With a name like “Pillow Top”, you can already imagine how it feels to sleep on one of the most luxurious mattress types on the planet. These traditionally high-end mattresses were once only found in luxurious five-star hotels and resorts who wanted to give their guests the best night’s sleep possible.

However, as time has gone by the cost of pillow top mattresses has reduced significantly, they are now seen as an affordable way to get a luxurious feel at a reduced cost. Due to this their popularity among the public has soared. These days mattress manufacturers are selling more pillow top mattresses than ever before (and for a good reason too).

But what exactly are pillow top mattresses? Why are they so popular? And are they worth the additional cost?

Today we are going to review 7 of the best pillow top mattresses on the market in 2022 and answer all your questions in our buyer’s guide.

Let’s get started.

What Exactly Is A Pillow Top Mattress?

A pillow top mattress is a mattress that has an additional comfort layer directly sewn into the top of the product. This layer can be made out of a number of different materials including memory foam, down, polyester, latex, or good old polyester.

As you might have guessed from the name it provides an amazing sense of luxuriousness that literally feels like you are sleeping on a mattress sized pillow in some cases. It’s like having a high-quality mattress topper directly sewn into your mattress (which removes many of the annoying slippage issues that are associated with toppers).

However, there is a downside to all this comfort – durability.

The mattress section of a pillow top mattress will be as durable as any other mattress, they are no different. But the softer pillow top section that is sewn in is often slightly less durable (in most cases).

This means that pillow top mattresses have a slightly shorter lifespan compared to a normal mattress. It’s not like the mattress is going to degrade and fall apart, but you’ll notice the degradation sooner than you would with a traditional mattress

Additionally, there are no pillow top mattresses on the market that have a replaceable top section (it would defeat the whole point). This means that when the pillow top does degrade, you’re going to need to start looking at replacing your entire mattress.

This is obviously less than ideal.

But that being said, until the pillow top does degrade – you’re going to have an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep.

Advantages Of Using A Pillow Top Mattress

To be totally honest there’s only one main advantage to using a pillow top mattress – supreme comfort at an affordable price point.

Don’t take that lightly, because pillow top mattresses are incredibly comfortable to sleep on. The premium pillow top mattresses on the market are the crème de la crème of the mattress world.

There are a handful of other minor advantages to pillow tops that brands like to toss around in their marketing efforts, but honestly, they’re so small they’re not worth mentioning.

The only reason anyone looks at a pillow top mattress is for incredible comfort.

Note: We can’t overstate the amount of comfort these mattresses can provide, there is nothing else on the market that comes close to the feeling of lying on a premium pillow top.

What To Look For When Buying A Pillow Top Mattress

When shopping around for a pillow top mattress you shouldn’t only focus on the pillow top section. All the usual rules and advice surrounding traditional mattress buying applies just as much to a pillow top as it does to any other mattress. The pillow top section, however, does have a few specific things you should take into consideration.

Thickness – The reason the thickness of the pillow top is important is common sense really, there’s nothing special about it. The more “pillow-like” material you have, the comfier you’ll be. Therefore, the thicker the pillow top, the comfier the mattress is. Simple.

Materials – There are many different materials that can be used for the pillow top section of the mattress including wool, down, memory foam, gel foam, and polyester. Each of these materials has different properties that will change how long your mattress will last (and how comfortable it is).

The Best 7 Pillow Top Mattresses

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Cloud-like Mattress Buy It

We mention this awesome mattress from Zinus quite regularly in many of our roundups and reviews. It’s one of the best on the market in terms of quality, comfort, and price. The pillow top section is made from a 1-inch thick layer of soft and breathable microfiber that will keep you comfortable and cool throughout the night.

Underneath the pillow top section are various layers of different foams including a 1-inch thick layer of Viscolatex and a 2-inch thick layer of memory foam. It’s a supremely comfortable mattress that is very durable (and very well priced). Combine that with a respectable brand name and a decent warranty, and it’s a product that you should seriously consider adding to your shortlist.

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – 1-inch thick pillow top
  • Pro – Soft microfiber pillow top
  • Pro – Memory foam
  • Pro – Well priced
  • Con – Memory foam is not cooling gel or open cell

Signature Sleep Signature 13 Inch Buy It

The thick pillow top section of this product is made from CertiPUR US certified comfort foam. It’s one of the most durable materials you’ll find that are commonly used in pillow tops, so it’s a great choice if you’re worried about durability. This durability is also combined with a supreme amount of comfort and you’ll sink deep into the mattress before drifting off to sleep.

The cover of the mattress deserves a special mention as it’s made from rayon which is derived from bamboo (don’t worry it’s softer than it sounds). It’s a modern marvel that is great at resisting moisture, removing heat, and providing comfort all at the same time. The high-quality springs inside the base of the mattress provide the perfect amount of resistance for a great night’s sleep and are of an exceptional quality (which is very important).

