Not too long ago the best way of buying a mattress was by going into a store, lying down on a few products, and dealing with a pushy sales person driven by commissions…

However, these days things are different.

The creation of the “mattress in a box” has made it possible for consumers to shop around online (at much better prices) and have a world class mattress delivered to their door with the minimum of fuss and hassle.

You’re probably not going to be surprised to learn that the biggest retailer of mattresses online is the biggest retailer of nearly everything else online – Amazon.

The amount of choice on offer is staggering, there are more mattresses on Amazon than any other store in the world (online or offline). While this choice is good for the consumer, in theory, it can actually be a little paralyzing. It’s tough to decide which product is right for you, and it’s tough to wade through the countless reviews (many of which are fake and paid for).

With that in mind, today we’re going to take a look at what we think are the best mattresses on Amazon. We’re going to break this page down into 5 categories and pick our favorite in each (so there should be something in this guide for all budgets, tastes, and sleeping positions).

Let’s get started.

Things To Look Out For In A Good Mattress On Amazon

Before we get into the review section of this article, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss a few things that you should be looking for when shopping around on Amazon (or anywhere else for that matter).

The materials inside a mattress are what’s going to make it a good or bad product. Hybrid mattresses are the norm these days which combine several layers of different materials to make a product that is better than the sum of its parts.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the good (and not so good) materials you’ll come across.

Standard Memory Foam

Standard memory foam is more or less the exact same kind of memory foam that was developed over a decade ago. There have been small improvements over the years, but by and large – it’s the same stuff.

It can get very warm throughout the night, it can off-gas for a few days, and it takes a while for the contouring activation to start (as it needs body heat).

If any product you’re looking at contains memory foam and doesn’t specify what type of foam it is – it’s probably standard memory foam. Be aware of the overheating issues and see if the product does anything to resolve them.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Cooling gel memory foam is a solution to the overheating problems we mentioned above. Cooling gel is an excellent thermal conductor that essentially helps the mattress spread the sleepers body heat over a larger area. This reduces the number of hotspots under the sleeper and results in a cooler sleeping sensation (despite the same amount of heat being in the mattress). It’s a simple technique, but it’s surprisingly effective.

Open Cell Memory Foam

Open cell memory foam is arguably the most advanced form of memory foam on the planet. Without getting too technical, it basically allows for a huge amount of airflow throughout the foam by opening sections of the nearly microscopic cells that reside inside the material. There’s a fierce debate about if cooling gel foam is better than open cell foam or visa versa – either way, they’re both excellent options.

Note: If you can find open cell cooling gel memory foam – you’re in for a cool night’s sleep (but they’re rare products).


We’ve not reviewed any latex products on this page, but don’t let that put you off this wonderful material. It’s an entirely natural foam that is very eco-friendly compared to memory foam. It has contouring properties that are similar to memory foam (albeit a little less pronounced) which means it’s a super supportive material.

Latex has a huge benefit over memory foam in terms of heat dissipation. Because it’s a natural material that doesn’t rely on the cell-based design of memory foam it will provide you with a super cool night’s sleep without any fancy design patterns.

However, the downside is that Latex foam is extremely expensive and it’s usually only used as a top layer in hybrid products because of this. However, you can find pure latex products that are simply glorious to sleep on – but you better have deep pockets if you want to consider them as an option.

Comfort Foam

Comfort foam is one of the most commonly found foams in mattress design. There are varying levels of quality of comfort foam – but by and large, there’s not all that much difference between them. These days you’ll rarely find a pure comfort foam mattress, it’s usually used in a hybrid design pattern with memory foam layers.

Pocketed Coils

Pocketed coils are the latest evolution in sprung mattress design. As the name suggests a pocketed coil layer consists of several individually wrapped coils that are not interconnected with one another. This means that the coils inside only compress when they have bodyweight directly applied to them (regardless of what the coil next door is doing). It provides a contouring effect that is kind of similar to memory foam, it’s just much more subtle.


If you can, we strongly recommend you avoid innerspring mattresses – there’s just no need for them anymore.

An innerspring mattress has a single large coiled layer inside of it (with coils that are connected to one another). Can you picture an old bouncy bed in a run-down house like you’d see in the movies? If so, that’s an innerspring bed.

It creates a rough dip in the middle and is an archaic, uncomfortable, and unsupportive design type. Pocketed coils are of a very similar price to innerspring products these days – and they’re vastly superior. Ditch the innerspring and search for pocketed coils instead.

The Most Reviewed Mattress On Amazon – Zinus 12” Memory Foam Green Tea

The first category we’re going to look at is the most reviewed mattress on Amazon – the Zinus 12” Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress. We’d be surprised if you have already looked around for mattresses on Amazon and have not come across this product yet – it’s everywhere on the site thanks to its staggering 20,000 reviews (and its 4-star rating).

