep memory foam also responds slightly faster than Nectar memory foam, because Nectar is comprised of more layers than Amerisleep.

Another notable difference in the construction is that Amerisleep models cater to specific sleeping positions. Firmer models are for back and stomach sleepers, and softer mattresses are for side sleepers. Nectar, however, aims for a universally comfortable mattress regardless of your sleep position. This is an appealing feature for couples whose sleep positions differ. The durability of each mattress is comparable.

How is the firmness and support of Amerisleep and Nectar mattresses?

Nectar mattresses only come in one firmness setting. While on its face, the one-size-fits-all approach may seem like a downside, it’s actually not. Nectar provides superior pressure relief and contouring. The five layers of a Nectar mattress are great for giving people who suffer from low back pain the right level of firmness and support. The dense foam and numerous layers in a Nectar mattress can address pain points where most mattresses fail on this front. Nectar is designed to be at the right degree between firm, and soft and is therefore comfortable for any sleeping position. This is great news if you’re part of a couple looking for a high-quality, affordable mattress. Most people need a mix of firm, and supple, or soft and bouncy, and hardly anyone can say whether they will benefit from a firm mattress or a softer mattress six months from purchase.

Amerisleep gives customers a more extensive array of choices when it comes to mattress firmness or softness. Amerisleep mattresses are also manufactured with covers constructed with breathable fabric, which provide the mattresses with a luxurious feel. Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur memory foam allows air to move through the mattress, keeping customers cool.

Does either mattress off-gas?

Amerisleep mattresses are made from environmentally-friendly, plant-based memory foam. The foam is manufactured from soybean oils and created with a green technology called Variable Pressure Foaming, or VPF. VPF processing doesn’t release contaminants in the air and produces a foam that emits minimal numbers of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There is no off-gassing when you unbox an Amerisleep mattress. Nectar mattresses are also constructed with green technology and plant-based materials and don’t off-gas either.

What about sleeping hot?

If you have a tendency to get hot at night, Nectar is a good choice. The tencel technology in Nectar mattresses offers superior comfort for hot sleepers. The dense top foam layer in a Nectar mattress has significant advantages over the competition. While Amerisleep does offer some relief for hot sleepers, it’s not as sophisticated or as effective as the Nectar mattress. Tencel is more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen. It also circulates air through the top layer of the mattress, thus improving airflow while you sleep. Another notable difference between Amerisleep and Nectar is that Nectar will offer to replace the top, tencel cover of the mattress at no extra charge once it is worn out.

Amerisleep’s mattresses offer breathability with their plant-based structure, but Nectar mattresses provide additional cooling properties, which is a significant difference between the two. If you have trouble staying cool at night, a Nectar mattress might help you get a good night’s sleep.

What is motion-transfer like with Amerisleep and Nectar mattresses?

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of being woken up by your partner’s tossing and turning, then you know how important it is for a mattress to minimize motion transfer. On surveys and tests, Nectar mattresses score slightly higher than Amerisleep mattresses when it comes to motion transfer, at 9.6/10 and 9.2/10, respectively. Nectar mattresses are designed so that they have the right amount of firmness to support your back and hips, but they’re also soft enough to minimize the feel of your partner tossing and turning at night. If you were to purchase a softer Amerisleep mattress, you might experience a lesser degree of motion transfer, but at the expense of support and pressure relief.

As far as edge support goes, Nectar is superior in this regard. Most mattresses don’t offer much in the way of edge support, including Amerisleep. Nectar, however, gets consistently good reviews when it comes to their edge support. The five-layer construction in a Nectar mattress supports every part of the mattress equally, including the edges. If you or your partner like to sleep near the side of the bed, consider purchasing a Nectar mattress.

What are the price differences?

Nectar is a more affordable option than Amerisleep. Current prices for Nectar mattresses are:

  • $399 Twin
  • $469 Twin XL
  • $599 Full
  • $699 Queen
  • $799 King
  • $799 California King

Amerisleep queen size mattresses start at $999 and vary in price depending on the mattress firmness.

Does either company offer a warranty?

Both companies offer warranties and trial periods. Nectar offers customers a lifetime warranty on all of their mattresses with no gimmicks or fine print. In addition, Nectar also offers customers a 365 night trial period, including free shipping and returns. You can try out their mattresses for one full year, hassle-free.

Amerisleep, on the other hand, gives customers 100 nights worth of a free trial. While they do have a warranty, it comes with some fine print. The company only offers a ten-year full warranty, and an additional ten year prorated warranty period, for a total of 20 years from the date of purchase.

How does Amerisleep and Nectar’s customer service compare?

Amerisleep rates well for customer service and the company has been around for many years with a good reputation in this regard.  While Nectar is relatively new to the mattress industry, Nectar is rated highly on third-party review sites for their customer service and support, too.

How are the mattresses shipped?

Both companies offer free shipping. Amerisleep and Nectar mattresses are compressed, vacuum-sealed, and shipped in a box. Amerisleep ships to any address in the contiguous 48 states, but does honor requests for Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and some overseas locations. You can purchase an Amerisleep mattress online, on Amazon, or at select store locations.

You can only purchase Nectar mattresses from their online stores. They ship within the lower 48 states, and shipping charges apply for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

What kind of sleepers can benefit from either an Amerisleep or Nectar mattress?

Amerisleep mattresses offer decent support for both back and side sleepers. If you and your partner prefer softer mattresses and want a mattress with a luxurious feel to it, a softer Amerisleep model might be a decent choice.

But, Nectar mattresses offer superior support and protection from motion transfer regardless of whether you want a hard or soft mattress. These mattresses are perfect for budget-conscious shoppers and couples with different sleeping and mattress needs.

Plus, if you tend to have issues staying cool at night, Nectar mattresses are a good choice for hot sleepers. In most cases, hot sleepers aren’t comfortable with the heat retention present in most memory foam mattresses. But Nectar mattresses are constructed with cooling tencel covers that circulate air effectively. They’ll keep you cooler at night than the leading competitors. So if you enjoy the feel of memory foam but sleep hot, you may benefit from trying out a Nectar mattress. The full year trial period is also an excellent incentive if you’re unsure of the cooling properties present in this unique memory foam mattress design.

Nectar’s medium firmness is great for light and average weight sleepers regardless of their sleep style. For people over 230 lbs, Nectar is one of the most supportive memory foam mattresses on the market, especially if you sleep on your back.

Both Amerisleep and Nectar have excellent customer reviews on their websites and also on leading third-party sites. But buyers need to be aware that Nectar is a new company, whereas Amerisleep has been around for over ten years. Although Nectar offers a lifetime warranty, it’s a risk to buy a mattress from a company so new.


What’s our Amerisleep and Nectar mattress review bottom line?

Even though Nectar mattresses are more affordable, Amerisleep mattresses are more luxurious. Amerisleep also gives ships to more places, and you can buy Amerisleep mattresses at several different locations. With Nectar, you can only buy a mattress from their online stores. With more options available for purchase, you’ll have an easier time finding deals on Amerisleep mattresses. Amerisleep mattress are made with high-quality materials, and buying is more convenient. You also have more options to choose from regarding firmness levels. You can’t go wrong with an Amerisleep mattress and you’ll be sure to get a good night’s sleep on one.


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