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – 1 Inch thick pillow top
  • Pro – CertiPUR comfort foam
  • Pro – Rayon covering
  • Pro – 13 inches thick
  • Pro – Respected brand
  • Con – Could be a little cheaper

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Buy It

This is another mattress that is spring loaded with 8 inches of coils that are independently enclosed inside the base layer. However, the most interesting part of this product has to be the stunning pillow top section that is as comfortable and as durable as they come.

The thick layer of memory foam that graces the top of this mattress is some of the most advanced on the planet. It’s a hybrid memory foam that combines cooling gel technology with an advanced airflow enhancing open cell design. The sides of the pillow top section are reasonably loose knit (but not too loose) to allow optimal airflow directly in and out of where most of the heat is generated.

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – Memory foam pillow top
  • Pro – Cooling gel open cell hybrid memory foam
  • Pro – Knit side for pillow top airflow
  • Pro – Durable
  • Con – It’s a sprung mattress

Mattress America Frost 13 Inch Pocket Coil Pillow Top Mattress Buy It

If you liked the sound of the Classic Brands pillow top above, then we also highly recommend you consider this product from Mattress America too. It’s very similar in most regards and is roughly the same price too. Like the Classic Brands product above this mattress has a durable thick layer of advanced hybrid gel infused open cell memory foam sewn in as a pillow top section. It uses a different style of side stitching for the pillow top section (it’s not knitted), but it achieves a similar airflow inducing effect.

Underneath this section you’ll find a 10-inch coil pocket core that provides the ample amounts of support and stability required for a good night’s sleep. Additionally, this product comes with a huge 25-year warranty (which should tell you something about the durability of the product). This is much larger than the warranty of most pillow tops and is a real bonus in our opinion.

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – Cooling gel infused memory foam
  • Pro – Thick pillow top section
  • Pro – 25-year warranty
  • Pro – Made in the USA
  • Con – Sprung mattress

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort 13 Inch Deluxe Euro Box Top Buy It

This product from Zinus has a variation of the pillow top design called the “Euro box top”. This is a hugely popular version of the pillow top, but it’s almost identical in terms of comfort. The only difference is that the sides are stitched to make it look like one continuous piece (instead of an obvious pillow section). It’s an amazingly comfortable mattress with the fiber filled pillow top providing beautifully light padding to sink into.

The bottom of the mattress is sprung like most the products on this list, but also uses Zinus’s famous iCoil technology that ensures minimal bouncing or rocking while moving around. It’s a mid-range product that provides decent value for money, but it could be a little cheaper.

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – Euro box top
  • Pro – Fibre filled pillow top
  • Pro – iCoil Technology
  • Pro – Big brand name
  • Con – Could be a little cheaper.

Oliver Smith Organic Cotton 10 Inch Perfect Sleep Buy It

This product is our budget pick for this list, it’s the cheapest product we’ve mentioned today by quite a long way. So it’s important to set your expectations accordingly.

Despite the low price tag, we are very impressed by the amount of comfort and durability that Oliver Smith has managed to provide with this product. It’s got a thin (but adequate) layer of cooling gel memory foam in the pillow top section (and it uses a Euro box top style).

The bottom section is sprung, and while the pillow top section is impressive, the sprung section is not. It’s not terrible, but the springs are reasonably standard and basic. This means there’s a little bit of wobble from time to time, but it’s nothing that we’d consider to be unacceptable.

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – Very cheap
  • Pro – Memory foam pillow top
  • Pro – Euro box top design
  • Pro – Cooling gel memory foam
  • Con – Springs could be improved

Serta Perfect Sleeper Super Pillow Top Mattress Buy It

The final product on our list is one of the most luxurious, but also one of the most expensive. It’s a stunning combination of material and design technology that provides one of the most enjoyable bedtime experiences you’ll ever have the pleasure of lying on. The super thick pillow top section is the star of the show here, it roughly makes up around 25% the mattresses overall thickness at around 4.25 inches thick.

Inside the pillow top is an advanced and intentional combination of different types of foam that work together in perfect harmony. In the pillow top section, you’ll find 1” of soft pillow foam, followed by 2.45 inches of comfort foam, followed by a base layer of 0.5 inches of cooling gel memory foam. This results in one of the softest, most comfortable mattresses in the world.

It’s a premium product with a premium price tag – but golly gosh it’s worth it!

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – Super thick pillow top
  • Pro – Very durable
  • Pro – Very comfortable
  • Pro – Stays very cool
  • Pro – Respected brand
  • Con – Premium product with a premium price tag


So there you have it, an introduction to the wonderful world of pillow top mattresses. Like most of our articles we haven’t listed the products above in any particular order, they are all winners to have made it on to this list today.

Whichever one you choose we are sure you’ll be happy with your decision. They are all more than worthy of your consideration.

Sweet dreams!

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