We feel like we know a thing or two about mattresses on this site (to say the least). Throughout our years of reviewing mattresses, we thought we’d seen just about every marketing gimmick in the book, so when we heard about the copper-infused layers of the Layla mattress – we were obviously skeptical.

However, the more we researched the design of the materials in this product – the more impressed we became.

Today we’re going to give you a brutally honest and impartial review of the Layla mattress. We’re going to look at the materials its made from, give you our opinion on pricing and pros and cons, and we’re going to answer many of your most frequently asked questions about the product.

Let’s get started.

Key Components To The Layla Mattress

We like to start these reviews with the most important section first – the key components of the mattress. The Layla is a hybrid product that’s 10.5 inches thick and made up of 4 individual layers. Each of the layers is made from a different material, which allows the overall product to benefit from their strengths to create a mattress that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Top Layer  – Thermogel Cover

We’re not going to spend too much time on the cover of the Layla because the layer below is so darn interesting. However, it’s a durable, soft cover that contains Layla’s Thermogel. It’s a cooling gel that is found in reasonably limited quantities throughout the entire cover. It’s a super soft layer that adds a little bit of luxury and comfort and works hand in hand with the memory foam layer below.

Second Layer – Copper Infused Memory Foam

We’re diving in at the deep end with the Layla, the first layer is also the most interesting layer. This is the copper-infused memory foam you’ve no doubt heard about already if you’re on this page.

To understand why Layla have included copper in their memory foam mix, it’s important to understand the concept of thermal regulation within mattresses first.

Traditionally memory foam is well known for being a warm sleeping surface. The first variations of the material were slated in the media for being too warm to be comfortable. The reason memory foam traditionally gets hot is, unfortunately, the same reason it has the amazing supportive properties that make it so desirable.

Memory foam is made up of lots of little individual pockets of air that are completely enclosed. When you lie down on the mattress your body heat makes its way inside these pockets and heats the air up. As the pockets are completely sealed the air cannot ventilate outside of the mattress and as a result, the mattress itself gets warm.

The idea of adding copper to a memory foam mixture uses the same principle as cooling gel memory foam.

When a cooling gel is added to memory foam it absorbs much of the heat before it has the chance to get inside the cells to heat the air up. As cooling gel is an excellent thermal conductor it spreads the heat out throughout the mattress instead of it remaining directly under the sleeper. This reduces hotspots and provides a much cooler sensation for the sleeper – despite roughly the same amount of heat being inside the mattress.

As you’ll probably have learned from high school science – metals are excellent thermal conductors. By infusing the top memory foam layer with copper the Layla is able to distribute heat throughout the mattress in the same way as cooling gel – just much more efficiently.

It’s an innovative (and probably expensive) material to make, but it’s super effective. It’s one of the coolest memory foams on the market.

Bonus Tip: Copper is also a natural antimicrobial agent too, so it’s going to keep your mattress fresher for longer.

Third Layer – Convoluted Support Foam

The material of this layer itself is actually rather boring, it’s a high-quality medium firm density support foam. However, the way the layer has been designed is rather clever…

Instead of being a completely flat slab of foam like the other layers in this product, the layer has been formed in a convoluted peak and trough pattern. This means that there are passageways and channels for air to freely flow through for ventilation. With every slight movement, you’re going to be applying pressure to different parts of this layer which will push air out of the mattress and into the bedroom – taking the heat with it.

It’s not ground-breaking, many other quality brands do this – but that doesn’t stop it from being extremely effective.

Fourth Layer – Core Support Foam

Again, this is a reasonably boring yet essential part of the mattress. It’s a 4.5-inch-thick solid layer of high-density support foam. It provides a strong and stable base for the more interesting layers above to rest upon and provides a significant portion of the support that the mattress is well known for.

Fifth Layer- Copper Infused Memory Foam

The final layer of the Layla is 1-inch-thick and it’s made from the same copper infused memory foam as the top layer of memory foam. The only difference is that this is a firm foam, whereas the top layer is a medium firm foam.

To be quite honest, we’re not sure why the bottom layer of this product is made from memory foam. We’re doubtful that there is a huge amount of benefit to contouring this far down in the mattress. That being said, it’s certainly a welcome addition – they’ve clearly not added it for no reason at all (it’s not cheap material).

Layla Mattress Coupons

At the time of writing, there are no valid Layla mattress coupons that we could find online – but they do release them from time to time (usually around Black Friday and other holidays).

However, Layla has been running a $100 off promotion on all of their mattresses for some time now. It’s a couponless promotion that is applied directly and automatically when you order from them on their site. We’re not sure how much longer this promotion will be on for as it has been going on for quite some time already, it’s probably best to order quickly if you’re looking to make a saving.

