If you constantly wake up with back pain, then you may be wondering what is the best mattress for a bad back. Sure, you may work hard physically every day, and may believe that is what’s making you hurt overnight. But, the amount of support that you get while sleeping may be the primary reason why you have been having those bad mornings with pain upon awakening.

If you need a little help trying to find out which mattress is the best one for you, here is a guide to help you decide.

Key Components to Look for in a Mattress for Back Pain

If you have ever woken up with back pain, your first thought was probably “I really need a new mattress…”. But, would you really know what to look for when searching for your next mattress for a bad back? Each type of mattress has a different interior, which directly affects how well you rest and the amount of pain you’ll be in upon awaking. One good thing to do is see if the place where you are buying your mattress has diagrams about that mattress you are interested in. For example, some stores have a picture with a cutaway view so that you can better understand what the mattress that you are about to buy is really made of, and if it is the best one for you individually.

One of the main things to pay attention to are the coils inside of the mattress that you are interested in buying. What you need to look at is the gauge number. This is the number that determines how thick the coils are inside of the mattress. If the gauge number is low, then the coils are thicker. If it’s high, then there are thinner coils. How do you read a gauge number? Well, normally they run from 12 to 15. Still, it will always be recommended that you test out the mattress yourself first before purchasing it.

The next thing you want to do is pay attention to the top padding of the mattress. Usually the more padding a mattress has, the higher the price. This padding is many times made of cotton, polyester, or foam polyurethane. The top padding is what you are going to notice immediately. And, if it is of good quality, then the rest of the padding within the mattress is likely just as good, and it may be a great mattress for lower back pain or back pain in general.

Now that you have examined the top layer and like the quilted feel of it, it’s time to look at the middle padding. This layer is what is right underneath the top layer, and is normally foam. Depending on which mattress you choose, this foam could be soft or firm. What you need to do is press down on a middle section of the mattress and, if it seems like it is kind of a moist feeling that takes its time forming back to its original shape, then its soft foam underneath that top layer. Of course, if it springs back into place quickly, then the foam is firmer.

The next level of padding is right on top of the coil springs, and is called the insulation padding. It’s there more to eliminate the feeling of the coils on your back up through the mattress, as well as to protect the other layers from becoming damaged because of the coils. But, you should also be paying attention to the way the mattress itself is stitched together. The outside layer of the mattress will normally be made of regular or cotton polyester. But, what will have more effect on your back than these observations is the foundation of the mattress.

The foundation is a whole different point of a mattress for a bad back. It is normally made of a metal or wood frame and has springs, but some of them don’t have them. If you have back pain right now upon awaking in the morning, the last thing you need is a wood frame without springs in it. It will feel way to hard, and you can end up doing more damage than good to your back. Also, be very particular when it comes to wooden frames. Some salesman will try to sell you one that has a crack in it, thinking that the average customer won’t pay it much attention.

But you are not the average mattress buyer; you need one that specifically helps with your current back pain, and you should not lose sight of that because of how pretty or popular one is on the market. Buy what will work best for you. Some people have found that getting a memory foam mattress has helped their back pain immensely. They come in different degrees of firmness, so you will have to lay down on a few of them before deciding. It is also a great idea to talk to your doctor or chiropractor before shopping around. Ask he or she what they themselves recommend as a good mattress to eliminate that morning back pain you’ve been experiencing.

How a Good Mattress Can Help with Back Pain

So many people have back pain, but don’t recognize that it is their mattress that is killing them! There is a very simple test that you can do right now at home to see if yours may be contributing to that ongoing discomfort. Go to your bedroom and pull back the covers and sheets so that the mattress is bare. Look at the area of the bed where you mostly are sleeping. If that area of the mattress has sort of a dent in it that is uneven with the parts of the mattress that you are normally not sleeping on, then it’s time to start searching for a new one.

While getting a comfortable mattress for lower back pain (or back pain in general) is important, the return policy on the mattress you choose if of the most importance. Why? Because when you try out a bed in a store, the salesman almost always says that you should lay down on the bed for 15 minutes or so to see if it is right for you. But, you could never really know because, when you sleep, all of your muscles relax. It is just not possible to re-create the same muscle relaxation when you are awake while trying out the bed. So, make sure that you have a good while to actually sleep on the mattress at home for several weeks. That’s the only way to know for sure how your back feels upon waking up in the morning on a regular basis with that new mattress.

