LinenSpa is one of the most respected brands in the mattress industry. They’ve earned themselves a reputation for quality, affordability, reliability, and most importantly, comfort.

Their products are generally seen as being very well priced, and they continue to innovate in both materials and design technology (despite being a mid-range brand). Their popularity has exploded in recent years, and we’re getting more and more questions from our visitors about LinenSpa and their products than ever before.

With that in mind, today we are going to take an in-depth look at the brand. We’re going to discuss what we like (and don’t like) about them, and we’re going to provide impartial answers to some questions we are frequently asked.

Let’s get started.

Key Components to LinenSpa Mattresses

LinenSpa have one of the widest selections of products of any mattress manufacturer. They have cleverly attempted to compete in all subsections of the mattress world by designing and creating products from a wide range of materials.

While these are not categories that LinenSpa openly advertise themselves, their products can generally be segmented into three main groups (memory foam, latex, and coiled). There’s a little bit of overlap, and these categories aren’t well defined – but as a general overview, it’s a pretty good way of looking at them.

Memory Foam

All the memory foam that LinenSpa use in their mattresses is cooling gel foam. It’s one of the best ways to solve the overheating issues that are commonly associated with the material.

Traditional memory foam (without cooling gel) is an exceptionally good insulator, which means it retains heat. This is not a property that is ideal for mattress design because throughout the night your body heat will get trapped in the mattress. This often results in an uncomfortably warm sleeping surface and a bad night’s sleep.

Cooling gel is a reasonably innovative way of solving this issue. It’s regarded by many as being one of the best ways to fix the problem (alongside open cell memory foam). When cooling gel memory foam is made it’s mixed with a gel that’s exceptionally good at heat distribution. This means that when your body heat makes contact with the mattress, a lot of it is absorbed by the cooling gel instead of being absorbed by the foam.

The cooling gel then disperses the heat throughout the entire surface of the mattress, which results in fewer hotspots underneath the sleeper. This makes for a much cooler sleeping surface and allows for greater heat dissipation (as the entire mattress is radiating heat away instead of just one hotspot).

LinenSpa goes one step further than many other brands that use cooling gel foam. They have decided to add additional ventilation and airflow passageways within the foam to allow more heat to escape. This further improves the heat dissipation capabilities of the product and provides an even cooler sleeping surface than you’d get from standard cooling gel memory foam.

Note: It’s important to point out that this ventilation system is not open cell memory foam. LinenSpa have drilled passageways into the foam after it has been made. It’s a crude but effective alternative.


Memory foam is the most common form of foam that you’ll find in LinenSpa’s mattresses, but they do have a limited selection of latex foam products on the market too.

For those of you who don’t know, latex is considered to be one of the main contenders to memory foam. It’s a premium material and as such, mattresses made from latex tend to be more expensive than their memory foam counterparts.

Latex is a completely natural material that requires much less chemical processing than memory foam to turn it into its final form. Similar to memory foam latex has contouring properties, they’re just much less effective.

As such, latex is less supportive than memory foam, but it is still a supportive material compared to more traditional foams (like comfort foam and high-density foam).

Despite being less supportive, many people feel that sleeping on a layer of latex is much more comfortable than sleeping on memory foam. It provides a much loftier sleeping surface that feels like you are floating on top of the mattress (instead of sinking into it). It has a much quicker response time and will snap back into its original position instantly (unlike memory foam that can take a few seconds to return to its original shape).

Additionally, latex is a much better thermal regulator than memory foam. It doesn’t trap heat anywhere near as much, and as such it gives you a much cooler sleeping surface.

Some of the latex products that LinenSpa produce are hybrids that contain a layer of latex underneath a layer of memory foam. This allows you to have the supportive properties of memory foam combined with the comfort and heat dissipation properties of latex. However, LinenSpa do also have pure latex products on the market if you’re feeling luxurious.


In our opinion, LinenSpa has dropped the ball slightly with their spring mattresses. Spring (or coil) technology has come a long way in the past decade or so. It’s changed so much that modern-day coiled products are considered by many in the mattress industry to be an entirely different classification of mattress.