Needless to say, being able to retain such a high star rating on Amazon with this huge number of reviews is a very good sign – so it’s already a product that’s more than worthy of your consideration…

Despite the title, this isn’t a pure memory foam mattress – it’s a hybrid product that uses layers of different materials to combine their benefits (without their weaknesses). The entire mattress is 12 inches thick from top to bottom and the entire product is Centi-Pur certified (which means no harmful gasses).

The top layer of the mattress is made from 3 inches of memory foam (it’s the only memory foam layer in the product). It’s a high-grade foam, but it’s reasonably standard in its composition – this means there’s no cooling gel or open cell design to help with heat dissipation. Despite this lack of cooling technology, it’s still quite a cool sleeping surface – although super warm sleepers may want to look at other products.

The reason that it’s a reasonably cool product despite the standard memory foam top layer is thanks to the next layer down in the mattress – a 3.5-inch thick layer of airflow high-density foam. Again this is a reasonably low tech material that’s not going to be winning any awards for ingenuity – but it does what its supposed to (and it does it well). It contours to the body and the aerated nature of the material helps dissipate the heat from the top layer into the room efficiently.

The third and final layer in the mattress is very similar to the layer above, it’s again a high-density airflow foam – it’s just a little firmer. This provides a strong and stable support base for the layers above and gives the mattress even more airflow.

All of the layers of the Zinus are infused with Green Tea extract. This may sound a little bit like a marketing gimmick, but it really does provide tangible benefits. The natural odor eliminating and cleansing properties of green tea work 24/7 to keep your mattress feeling (and smelling) fresher for longer.

It’s a great product at a great price point considering the quality of materials you’re getting. It’s more than worthy of your consideration.

The Top Rated Mattress On Amazon – Zinus Ultima Comfort

The top rated mattress on Amazon is also from the same brand that has the most reviewed mattress on Amazon – Zinus.  Again like the Zinus Green Tea mattress above it’s a 12-inch hybrid memory foam product that uses reasonably similar materials – although there are some notable differences.

The main difference will be found in the 3.5-inch memory foam layer that makes up the top section of this product. It’s made from a special kind of memory foam called “bio-foam” that represents the cutting edge of foam technology. Bio-foam is a little bit better at naturally dissipating heat than standard memory foam, but to be honest the difference is small. The main benefit you’ll find with a bio-foam product is how much more eco-friendly it is…

Making traditional memory foam is a very labor intensive process that uses a huge amount of chemicals and petroleum. It’s an extremely environmentally unfriendly material, but due to its amazing contouring supportive properties – it’s something many consumers accept as a price worth paying.

However, many people do not consider it an acceptable use of our planet’s resources, which is why bio-foam was developed. It’s much better for the environment (as it uses much less petroleum) and it’s also much less prone to harmful off-gassing.

The layer below the bio-foam layer is a 3-inch thick layer of pressure relieving comfort foam. It’s a high-quality foam that’s been designed to work hand in hand with the memory foam layer above to spread the load of your body weight over a greater area for a more “gentle” sleeping surface.

The bottom layer of this product is 6 inches thick and is made from the same high-density support foam as the Zinus product above (so we won’t bother repeating ourselves). It’s fairly uninteresting but gets the job done and provides a stable base.

It’s a medium firm product that provides excellent value for money considering its price point. In our opinion, this Zinus mattress fully deserves the excellent rating it has earned on Amazon and should be added to the top of your shortlist.

The Best Mattress On Amazon For Under $2000 – Beautyrest Silver

This section was quite difficult for us to judge because there are so many great mattresses in this price bracket. However, after much deliberation, we decided that the excellent Beautyrest Silver mattress is our top pick for under $2000 on Amazon.

Like the two Zinus products above, this is another hybrid product (like all good mattresses), but that’s where the similarities end…

This is one of the coolest sleeping surfaces on the planet.

Every single layer of this product has been optimized to dissipate and ventilate heat in a variety of innovative and effective methods.

For example, the top layer of this product is a layer of memory foam that contains “Dual Cool” technology. It’s actually the least cooling of the memory foam layers in this product, but it serves a very important purpose – heat transfer. The memory foam itself is a reasonably standard blend of high-quality foam, but it’s the way it has been machined that makes it special.

Throughout the entire Dual Cool layer are countless individual holes that allow ventilation from the top layer directly to the layers below. This moves hot air and body heat away from the sleeper deep into the mattress where the other layers handle its distribution and dissipation.

