Queen sized mattresses are one of the most popular mattress sizes on the market. They provide you with plenty of space to stretch out and be comfortable throughout the night without the high price tag of larger king and California king sized products.

There are lots of great queen mattresses on the market right now, but we’ve tried to pick out some of the best ones for you. Today we’re going to rate and review several queen sized products that we think are the best in the business and are more than worthy of your consideration.

Let’s get started.

Difference Between a Queen Size and King Size Mattress

There’s quite a big size difference between king and queen mattresses.  Queen mattresses are big, but king-sized products are bigger…

  • Queen mattresses are 80 inches long and 60 inches wide
  • King mattresses are also 80 inches long, but they are 76 inches wide

Overall Best Queen Size Mattress – The DreamCloud

We’ve found quite a few excellent queen-sized mattresses that we wanted to recommend today (and we’re going to list some other options later). However, we think that this excellent product from DreamCloud is easily one of the best queen-sized mattresses on the market right now.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside it layer by layer to see what we like (and what we don’t like) about it.

Eurotop Cover

Imagine what it would be like if you had a queen sized pillow stuffed with cashmere wool and then attached to the top of a mattress. That’s essentially what this layer is, it’s one of the most luxurious top layers of any mattress on the market – regardless of price. We absolutely love it.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam

This is an exceptional layer of very high-quality cooling gel infused memory foam. The gel inside this layer combats the overheating issues that are caused by the cell-based design of traditional memory foam.

When heat enters the mattress this cooling gel absorbs it before it can become trapped inside. The gel is very good at distributing heat, and it shares the heat with all the other gel in the mattress. This means that despite the same amount of heat being inside the product (more or less) it’s actually much cooler for the sleeper – as there are no more hotspots.

Quilted Memory Foam

This layer works hand in hand with the eurotop layer to provide the huge amount of luxury and opulence that this product is known for. It’s a quilted memory foam that gives a little bit of loft and plushness to the mattress that other products can lack sometimes. It’s a very soft layer of memory foam that’s not all that supportive – but that’s ok. This layer is about comfort above all else, and there’s plenty of support provided by the layers below anyway.

Natural Latex

Latex is probably one of the most expensive materials that can be used inside a mattress. It’s a natural material that comes from the sap of the rubber tree, and it takes a huge amount of manpower to extract and process it into a foam. However, once that has happened – it’s well worth the effort.

It’s a naturally breathable material that is very well ventilated. Any heat that makes it past the top cooling gel memory foam layer into the middle of the mattress is going to be able to escape instead of heating things up and making the mattress too warm for comfort.

The other benefit this layer provides is responsiveness. Sometimes when you get on a memory foam mattress you can sink into it without feeling any kind of pushback from the mattress. This isn’t the end of the world, but many people find it to be an unnatural feeling. The responsiveness of this latex layer mitigates that issue slightly, and when you get into bed or change position throughout the night – you’ll get a nice reassuring pushback from the mattress.

Dream Plush Memory Foam

This layer is made from a medium-firm plush memory foam. There’s no cooling technology inside of it, and it’s reasonably standard stuff (despite being a high quality). It provides the first real bit of support in this mattress and starts a gradient of firmness to the layers below.

Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam

This layer is more or less the same as the layer above. The main difference is that it’s a little bit firmer and it continues the gentle increase in firmness into the coiled section below.

Best Rest Coils

This is the most interesting part of this product. DreamCloud has used a layer of independent coils to provide the massive amounts of support that make this product famous.

The difference between independent coils and an old school innerspring is small but significant (and many people get them confused).

In an innerspring product, you’re going to have coils inside the mattress that are all joined together. When you push down on one coil, all the coils are going to compress slightly. This creates a general dip in the mattress that isn’t very representative of your body shape (and isn’t very supportive).

Independent coils are not attached to the coils next door to them. When you push on one coil, the coils surrounding it will not compress (unless you’re pressing on them too). This means that the impression in the layer resembles your body shape much more closely – and it’s much more supportive.

That’s not the interesting thing about this layer, however…

This layer has been segmented into 5 different zones. Each zone has a different kind of coil in it, some are firmer and others are softer. What this has allowed DreamCloud to do is that they can tailor the amount of support along the entire sleeping surface of the mattress. It can give you a little more support where you need it (around the hips usually) and you’ll get more slack where you don’t need support.

This zoned section has been specifically designed for side sleepers, who will have optimal spinal alignment when they sleep on this mattress. It’s a reasonably unique design pattern that few other brands use – but it’s quickly becoming more commonplace, as the results it provides are exceptional.