In order to understand how a mattress can help your back, you first have to understand what is happening right now as you are sleeping on that bad mattress. When you are asleep, all of your spine support shifts into the ligaments and joints that hold your spine together. As you are sleeping in an uncomfortable position night after night without the proper mattress support, those ligaments and joints will start to pinch, stretch, and become painful. This is because laying in that position for a long time has begun to inflame them. Think about it like this. You will spend a third of your entire life sleeping. That is a lot of time to rest in a position that is hurting your body. Those ligaments and joints will become stiffer over time, develop bruising, and cause deterioration in those areas that’s hard to come back from.

A good mattress for back pain will simply give you the correct support so that it is alleviated or eliminated. In order to determine if the mattress that you are now trying out at home is working, you need to document how you feel each morning immediately after you awaken. You could keep a notepad that records your level of pain each day of the week, then take a look back at the pattern as you are nearing the end of the test-out period. If you see more good than bad, or if your back-pain lessening, then you could consider keeping the mattress. Notice the small things, such as how it feels when you sit up in bed after waking. These details will help you to decide on a different mattress if the back pain has gotten worse. A small pain today could turn into a huge one over time, so it’s good to document it early and to monitor it consistently while testing out the mattress.

Overall Best Mattress for Someone with a Bad Back

If you have a bad back, it can sometimes be hard waking up in the morning. There is one way to do it so that you don’t aggravate the nerves within your spine. If you are a back sleeper, don’t sit up without using your arms. Roll over on your side, and use your forearm to raise your body off the mattress. This way you don’t put so much pressure on your back upon awaking, and you won’t feel so much pain after you stand up.

But, to avoid all that pain from happening, you need the Layla Mattress. This is one that give you options. If you have a bad back, it will hurt more some days than others. This mattress gives you the flexibility to cater to what you feel you need on a nightly basis.

When your back feels like it is stiff, then you will probably want a firmer mattress. With the Layla, you have that option. All you have to do is flip it to the firm side, and you’ll get that good night’s sleep you need. If your back is not feeling stiff, but just painful, then you may want a mattress that night that is soft and comforting. If that is the case, then you can easily flip the Layla over to the more cushioned side to satisfy your needs.

Five Best Mattresses for Back Pain

The Snuggle-Pedic. First on the list is a mattress for back pain that breathes. It’s one thing to have back pain, but quite another to wake up sweating. This mattress has a nice memory foam that allows airflow. So, even if you sleep in the same position for most of the night, you won’t have to worry about waking up with perspiration-wet sheets.

The Tuft and Needle Mattress. When you have a bad back, it’s hard to choose what sleeping position to get into. But, with this one, you can lay on any side you choose, being that it caters to your movement. This mattress is made of an adaptive foam, and easily adapts to your body shape, weight, and sleep position overnight.

Sleep Innovations 14-inch. This mattress for lower back pain is made of memory foam, so it is a great choice if you are experiencing constant back pain in the morning when you arise. Whether you decide to purchase the Twin, Full, Queen, King, or the California King, this is a mattress that will have you waking up very refreshed in the mornings with minimal back pain.

Zinus Memory Foam. Memory foam is one of the best things for a person who has a bad back. This mattress relieves pressure like no other, features the exclusive Green Tea Memory Foam. The foam itself is set up in a few sections. Firstly, there are three and a half inches of support foam. Then, you have another three and a half inches of high density airflow foam. But, what supports your back the most are the two inches of comfort foam and the three inches of memory foam. Those are what stop your spinal ligaments from being in an awkward position as you sleep.

The Dynasty Cool Breeze. The more layers your mattress for back pain has, the more likely your back will be supported enough to not wake up in agony. This one features that, along with a few inches of durable memory foam. The best part about it is you get a few months to try out this wonderful mattress…120 days to be exact. This way you can know for sure if your back pain is improving after night after night of rest.

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