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Beautyrest is a premium brand, that makes premium products, with premium price tags. They’re commonly used by resorts and hotels across the world due to their unbeatable luxurious nature and their long-lasting durability.

If you’ve got a big enough budget, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an excellent night’s sleep with their products. You really do get what you pay for with mattresses, and if you pay for a Beautyrest product – you’re going to be getting a lot.

Today we are going to take a look at Beautyrest and their vast range of different products. We’re going to see what’s inside them, what we like (and don’t like) about them, and we’re going to reveal the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the brand.

Let’s get started.

Key Components Of Beautyrest Mattresses

As a huge part of BeautyRest’s client base is the commercial resort and hotel sector they have a mindboggling range of products on offer. They have 3 collections (silver, black, and platinum) and each collection has around 12 mattresses in it.

To make this section even more complicated, Beautyrest is known for having a huge number of layers in their products. They use a wide range of different materials layered on top of one another, and they use different materials in different products.

Here we are going to talk about some of their most notable components. You won’t find all of the materials below in all of their products – so be sure to keep that in mind when shopping around.

Aircool Memory Foam

Beautyrest has several variations of memory foam that they use in their products. If we were dealing with a smaller, less varied brand they would all be worthy of their own section. But to keep things manageable we’re going to focus on the two most interesting memory foam variations used in BeautyRest’s products.

Aircool memory foam is one of them.

As you may already know, memory foam wasn’t designed for use in mattresses. It was made by NASA for use in airplane seats. As it wasn’t designed for sleeping on, the heat retention properties of the material weren’t really that important at first.

But when memory foam became widespread in mattress design – it was a huge problem.

Early memory foam mattresses were far too warm for most tastes, and ever since then, brands have been in a memory foam arms race to create the coolest foam. Two main ways of doing this emerged – open cell foam and cooling gel foam. Aircool memory foam is BeautyRest’s own version of open cell memory foam.

Inside normal memory foam, there are countless individual cells that contain little pockets of air, these cells are entirely sealed and the air cannot escape. Throughout the night the air inside these pockets heats up and the air has nowhere to go. This means the mattress gradually warms up and becomes uncomfortable.

Open cell memory foam partially opens these cells which allows the air to travel in-between the cells and out of the mattress. It’s one of the most effective ways to distribute heat.

Not all open cell memory foam is created equally, some are more efficient at heat distribution than others…

And Beautyrest has made one of the best.

Micro Diamond Memory Foam

The other way of removing heat from memory foam is by infusing the foam with a cooling gel when it is being formed. The theory behind cooling gel is reasonably simple, and it’s relatively cheap to implement (usually).

The cooling gel that is added to the mixture is made from a material that is exceptionally thermally conductive. This means that while some heat is absorbed by the foam in the mattress, some is also absorbed by the gel. The gel then naturally spreads the heat throughout the mattress creating a more even temperature.

Contrary to the name, this means that cooling gel itself doesn’t directly cool the mattress down – it just spreads the heat out. This removes hotspots from underneath where the sleeper is lying and creates a much cooler sleeping surface.

What determines the effectiveness of a cooling gel is the amount of it that is infused in the foam, and the material it is made from. The more conductive the material is, the better the heat distribution.

Sometimes metals are used in replacement of gel (like titanium) due to their thermally conductive properties. But Beautyrest thought that wasn’t good enough.

They have used diamonds.

Real. Diamonds.

Diamond is one of the best conductors of heat on the planet. It’s used in limited quantities in many household electronic devices to facilitate the transfer and dissipation of heat. Beautyrest have included up to 500 carats of real diamond in each mattress that uses micro diamond memory foam.

It’s one of the coolest memory foams on the planet.

(And you can literally say you sleep on a bed of diamonds too)

Advanced Pocket Coils

Beautyrest utilizes the most advanced coil based technologies in some of their mattresses. Coils have largely gone out of fashion these days, with many people opting for pure foam-based products instead. However, coiled products are more than capable of providing an excellent sleeping surface – providing they are individually wrapped.

Old coil mattresses (that have given all coiled products a bad reputation) are called innerspring mattresses. In an innerspring product, all the coils inside are linked to one another (and an external frame) making a single piece.

Individually wrapped coils, on the other hand, are completely independent of their neighboring coils. They are not connected to anything else in any way, shape, or form. In fact, (as the name suggests) they are individually isolated by a layer of fabric for durability and protection.

So why is this better?

Well when you lie down on an old innerspring mattress, coils that do not have your bodyweight directly applied to them will compress slightly (as they are joined to the other springs). This means that a general dip is created in the mattress that’s not very representative of your body shape.

In an individually wrapped coil system, the coils will only compress if they have pressure directly applied to them (as they are not connected to one another). This means that the mattress forms a shape that is much closer to your actual body shape instead of a general dip.