How Much Does A Layla Mattress Cost?

The Layla mattress is a mid-range mattress that is quite honestly great value for money considering the kind of build quality (and material quality) that they have included in the product. Below is the current price list (correct at time of writing), this includes the $100 automatic discount we mentioned in the section above.

  • A twin will cost $399
  • A twin XL will cost $499
  • A full will cost $699
  • A queen will cost $799
  • A king will cost $899
  • A California king will cost $899

Layla Mattress Review

So now we know what’s inside the mattress, and how much it’s going to cost. Let’s take an impartial and objective look at how it performs in our 4 main categories in our review section.


This is an incredibly supportive mattress, it’s going to gently cradle you throughout the night leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to start the day with a smile each morning. If you suffer from joint pain, it’s a great choice because of this.

However, if you suffer from severe chronic joint pain, we’re sure this is going to be an improvement over whatever you’re probably sleeping on at the moment – but it’s not an orthopedic product


Again, the Layla gets top marks from us in the comfort department. The two generous layers of super high-quality memory foam work wonders. You feel a rather magical sensation every time you lie down on it – it is somehow simultaneously cradling and supporting you while leaving you feeling like you’re floating on top of it. The covering is extremely soft and luxurious, but the softer upper layer of memory foam probably provides the bulk of the comfort.


This is an exceptionally cool mattress that has 3 different cooling technologies in 4 different layers. The gel infused cover is a beautiful touch that many premium brands don’t even go to the effort of including in their product. It allows for rapid transfer of heat away from the sleeper into the copper-infused memory foam layer below.

We have already covered the copper memory foam layer in detail in the key components section above, but it’s worth us repeating just how effective this layer is – especially in conjunction with the layer below. The convoluted passageways of the foam layer receive the heat transported by the copper layer and send it flying out the side of the mattress into the bedroom with stunning efficiency.

Simply put, this is an exceptionally cool mattress, you’d find it very difficult to find a product that has better thermal regulation properties at this price point.


Usually we like to be a little bit harsh in the pricing section of these reviews – after all, we all want a better deal and a cheaper product.

However, to say something like that in this section would be very unfair to Layla. This is one of the most under-priced products on the market – in any price bracket. We’re quite honestly unsure how they can turn a profit with the expense involved in creating the copper-infused memory foam that is featured in both the top and bottom layers.

We can only assume they are mass producing it in massive quantities to get the costs down.

It’s mind-blowingly good value – and we don’t say that lightly.

Check out our other mattress reviews if you don’t believe us…

Commonly Asked Questions:

Does Layla Mattress Come With A Warranty?

It sure does. Layla is so confident in the build quality of their product that they offer a lifetime warranty on all manufacturing defects and sagging of over 1 inch. It’s an incredibly generous warranty, but considering the high quality of materials used in the product’s design – it’s probably a no-brainer for them offer it from a business point of view.

Is The Layla Mattress A Firm Or Soft Mattress?

Like most brands that only sell one mattress the Layla is a medium firm product that’s around a 7 on the firmness scale. This means that it’s on the firmer side of medium firm, but it’s still a very comfortable product. It’s going to be suitable for most peoples tastes – unless you like a super soft mattress.

Does The Layla Mattress Sleep Hot Or Cold?

As we mentioned in the review section above, this is a super cool mattress that provides one of the coolest night’s sleep in this price bracket. You’re not going to be disappointed by the thermal regulation properties of this product – regardless of how hot you sleep.

How Long Will The Layla Mattress Last?

The lifetime warranty that Layla offer as standard with each Layla mattress should tell you a thing or two about the kind of build quality and durability you can expect. On average you’ll easily get 15 years of use out of this product before you consider replacing it – it will easily stand the test of time.

Is The Layla Mattress Good For A Side, Stomach Or Back Sleeper?

Again, this mattress is designed to be sold to the masses (as it’s the only mattress Layla make). As such it’s suitable for all sleeping positions. Stomach, back, and side sleepers will get a great night’s sleep on a Layla.

We Recommend The Layla Mattress For Someone That:

Sleeps Hot – The 4 layers of cooling technology in this product combine to make a super cool sleeping surface. Even the warmest sleepers in the world will be impressed with just how cool they feel on a Layla.

Wants Great Build Quality – The lifetime warranty and the quality of the materials used in this product means that it’s a set and forget situation. Once this product is on your bed, you’re not going to think about a replacement for at least a decade or two.


So there you have it, that’s what we think about the Layla.

It a seriously under-priced product that is packed full of comfort, support, and top class cooling technologies. There are very few other mattresses on the market that can compete with this kind of value.

We strongly recommend you add it to the very top of your shortlist.

Sweet dreams.

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