The next layer down is a thicker layer of memory foam that utilizes open cell technology. The way traditional memory foam works is by having countless little pockets (or cells) of air which compress when put under pressure from your body weight. The squashing of these cells is what gives the material the amazing contouring properties that have made it so famous.

However, traditionally these cells also give memory foam its bad reputation for being a warm sleeping surface…

Throughout the night the air inside these cells heats up, and as the cells are traditionally completely enclosed the air has nowhere to ventilate to. As a result, the mattress gets warmer throughout the night (often to the point of being uncomfortable).

Open cell memory foam solves this problem by providing each cell with a small (but significant) partial opening. This allows for the contouring benefits, but it also means air can flow around (and outside) the mattress – taking the heat with it. The end result is a much cooler sleeping surface.

Normally open cell memory foam would be considered more than enough to provide a cool night’s sleep – but this is no normal mattress…

The next memory foam layer down is made from “cooling gel memory foam”. Cooling gel foam is the other solution that engineers came up with to solve the overheating problems that have plagued memory foam from the start.

Despite the name, the cooling gel doesn’t actually cool the mattress down – it’s just an excellent thermal conductor that spreads the heat out more evenly over the entire mattress. This eliminates hotspots underneath the sleeper and results in a much cooler sensation – despite the same amount of heat being present in the mattress.

Underneath the memory foam layers is a section of pocketed coils. They provide the bulk of the support in the mattress and are again designed to contour to your body in a similar fashion to memory foam.

The final layer in the mattress is what Beautyrest have called their “Triton Foundation With Powerbeam”. We’re going to be honest with you here, this is just marketing speak – there’s nothing particularly special about this layer. It’s a high-quality wedge of high-density support foam that does its job well, but it’s nothing to get excited about.

One of the most innovative things about this mattress that we really like is the way the side walls of the product have been designed. The mattress has been encased in a light comfort foam that provides exceptional ventilation and stability. This means that all of the heat dissipation and open cell tech in the memory foam layers can work at maximum efficiency as there’s a huge amount of airflow in and out of the mattress.

These 3 memory foam layers combined are one of the most effective cooling strategies for a memory foam product we’ve ever seen. If you want the supportive contouring benefits of memory foam yet want a cool sleeping surface – this is a product you should be paying very close attention to.

The Best Mattress On Amazon Under $1000 – Snugglepedic

Snugglepedic is undoubtedly one of the most famous (and most popular) mattress manufacturers on the planet. They’ve invested heavily in the design of their product (and they’ve invested heavily in their marketing too). It’s hands down one of the most innovative and successful mattress design patterns on the market right now, and if it’s within budget – you should give it some serious consideration.

Again this is a hybrid product made from different materials which combine to create a product with an overall thickness of 10 inches. There are only two layers in this mattress – but they’re darn impressive.

The top layer is the thinnest of the two layers and is made from Snugglepedic’s patented Snuggleflex memory foam. It’s a super high-quality cooling foam which would normally be worthy of its own section, but that’s not what interests us…

The interesting thing that is happening with this mattress is the way it ventilates. The top layer of memory foam has countless individual holes drilled into it from top to bottom in a grid-like pattern. You can’t feel them when you lie down on the mattress, but they’re actually quite large.

These holes allow for a huge amount of airflow from the top layer (which is warmed by your body heat) into the middle of the mattress.

Now, normally, this would be a strange thing to do – the middle of a mattress is usually the worst place you want to send hot air as it has got the most resistance to fight against before it reaches the bedroom. But Snugglepedic has done something clever…

The second layer in this product is made from a reasonably standard foam, but it has been designed to have several “channels” running along its entire length. These channels perfectly align with the holes in the top layer above and receive all of the warm air they provide. When the air reaches these channels it is transported to the edge of the mattress with almost no resistance and it then goes through the super breathable cover into the bedroom.

It’s an incredibly effective system that’s actually quite simple in practice (like most of the best ideas). If you’re shopping around in the $1000 price bracket – we strongly recommend you check out the Snugglepedic.

The Best Mattress On Amazon For Under $500 – Zinus 12” Memory Foam Green Tea

You’re not going crazy, this is the same mattress that we covered in the most reviewed section.

We’re obviously not going to repeat ourselves here, but if you’re on a budget and looking for something around $500 – this is hands down the best product on the market right now. 20,000 Reviewers giving it a 4-star rating can’t be wrong.

We’ll admit that there are other decent products in this price bracket that provide decent value for money – but quite honestly none of them come close to the level of quality you’re getting with the Zinus.


So there you have it, the best mattresses on Amazon in various price brackets.

Hopefully, by now the immense amount of mattresses on offer at Amazon should seem a little bit more manageable. All of the products that we have mentioned here today are excellent options, we’re sure you’re going to be pleased with any of them.

Sweet dreams.

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