This effect creates a much more supportive and comfortable sleeping surface than an old innerspring product, it’s of a comparable quality to pure foam based support structures.

In fact, when springs are as good as this, they can actually be better than foam.

How Much Do Beautyrest Mattresses Cost?

Beautyrest makes premium products and as such, they have premium price tags.

These are the mattresses of the rich and famous (and five-star resorts). You need deep pockets to consider one as a viable option. But they’re more than worth the money if you can afford it.

The different ranges have very different prices. The cheapest range is the silver range which has queen sized mattresses starting around $799 and going up to $2,099. The platinum range is the next range up and a queen size will start around $1,499 and they range up to $3,199.

BeautyRest’s black range is their premium range and queen sized prices start at $1,999 and range up to $4,999.

Beautyrest Mattress Coupons

Beautyrest very rarely releases coupon codes. You may be able to find deals at third-party stores which stock Beautyrest products – but you won’t find many from the manufacturer themselves.

Beautyrest Mattress Review

Let’s take a look at how BeautyRest’s products do in the 4 categories we like to judge mattresses on – support, comfort, heat retention, and price.


Beautyrest have a wide number of products on the market, and as such, some will be more supportive than others. However, even their least supportive product is more supportive than the best products of other brands.

You’re paying a premium for a Beautyrest mattress, and in return, you’re getting premium support.


The huge range of product options Beautyrest has on offer all but guarantees that you’re going to be able to find a product you consider comfortable. Their materials are of an exceptional quality, and we’d be shocked if anyone found them to be unsatisfactory.

Heat Retention

The memory foam variations we mentioned above represent some (of the many) advanced cooling technologies that Beautyrest utilize in their products. All of their mattresses are exceptionally cool sleeping surfaces.


There’s no avoiding the fact that these aren’t cheap products. However, if you want this kind of quality – you’re going to have to pay for it.

Pros And Cons

Pro – Exceptional support

Pro – Sleep on diamonds

Pro – Very comfortable

Pro – Wide range of firmness levels

Pro – US made

Pro – Great customer support

Pro – Resort style luxury at home

Con – They’re not cheap

Commonly Asked Questions

Do Beautyrest Mattresses Come With A Warranty?

BeautyRest’s products come with a 10-year limited warranty, which we honestly feel is a very poor decision on BeautyRest’s part. Many other brands in much lower price brackets provide 20-year warranties on their products.

However, due to the quality of the products, we highly doubt you’ll need to use the warranty, regardless of how long it is.

What’s more, the warranty Beautyrest provide is cast iron. Resorts and hotels use these products, and if something goes wrong – they expect an excellent repair or replacement service. You’ll get corporate level customer service as a private buyer if you go with Beautyrest (which is a five-star experience in itself).

Are Beautyrest Mattresses Firm Or Soft?

The huge range of products on offer means that you’ll be able to find Beautyrest mattresses of all firmness levels.

Do Beautyrest Mattresses Sleep Cool Or Hot?

The cooling technologies we discussed in the component breakdown at the start of this article are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to BeautyRest’s cooling technologies. There are a whole host of other ventilation based features we didn’t have time to write about.

All you need to know is that BeautyRest’s products are exceptionally cool, and there is no chance you’ll be disappointed by them.

How Long Do Beautyrest Mattresses Last?

Despite the reasonably short 10-year warranty, BeautyRest’s products are very durable. Their main client base consists of five-star hotels and luxury resorts. Providing the best night’s sleep possible is a cornerstone of their business model.

If BeautyRest’s products didn’t stand the test of time, they wouldn’t still be in business. You can easily expect any Beautyrest product to last 20 years without issue.

Are Beautyrest Mattresses Good For Side, Back Or Stomach Sleepers?

Due to the large range of products on BeautyRest’s virtual shelves (and the wide selection of firmness levels they offer), you’ll be able to find mattresses suitable for all sleeping styles.

We Recommend Beautyrest Mattresses For People That:

Want The Best Money Can Buy

There are not many brands that can compete with the level of technology and the quality of materials that are used in BeautyRest’s products. We’re hesitant to say they’re the absolute best money can buy, but they’re definitely up there at the top of the list.

Want Resort Style Luxury At Home

Beautyrest is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of mattresses to five-star hotels and resorts for a good reason. They provide an impeccable feeling of luxury that many other brands can only ever dream of achieving. With a Beautyrest product, you can sleep like you’re in the presidential suite every single night.

Want To Say They Sleep On A Bed Of Diamonds

Ok, this isn’t a real-world benefit – but come on, how many people can say they sleep on a bed made of diamonds?


So there you have it, everything there is to know about Beautyrest and their amazing mattresses.

There’s no getting around the fact that these are expensive products. However, they’re also of an incredible quality. You get what you pay for with mattresses, and these products are worth every single cent.

If they’re within your budget, then they are more than worthy of being added to the very top of your shortlist.

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