However, LinenSpa is stuck in the past.

All of their spring mattresses use an Innerspring. The way an innerspring works is by having a bunch of springs inside the mattress that are all connected to each other by wire. The outer layer of springs is also connected to a metal frame to create a sturdy single piece.

The problem with this design is that when you put pressure on one spring the adjacent springs next to it are compressed too (even if they do not have pressure directly applied to them).

This creates an unsupportive “pit” when you lie on it. It also means that when one person moves, the entire mattress moves.

This was all that technology allowed for 10 or 20 years ago, but these days things are different. Almost every other mattress manufacturer that still makes coiled products has switched to an isolated spring design. This design does not require that the coils be connected to one another at all.

In an isolated spring product, you get a similar effect to memory foam (but on a much less precise and effective level). The coils compress only when they have pressure directly applied to them. This provides much more support, isolates movement between sleeping partners, and generally gives you a better night’s sleep.

We have no idea why LinenSpa hasn’t updated their coiled mattresses to this newer design. It’s not particularly advanced, the materials aren’t expensive, and the benefits are substantial.

As such, if you really want a coiled mattress, we don’t recommend you get a LinenSpa product.

LinenSpa Mattress Coupons

LinenSpa is known for offering their customers reasonably modest discounts from time to time. They’re usually not the biggest savings in the world, but they are at least regular. Their most common promotion is a 5% discount that’s offered periodically throughout the year.

On holidays and special occasions, they’ll possibly release a 10% off code. This isn’t guaranteed, so it’s not worth waiting around to try and score a discount.

Additionally, they’ll throw in free shipping every now and again. Sometimes it’s through a coupon code, and other times it’ll just be an offer that applies to every order on their website.

How Much Does a LinenSpa Mattress Cost?

LinenSpa’s products are firmly rooted in the mid-range price bracket. Considering the quality of their products and the materials they use, they’re great value for money. With a product range as diverse as this the costs vary quite dramatically between different products. We’ll give you a general overview below.

Their thinnest 6” thick memory foam mattress will cost you around $125 for a twin and $199 for a queen. The thickest version of this same product will cost you between $269 for a twin and $399 for a queen.

If you want to add a layer of latex to this memory foam then you’re going to be looking at $399 for a twin and $699 for a queen. Their pure latex mattresses will set you back $289 for a twin and $389 for a king.

While we’re unimpressed by the technology in LinenSpa’s spring mattresses, they do offer them at a very fair price. Their cheapest spring mattress is just $79 for a twin and $129 for queen.

LinenSpa Mattress Review

As always we are going to break down this review section into the 4 main categories we like to judge mattresses on, support, comfort, heat dissipation, and price.


The memory foam products that LinenSpa create are incredibly supportive, the foam adapts quickly and doesn’t require much heat to start the contouring process. Their pure latex mattresses are slightly less supportive than their memory foam products, but this is inherent from the material. As far as latex products go, they are pretty darn good.

However, their innerspring mattresses are one of the least supportive spring based products on the market. They leave a lot to be desired.


It’s hard to say if LinenSpa’s memory foam products are more comfortable than their latex products. A lot of it will come down to personal preference, but both are excellent in comparison to many other brands. We highly doubt you’ll be disappointed with either.

(Some people find LinenSpa’s memory foam latex hybrids to be more comfortable than their pure memory foam options due to the added thickness and lofty nature)

Again, the innerspring mattresses LinenSpa sell are substandard in terms of comfort and should be avoided.

Heat Retention

None of LinenSpa’s products run particularly hot during the night. Their ventilated cooling gel memory foam is exceptionally good at dissipating heat (for memory foam). Latex is naturally good at keeping cool, and even their innerspring mattresses do a decent job.


LinenSpa’s products are very fairly priced and represent great value for money. We feel that with all of their products you’re getting a decent amount of quality for your money.

The only exception to this is their innerspring mattresses. But to be totally honest even that’s well priced, despite it being a low tech product (it’s super cheap).

