With a name like DreamCloud you already know the kind of sleeping sensation this company is trying to portray with their marketing. The DreamCloud mattress is going from strength to strength these days, it’s appeared almost out of nowhere and is rapidly becoming one of the biggest names in the mattress industry.

We’ve been getting quite a few requests for a review of the DreamCloud, and today’s the day we give the people what they want…

We’re going to be looking at the product layer by layer to see exactly what it’s made from, and the kind of properties it provides to the sleeper. We’ll also examine pricing, warranties, and durability, and we’ll finally list several pros and cons and give our overall recommendation in our DreamCloud review section.

Let’s get started.

Key Components To The DreamCloud Mattress

As usual, we’re going to start this review with a detailed inspection of the different layers and materials that make up the DreamCloud mattress. As you’d expect, it’s a hybrid product that combines various materials to create a mattress that can benefit from their different strengths without their weaknesses.

However, this product is a hybrid like no other. It is over 15 inches thick and uses 8 different layers made from 8 different materials (which is much more than usual).

Let’s see how it works.

Top Layer – Cashmere Blend Eurotop

The top layer of the DreamCloud is a super comfortable padded Eurotop style cover. It’s honestly one of the softest coverings on the market as it’s made from a cashmere wool blend and it’s padded generously. It’s this layer that gives the product the overwhelming sense of luxury that it has become famous for.

Second Layer – Gel Infused Memory Foam

The first “real” layer of this mattress is the one that’s going to be in direct contact with the sleeper – and as such, it’s important that it has got excellent thermal regulation properties. Luckily DreamCloud knows a thing or two about mattress design, and they’ve made this layer from cooling gel memory foam.

Cooling gel memory foam contours and supports your body in the same way as normal memory foam, but as the name suggests – it doesn’t suffer from the standard overheating issues that normal memory foam is known for.

In a nutshell how it works is that inside normal (non-cooling gel) memory foam there are thousands of super small pockets of air. When you lie down on the mattress these little pockets (or cells) squash and contort to give the contouring properties that make the material so popular. When your body heat enters the mattress the air inside these cells heats up, and as they are completely enclosed, the air can’t escape and the mattress begins to heat up too.

Cooling gel is an excellent thermal conductor, and when it’s added to memory foam it absorbs some of the heat instead of it going inside the cells. The cooling gel distributes the heat throughout the entire mattress, which eliminates hot spots and results in a cooler sensation for the sleeper.

Third Layer – Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam

The next layer down is another high-quality memory foam, and as the name suggests, it’s one of the softest on the planet. It works hand in hand with the Eurotop plush covering to add a feeling of luxury and a little bit of loft to the product. It’s not very supportive because it’s so soft – but that’s not why it has been included.

This layer is all about luxury, and it does its job perfectly…

Fourth Layer – Latex

Latex is one of the most expensive (and most popular) materials that can be used in mattress design. It has some of the contouring properties of memory foam, but it doesn’t suffer from overheating issues. It has been added to this product to give it a little bit of a cushioning bounce and added responsiveness.

It’s quite honestly a little bit overkill, but the difference it makes is very noticeable – and let’s be honest, this isn’t a normal mattress anyway.

Fifth Layer – Dream Plush Supporting Memory Foam

With all the soft plushness of the layers above, we were starting to worry a little bit when we were examining the specifications of this product. While they’re going to provide you with an extremely comfortable luxurious feel – they’re not supportive at all. But when we get down to the last 4 layers, the support section starts to kick in.

This layer is made from “Dream Plush” supportive memory foam. As is often the case, there’s nothing special about the layer that warrants the term “Dream Plush” – it’s just marketing speak.

However, despite that, this is an excellent layer of high quality reasonably high-density supportive memory foam. It’s less contouring than the layers above, but it starts to provide a firmness to the product and is an excellent gradient to the layers below.

Sixth Layer – Super Dense Memory Foam

This layer is where things really start to get serious in the support department. It’s a super dense memory foam that has very limited contouring properties. That being said, it’s still memory foam, and despite being 6 layers deep into the mattress, the benefits it provides over standard foam are still noticeable.

Its job is to cradle you and keep you in position throughout the night – regardless of your sleeping position.

Sevnth Layer – Best Rest Pocketed Coils

This layer of individually wrapped coils is where the bulk of the support in the mattress can be found. Without them, the softness of the layers above would simply be unsuitable for most peoples tastes.

Pocketed coils are the latest step in the evolution of sprung mattress design, each coil is individually wrapped and isolated from the coils that are located directly next to it. This means that the coil will only compress when it is put under direct pressure from your body weight. It creates a much more supportive and accurate shape compared to an old-school innerspring product (where the coils are connected to one another).

This layer also helps isolate motion throughout the mattress, which makes it great for sleepers who have a sleeping partner much smaller or larger than the other.

Eighth Layer – High-Density Memory Foam

Usually, the bottom layer of a mattress is the least interesting, and 9 times out of 10 it will be made from a boring standard high-density support foam – but again, this isn’t a normal mattress.

