Lucid is a reasonably new brand in the world of mattresses. They’ve been operating since 2010, and from the moment they entered the market, the industry immediately took notice. They adopted a different business model compared to many other brands, and it worked.

Instead of focusing their efforts on creating products that were going to be suitable for everyone, they decided to specialize. If you take a look at their website, you’ll see what we mean.

Like all other brands, they’ve got many standard mid-range, medium firmness products made from a variety of materials. However, they’ve also got one of the widest selections of firm, plush, and super plush products out of any brand we’ve seen.

With all this choice, it can be a little difficult to make an informed decision. With that in mind, today we are going to take a comprehensive look at the Lucid brand, and see what’s good (and what’s not so good) about them.

Let’s get started

Key Components Of A Lucid Mattress

Due to the huge range of different products Lucid has on their virtual shelves it’s very difficult to properly categorize them. Most products will use a variety of materials, many of which come in several varieties. In this section, we’ll tell you what each of the most common ones are, and what they do.

Gel Memory Foam

You may have already heard that there’s a big problem with memory foam – it gets hot during the night.

This space age material wasn’t designed for mattresses, it was designed for airplane seats. As such, when it was created (by NASA), the heat retention of the material was a reasonably low priority. Once the mattress world got their hands on memory foam, they immediately started to try and alter the material to make it retain less heat.

There were many ways people attempted to do this, only 2 were ever really successful, one of which is gel infusion.

Cooling gel memory foam is almost identical to the traditional memory foam that was first invented by NASA. The only difference is that a cooling gel additive is added while the foam is being created.

Cooling gel is exceptionally good at evenly distributing heat. This means that instead of the memory foam underneath the sleeper capturing the heat and creating a hotspot, the cooling gel spreads it out throughout the mattress. This allows for greater ventilation and keeps you cool throughout the night.

Cooling gel memory foam products are much better than traditional memory foam, but they’re not perfect. They will still get hotter than many other materials. However, the vast majority of people who own a cooling gel memory foam product are happy with the results. If you’re an especially hot sleeper, then you may have issues, but if not – it’s going to be more than acceptable.

Plush Gel Memory Foam

Plush gel memory foam is almost identical to the gel memory foam we mentioned above. It has the exact same cooling gel infusion, and it’s just as good at evenly distributing heat (and removing hot spots).

The only difference is that the formula of the plush gel memory foam has been altered slightly to give a much softer feel to the material. As the name suggests, it’s used in Lucid’s softest plush and super plush products.

Charcoal Infused Memory Foam

This memory foam doesn’t have any cooling gel infused into it, instead, it uses charcoal. Lucid claim that charcoal infusing memory foam will provide additional cooling benefits, but there is very little evidence that this is true. As such, it’s not a product we recommend for hot sleepers.

However, charcoal does provide verifiable benefits in the way of odor reduction. When memory foam is new it has a very strange, unnatural smell to it that many people find unpleasant. This smell is a by-product of the intensive chemical processes that are used to create the material.

Now over time (a few months), this smell will dissipate on its own, once the gases inside the foam have been released they’re gone for good (more or less). Charcoal is a natural filter, it traps the odorous particulate and removes much of the smell. It’s not going to totally eliminate the odor, but it’s certainly a dramatic improvement.


Latex is often thought to be the main contender to memory foam in the mattress world. It’s a natural material that doesn’t require a harmful chemically intensive process to turn into a usable foam.

It’s considered to be one of the most comfortable materials that can be used in mattress design as it gives the sleeper a lofty sensation (almost like they are floating on the mattress). Additionally, latex is an excellent thermal regulator, it doesn’t trap heat and is one of the coolest sleeping surfaces available.

While latex does have some slight contouring properties that are similar to memory foam, it’s nowhere near as effective (or supportive). It’s also one of the most expensive materials a mattress can be made from, and as such, it’s seen as a very luxurious material.


Springs are one of the most affordable ways to obtain decent amounts of comfort on a budget. Spring mattresses have gone out of fashion slightly in recent years, with many people preferring a pure foam-based product instead. However, developments in spring technology have come a long way from the bed you used to have as a kid.

Lucid uses this modern technology in all of their spring/coil mattresses, and they’re worthy of your consideration if you’re on a budget.

The main difference between the spring beds of old and the modern marvels we have today is that the springs are no longer connected with one another. In old products, the springs would be joined with wire and connected to an outer frame to create a single solid piece (this was called an innerspring).

The problem with innerspring mattresses is that they aren’t that supportive. The springs in an innerspring product will compress to a general outline of your body. But because the pressure can be distributed to springs that aren’t directly under your body (because they are interconnected) it creates a pit.

Modern-day spring mattresses (which includes all of Lucid’s spring products) use individual coils. This is a huge step forward from the old innerspring design. Now each spring can individually compress and form a much more supportive shape that’s shaped more like your body instead of a general “pit”.

How Much Does a Lucid Mattress Cost?

As you can imagine, with the number of products that Lucid has on offer prices vary dramatically. We’ll do our best to give you a general overview here, but it’s probably best for you to check directly on their website (or on Amazon).

The thinnest 5” thick gel memory foam mattresses start at $150 for a twin and go up to $300 for a California King. A 14” thick version of the same product will cost you $450 for a twin and $800 for a California king.

Note: There is no difference in price if you’d prefer the plush gel memory foam instead of the standard stuff.

Latex hybrid mattresses are the best way of getting the properties of latex without the huge price tag. For a 10” latex hybrid you’ll be paying $360 for a twin and $729 for a California king.