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – Respected brand
  • Pro – Well priced
  • Pro – Ventilated cooling gel memory foam
  • Pro – Ventilated latex foam
  • Pro – Long warranty
  • Pro – 30 Money back guarantee
  • Con – Their innerspring mattresses use vastly outdated technology

Commonly Asked Questions

Do LinenSpa Mattresses Come with a Warranty?

LinenSpa is a customer focused brand, they do their best to ensure that they provide complete satisfaction. They’re well known for providing a generous warranty.

In fact, their warranty is one of the longest in the industry and you’ll be protected against manufacturing defects for up to 25 years. They’re also anecdotally reported to be very easy to deal with if you do happen to get unlucky and encounter issues.

Additionally, they offer a 30 day, no questions asked refund policy on all of their mattresses. To be totally honest this refund window is on the shorter side compared to some of LinenSpa’s competitors (some offer up to 100-day refund policies).

However, in our opinion, this is not really an issue. You’ll easily be able to tell if you like the product or not within 30 days. LinenSpa will also pay for the return shipping if you do wish to get your money back (which is something that few other brands will offer).

Are LinenSpa Mattresses Firm or Soft?

With the number of mattresses that LinenSpa have on the market, you’ll be able to find hard, medium, and soft products to suit your tastes. The majority of their products (like most brands) are medium firmness.

Does a LinenSpa Mattress Sleep Cool or Hot?

On the whole LinenSpa mattresses are exceptionally good thermal regulators. Memory foam products are usually the worst offenders for overheating, but LinenSpa’s cooling gel ventilated foam is very good at heat dissipation.

When a memory foam layer is placed on top of a latex layer the mattresses become even cooler. Latex is naturally great at heat dissipation, and all of LinenSpa’s latex products are ventilated in the same way as their memory foam. Their pure latex products provide the coolest night’s sleep of all.

LinenSpa’s innerspring mattresses are covered with a top layer of comfort foam. This isn’t a particularly good thermal regulator, but it’s not bad either.

How long does a LinenSpa mattress last?

LinenSpa’s products are some of the most durable mattresses on the market. They’re over-engineered at every step of the design process (with the exception of their innerspring products). Their long 25-year warranty should serve as proof of this.

You’ll be able to get at least 15 years of use out of your mattress at a minimum. We would not be surprised at all if you managed to go 20 years before thinking about a replacement.

Are LinenSpa Mattresses Good for Side, Back or Stomach Sleepers?

Again, due to the number of products that LinenSpa have on the market, you’ll be able to find a product that’s perfect for all sleeping styles. With the exception of their innerspring mattresses, they’re all very supportive.

We Recommend the LinenSpa Mattress for People That…

Don’t Want A Coiled Mattress – As we mentioned earlier, the innerspring design of LinenSpa’s coiled mattresses is made from stone age technology. There’s no denying that it’s a very affordable product, but there are better individually coiled products on the market from other brands at a very similar price point.

Regardless of the brand, an innerspring product is always going to be worse than an individually coiled product.

Want A Latex Mattress – LinenSpa’s pure latex mattress is one of the more affordable pure latex products on the market (but it’s still not cheap, latex is expensive). The ventilation holes inside it are a nice addition that many other brands overlook. It’s actually one of our all-time favorite pure latex products.

Want Cool Memory Foam On A Budget – The coolest memory foams on the market are hybrids that combine an open cell design with a cooling gel infusion. However, they’re very expensive.

LinenSpa doesn’t use open cell design in its cooling gel memory foam, but it has taken the time to drill ventilation holes. It’s not as good as having an open cell product, but it does make quite a bit of difference. It’s one of the coolest closed cell memory foam products on the market.


So there you have it, everything you could ever want to know about LinenSpa.

They’re honestly a great brand that makes high-quality products. Their devotion to customer satisfaction (and their generous warranty) ensure that anyone who decides to put their trust in the brand will have a great night’s sleep for many years to come.

We honestly think they should stop selling their innerspring products, it’s tarnishing the brand’s reputation slightly…

But as long as you avoid those products, we highly doubt you’ll regret your purchase.

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