DreamCloud has been crazy enough to use a super high-density memory foam for this layer instead of standard high-density foam. It’s a great concept that you’ll only find in the most luxurious of products – it ensures that “no movement goes unabsorbed” and you’re cradled and supported from head to toe.

DreamCloud Mattress Coupons

There are no coupons for DreamCloud mattresses that we were able to find online (past or present).

However, DreamCloud has been running a $200 off promotion on all of their products for quite some time now. No coupon code is required, if you buy directly from them the discount will automatically be applied.

How Much Does A DreamCloud Mattress Cost?

Despite the amount of quality and engineering that has gone into creating this awesome product, the DreamCloud mattress is actually reasonably priced.

  • A twin mattress will cost you $599
  • A twin XL will cost you $799
  • A full will cost you $999
  • A queen will cost you $1,199
  • A king will cost you $1,299
  • A California king will cost you $1,299

DreamCloud Mattress Review


As we mentioned earlier, the first few layers of the DreamCloud had us a little bit worried, there was no support at all – it was all comfort. However, the last 4 layers saved the day and the combination of 3 types of high-density memory foam and a high quality pocketed coil layer creates excellent levels of support. There are more supportive mattresses out there on the market, but they’re probably going to be much less comfortable. Unless you suffer from a serious chronic joint condition, this product is going to be more than supportive enough for a great night’s sleep.

Heat Dissipation

The only thing that this mattress could possibly improve upon is heat dissipation. Don’t get us wrong, this is not a warm mattress by any sense of the word. The cooling gel memory foam top layer provides excellent thermal distribution and eliminates hotspots well. You’re not going to feel too warm at night on top of it. But it would have been nice to see one or two of the other memory foam layers made with cooling gel or an open cell design.


We really like the super soft quilted memory foam layer and the way it transforms the product. It really does provide an exceptional level of comfort and loft to the mattress – it’s not something that’s used all that often. Without the multiple firmer gradient layers below the product would not be supportive enough to use this foam with this level of comfort, so DreamCloud gets top marks from us for using this design pattern.


While this isn’t a cheap mattress, it’s not prohibitively expensive either. Considering the number of layers and technology you’re getting we think it’s excellent value for money. If anything, it’s underpriced in our opinion – especially with the discount DreamCloud provides on their site.

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – One of the most comfortable mattresses in this price bracket
  • Pro – Decent amounts of support
  • Pro – Cooling gel memory foam
  • Pro – Great warranty
  • Pro – Reputable brand
  • Pro – Excellent build quality
  • Con – Only one cooling gel memory foam layer
  • Con – People with very severe chronic joint issues might need more support

Commonly Asked Questions:

Does DreamCloud Mattress Come With A Warranty?

The DreamCloud mattress comes with a warranty that’s quite special. They call it their “Everlong warranty”, and it essentially means that your mattress is covered against manufacturing defects for the entire time you own it. No questions asked.

Is The DreamCloud Mattress A Firm Or Soft Mattress?

The DreamCloud is a medium firm mattress that sits at 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This is a “luxury firm” feeling and it’s towards the softer end of the medium firm spectrum of the scale.

However, unless you like a super firm or a super soft mattress – it’s going to be perfect for most people’s tastes.

Does The DreamCloud Mattress Sleep Hot Or Cold?

The DreamCloud is a cool mattress that will not get hot throughout the night. The cooling gel memory foam top layer ensures rapid and adequate distribution of heat throughout the mattress to eliminate hotspots. We’d like to see a little more cooling tech inside the product if we were being picky, but we doubt you’ll have any complaints about its temperature.

How Long Will The DreamCloud Mattress Last?

You’ll easily get 15 years of use out of the DreamCloud mattress. The lifetime warranty we mentioned above should tell you a thing or two about how confident DreamCloud is in the build quality of their product.

Is The DreamCloud Mattress Good For A Side, Stomach Or Back Sleeper?

The supportive layers on the bottom of the mattress (most notably the coils and the super dense memory foam) adapt to your body weight and pressure points regardless of your sleeping position. We feel that DreamCloud is correct when they say their mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions – stomach, back, or side.

We Recommend The DreamCloud Mattress For Someone That:

Likes A Little Luxury – This is one of the most luxurious and comfortable mattresses we have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. The multiple memory foam layers combined with the plush Eurotop are a super effective combination.

Wants A Well Built Product – The huge warranty that DreamCloud offer with this mattress proves to us that it’s made from super high-quality materials that are going to stand the test of time.


So there you have it, that’s what we think about the DreamCloud mattress.

It’s quite honestly one of the most luxurious, lofty, and comfortable products on the market right now. We’re still impressed that they are able to offer so much technology and thickness at such a low price point.

We highly recommend that anyone without severe joint issues seriously considers this product and adds it to the top of their short list.

We highly doubt you’ll regret it.

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