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The Purple mattress is arguably one of the most famous mattresses in existence. The hi-tech materials that it’s made from combined with its huge marketing budget (and TV adverts) have almost made it into a household name.

DreamCloud, on the other hand, might not be quite as well known by the general public – but they’re certainly not strangers to us in the mattress industry. They have an excellent reputation that can easily rival that of Purple’s.

Today we’re going to put the DreamCloud and the Purple mattress head to head in this 1v1 review. We’re going to dissect each product layer by layer to see what we like (and what we don’t like) about them. We’re going to touch on things like cooling, pricing, and sleeping positions before finally providing our overall recommendation.

Let’s get started.


  • They are both exceptionally cool sleeping surfaces
  • They are both hybrid products that use multiple materials
  • They are more or less the same price ($100 or so difference)


  • The Purple contains no memory foam and uses Hyper Elastic Polymer
  • The comfort grid of the Purple is a unique design pattern
  • The DreamCloud has many more layers than the Purple (8 vs 3)

Construction Comparison

In this section, we’re going to look at the materials inside each mattress and answer how and why they have been included.

Both the Purple mattress and the DreamCloud mattress are hybrid products that are made from various materials layered on top of one another. This is a fairly standard design pattern these days and allows brands to get the benefits of several different materials in a single final product.

DreamCloud Construction

Let’s start off by looking at the DreamCloud. This product is exceptionally thick at 15 inches and provides a luxurious feel from the moment you jump on top of it. It has got 8 layers of 8 different materials, all of which are of exceptionally high quality.

Euro Top Cover (Cashmere Blend)

Euro Top mattresses are some of the most luxurious and comfortable products on the market and many resorts / high-end hotels exclusively use them because of this. The cashmere wool blend inside the padding of this euro top is soft, gentle, and simply divine to lie down on – you’re going to love it.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Because this first memory foam layer is in direct contact with sleeper it means that some kind of cooling technology is required because normal memory foam is infamously known for getting warm throughout the night.

To cut a long story short, there are little cells inside the material that contain air (and give memory foam its contouring properties). In normal memory foam the air inside these cells heats up from body heat and as it can’t escape and ventilate – hotspots form underneath the sleeper.

Cooling gel memory foam has a thermal conducting gel added to it which is designed to absorb much of the heat that comes from the sleeper before it gets into the cells. The gel spreads the heat out evenly over the entire surface – resulting in a cooler sleeping surface and a reduction of hotspots.

It’s a highly effective strategy to combat the problem of overheating – and you’re not going to be disappointed with its performance.

Plush Memory Foam

This layer has been made from a medium-firm slab of quilted memory foam to provide additional luxury to the product. The padded nature of this layer gives you a little bit of loft and creates a feeling like you’re floating on top of the mattress instead of sinking into it. There’s a reasonably low amount of support provided by this layer considering it’s made from memory foam – this is primarily a comfort layer (the support comes later).


Latex is one of the best natural materials that’s ever been used in mattress design, and we’re super happy to see it here in the DreamCloud. It’s here to provide a little bit of bounce and responsiveness to the product that the memory foam layers above lack slightly. It works in perfect harmony with them to provide a little give that’s particularly appreciated when you change position throughout the night.

It has also got the secondary benefit of being an internal cooling layer inside the mattress. Because latex is naturally ventilated it allows air to flow reasonably freely throughout the layer and out into the bedroom (taking the heat away with it).

Dream Plush Memory Foam

This layer of memory foam has been added to provide a little bit of the support to the layers above. It’s also a gradient layer that makes the transition from the softer layers above to the harder layers below more gentle. It’s a high quality, standard memory foam without any cooling tech, and it does its job well.

Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam

Even a brand as reputable as DreamCloud likes to use “flowery” language to describe mundane components. This is a standard layer of memory foam that’s almost identical to the one above – it’s just firmer. It provides a little more support, and it further softens the gradient between the foam sections above and the coiled section below.

Best Rest Coils

We love this layer.

It’s made from coils which are individually wrapped and are not attached to the coils next door to them. This means that they only compress when you’re lying down on them directly and it creates a shape that contours in a similar (yet less precise) fashion to memory foam.

The smart thing about this layer is that the coils have been split up into several different zones. Each zone has a different firmness level, which means that you can get more support where you need it, and less support where you don’t.

It’s super effective, and it transforms the mattress into one of the best products on the market for side sleepers (as that’s who the support zone is optimized for).

High-Density Memory Foam

This bottom layer is a thick wedge of high-density memory foam. It’s very uninteresting but it’s of a high quality and is extremely durable. It provides a stable base for all the good stuff in the layers above, and it does its important yet boring job well.