High-Density Support Foam

The final layer in the DreamCloud is made from high-density support foam. It’s a fairly standard foam that’s of a very high quality. It has the uninspiring yet important job of stabilizing and securing the layers above to ensure they can do their jobs properly.

Pros And Cons


  • Excellent brand
  • Very comfortable
  • Zoned support section
  • Cooling gel memory foam
  • Plush eurotop cover
  • Quilted memory foam
  • Very luxurious


  • Could be cheaper, but we still think it’s good value for money

Best Queen Mattress Under $2000 – The Solay

There’s quite a bit of choice out there for under $2,000 – but we think that the Solay is one of the best products on the market in this price bracket.

It’s similar to the DreamCloud in some respects. It’s a hybrid product that uses different layers of different materials to create a stronger final product. Like the DreamCloud it has a layer of pocketed independent coils that provide the majority of the support of the product – the only difference is that this is a “one size fits all” layer and it’s not zoned with custom tailored support levels.

It has a lovely Tencel cover, which is one of the best materials currently used as a covering in mattress design. Tencel is natural and good for the environment as it technically is made of wood that has been softened into fibers. It’s super soft and very breathable, as an added bonus it will also fight off bacteria and keep your mattress fresher for longer.

There are quite a few layers of different foams on top of the coil section in the Solay. The memory foam layer is thick and luxurious and the cooling gel infusion keeps the entire product cool (combined with the huge amount of ventilation from the coil layer).

It’s not a cheap mattress, but you’re certainly getting what you pay for here. If it’s within budget we’d be shocked if you were disappointed after you ordered it.

Best Queen Sized Mattress Under $1000 – The Nectar

We love the Nectar, and so do thousands of other customers if their reviews are anything to go by.

This is one of the most well known and respected mattresses in the entire industry, and while they were one of the first “mattress in a box” companies – they have managed to stay one of the best.

Like all good mattresses, this is a hybrid mattress that combines various layers of foam to create the final product (there’s no coiled section here). There are two layers of memory foam at the top, both of which are thick and infused with an exceptional cooling gel that makes this one of the coolest pure foam products on the market. The top layer of foam is also quilted, which gives the product a tangible feeling of luxury and opulence – it’s truly a mattress fit for a queen.

Instead of using coils for support like the DreamCloud and the Solay – the Nectar has a layer of advanced hi core memory foam. This special kind of foam is more adaptive than normal memory foam, which means that it will shape itself to your body more precisely. This provides much higher levels of support, and it contours a little quicker than normal memory foam too.

Best Budget-Friendly Queen Mattress (Under $500) – Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam

Considering the price of this product, we’re very impressed with the kind of performance it can provide. It’s obviously much more basic than the other more expensive products we have talked about today – but it’s still exceptionally good value for money.

There’s a variety of foam layers in this product (including a generous layer of memory foam) that provide comfort and support that are far superior to most other products in this price bracket. Zinus have even added a few special features – the green tea infusion in their memory foam layer is particularly interesting.

This sounds like a gimmick, but it’s not. One of the most annoying problems with memory foam products is that they smell bad when they are new. The natural odor eliminating properties of green tea removes this issue entirely, and you’re going to have a super fresh mattress from the moment it arrives on your doorstep.

4 More Really Good Queen Size Mattresses

Here are 4 other products that didn’t make it to the top spots above that are still worth checking out.


This is an advanced product made from super modern materials. It has the benefits of memory foam (like contouring) without any of the downsides. It’s a super cool sleeping surface that will contour to your body almost instantly. It’s not cheap, but quite honestly it’s worth every penny. It’s one of the best products on the market now, regardless of cost.

Tuft & Needle

This is a great product that uses a proprietary kind of memory foam called T&N foam. It’s another “memory foam killer” and provides excellent levels of comfort, support, and pressure distribution without overheating like memory foam can.

Signature Sleep

This is the cheapest product on our list today, and it’s got some serious shortcomings compared to the advanced products we’ve already talked about. However, if you’re on a budget, this is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Live & Sleep Resort

This is another reasonably priced product that manages to provide decent performance without breaking the bank. It uses high-quality materials in a basic yet effective design pattern, and it’s certainly worth taking a quick look at.


So there you have it, that’s what we think are the best queen mattresses on the market right now.

Any of the products we have listed today are going to provide you with excellent value for money (and give you a great night’s sleep). They are all winners to have been mentioned today (even the final 4) and they are all more than worthy of your consideration.

Sweet dreams.

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