The Purple

This product has been designed from the ground up to try and put memory foam based brands out of business. It’s a hybrid product similar to the DreamCloud, but that’s where the similarities end

Hyper Elastic Polymer

This layer is where the magic happens. It’s made from a patented material called Hyper Elastic Polymer that Purple have spent a huge amount of time and money developing.

It has been designed to recreate the super contouring benefits that memory foam is known for as closely as possible (and it does a very good job too). It contours well, and it’s extremely supportive – but pound for pound, memory foam is better.

So why have they bothered creating something that’s “not quite as good as memory foam”?

It’s because this material has been designed to be used in a very specific way.

This layer is not a flat wedge of material like most other layers in most other mattresses. Instead, it has been made into a kind of grid-like pattern (called “The Comfort Grid”) with raised sections and lowered sections. They’ve been designed to collapse when they’re subjected to your bodyweight to provide further contouring benefits. This brings the material inline with the contouring power of memory foam – it possibly even improves upon it.

The real thing of note here is that despite being as good as (or better than) memory foam in the contouring department – it’s a completely different material…

So it doesn’t have problems with overheating.

Hyper Elastic Polymer is one of the best thermal regulators you’ll find in any foam based mattress anywhere. It naturally wants to conduct heat through the entire surface area of the layer, ensuring hotspots dissipate before they even have a chance to form.

Added Bonus: Hyperelastic polymer is also much firmer than memory foam and it’s unlikely to sag or dip over time – so you’re going to get several more years of use before you need to think about replacing your mattress.

Comfort Foam

Compared to the layer above, this layer is almost inconsequential. It’s a comfort foam layer that’s made from normal medium firm comfort foam. It adds a little bit of firmness and support to the product and generates a bit of thickness for a more luxurious feel. But apart from that, it’s only really here to soften the gradient between the hyperelastic polymer above and the base layer below.

High-Density Support Foam

The final layer of the Purple mattress is made from high-density support foam and is equally as uninspiring as the layer above. It’s made from a high-quality foam, that’s not going to degrade, and It’s an exceptionally supportive base. It does its job well, but there’s not all that much to say about it.

Firmness Comparison

The DreamCloud mattress is a medium firm product (or as they like to call it “luxury firm”) and is around 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The Purple is also a 6.5 out of 10 too.

Both these brands know what they’re doing, and this isn’t a coincidence. 6 to 7 on the firmness scale is the most popular range, and unless you’ve got a taste for a super soft or a super firm mattress – you’re going to enjoy sleeping on it.

Price Comparison

The Purple mattress is a little more expensive than the DreamCloud mattress in all sizes. It’s not a huge difference (around $100) but it’s worth bearing in mind.

Here’s the complete price list of both products:

Dream Cloud Prices

  • Twin $599
  • Twin XL $799
  • Full $799
  • Queen $1,199
  • King $1,299
  • California king $1,299

Purple Prices

  • Twin $699
  • Twin XL $899
  • Queen $999
  • King $1,299
  • California King $1,299

Which Bed Sleeps Cooler?

The DreamCloud mattress is an exceptionally cool sleeping surface. The cooling gel memory foam that is found in the top layer is high quality and is an excellent thermal regulator. The latex layer in the middle of the product is equally high quality and ventilates heat that has made its way into the middle of the mattress well.

However, the Purple is better.

Cooling gel memory foam is a “band-aid” used to fix a problem that the Purple mattress doesn’t even have in the first place.

When this is combined with the additional ventilation the comfort grid provides (and the super breathable cover on the Purple) it creates one of the coolest mattresses on the planet.

Which Bed Would Be Best For A Side Sleeper?

This section is a tie, both products are exceptional for side sleepers.

The zoned support section in the DreamCloud is literally custom made for side sleepers. The firmness of the coils has been configured to ensure that hips sink into the mattress less and shoulders sink in more – creating proper spinal alignment.

While the Purple doesn’t have zoned sections, it does have the comfort grid which adapts to pressure automatically. As such, it’s also excellent at promoting proper spinal alignment for side sleepers.

Should I Buy A DreamCloud Or Purple bed?

This is a tough call, but we’re going to say the Purple would be our overall recommendation.

The DreamCloud is an excellent mattress that does everything you could ask of it (and more). But everything the DreamCloud can do, the Purple does better. It sleeps cooler, it’s more supportive, it ventilates better, it’s more durable, it’s arguably more comfortable, and it’s going to last longer too.


So there you have it, that’s what we think about the Purple and DreamCloud mattresses.

Top marks to both products here today, they’re both excellent mattresses that are more than worthy of your consideration.

Just because we chose the Purple doesn’t mean you should write off the DreamCloud if you like the look of it – it was a very close call and we’d recommend it to anyone…

But we just think the Purple is a little bit better.

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