If you’re looking for something extra special then you could go for the most expensive product Lucid currently sells. The 16” thick pure latex mattress costs $650 for a twin and a whopping $1000 for a California king.

Lucid Mattress Coupons

Lucid isn’t really known for releasing coupon codes, it’s not really their style. From time to time you may come across a free delivery code, or a 5% to 15% discount (if you spend a certain amount). But they’re not common.

It’s worth checking if there’s a valid code before you order, but if you don’t come across any, we wouldn’t recommend waiting.

Lucid Mattress Review

As is tradition on this site, we’re going to break down this review section into the 4 most important categories that we like to assess all mattresses on (support, comfort, heat retention, and price).


As a general rule, all of Lucid’s products are exceptionally supportive. All of their memory foam, latex, and comfort / high-density foams are of the highest quality.

The memory foam products that Lucid offer are undoubtedly the most supportive of their range (including plush and charcoal infused varieties). It’s the main benefit of the wonder material.

Their latex hybrid products are also highly supportive (as they usually include memory foam). Their pure latex product is a little less supportive than the hybrids, but it’s more than acceptable by anyone’s standards.


It’s hard for us to give you a detailed description of the comfort levels of each mattress Lucid makes (because they make so darn many). However, we can tell you that overall they are considered to be one of the most comfortable brands in this price bracket. We would be shocked if you found any of them uncomfortable.

Heat Retention

All of Lucid’s mattresses are generally seen to be excellent thermal regulators that stay reasonably cool throughout the night. The cooling gel memory foam is a great heat dispersant, as is the pure latex.

The only product that might get a little hot is the charcoal-infused memory foam mattress. We’re unsure how effective the charcoal infusion is, but we’re willing to bet that it’s not as good as cooling gel. If you’re a hot sleeper it may be best to avoid this product.


We feel that Lucid’s products aren’t especially great value for money, but we don’t think they’re too expensive either. They’re very well priced mattresses that accurately represent how much we would be expecting to pay for this high level of quality and craftsmanship.

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – Exceptional brand
  • Pro – Wide range of products
  • Pro – Cooling gel memory foam
  • Pro – 25 Year warranty
  • Pro – US company
  • Pro – Very supportive
  • Pro – Dedicated products for sleeping positions
  • Con – Could be a little cheaper

Commonly Asked Questions

Do Lucid Mattresses Come with a Warranty?

Lucid provides a very generous 25-year warranty on all of their products. We struggled to find any anecdotal evidence about how easy it is to claim on the warranty. However, considering the well-respected reputation of Lucid we’d be very surprised if they were particularly fussy or tried to make the process difficult.

Like many other brands Lucid offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their products. It’s tough to know if you’re going to like a mattress before you lie down on it, especially if you’re buying it online. If you don’t like it, you can simply call Lucid up and get your money back, no questions asked (or you can swap it for a different product).

Are Lucid Mattresses Firm or Soft?

Lucid has a huge range of products, as we mentioned earlier their entire business model seems to revolve around providing customers with a vast amount of choice. Their website is one of the few that actually allow you to browse by firmness. They’ve got firm, medium, plush, and super plush products on offer.

Does a Lucid Mattress Sleep Cool or Hot?

The cooling gel memory foam mattresses that make up the bulk of Lucid’s product range are pretty good at heat dissipation. They’re not ventilated like some other brands, and they use a closed cell design, but despite this – they get the job done. They provide a perfectly acceptable temperature unless you’re a super hot sleeper.

Note: The plush version of the cooling gel memory foam is just as good as the non-plush version in terms of heat dissipation.

The charcoal infused memory foam runs a bit hotter than the cooling gel infused memory foam. It’s still what we would consider being acceptable, and anecdotally it receives pretty good reviews in the heat department. Just remember that it’s not going to be as cool as the gel-infused foam above.

If you’re a hot sleeper (or live in a warm climate) this may not be the product for you.

Like all latex products, the latex foam mattresses from Lucid (hybrid or pure latex) are very good at keeping the sleeper cool throughout the night. The natural heat dissipation abilities of the material eliminate hotspots and provide a cool sleeping surface.

How long does a Lucid mattress last?

Lucid’s products are exceptionally well made and are designed to stand the test of time. On average we think you’ll get between 15 to 20 years of use out of them before you need to replace them.

Note: This obviously depends on the kind of mattress you buy (and the materials it contains). But either way, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Are Lucid Mattresses Good for Side, Back or Stomach Sleepers?

Again, because there are so many different products Lucid have on offer they have mattresses that are suitable for all sleeping positions. This is a little bit of a deviation from the norm as most mattress providers try and hit a middle ground that makes their products accessible to everyone.

Just like firmness, Lucid allows you to browse their site by sleeping position. This will instantly give you a list of their available products that are dedicated to your preferred style of sleeping.

We Recommend Lucid Mattresses for People That…

Want To Deal With A Respectable Brand – The world of mattresses is something that many people will only think about once every 10 or 15 years, as such people have no idea who most of these mattress manufacturers are. With a purchase that’s going to cost up to $1000, ideally, you’ll be looking to find a reputable brand. Take our word for it – Lucid is about as reputable as brands get.

Want A Product Specifically For Their Sleeping Position – Many other brands try to make their products accessible to everyone, regardless of their sleeping position. That’s why you’ll find that most of the products on the market are generally medium firmness (yet occasionally sway slightly into firm or soft territory).

Lucid doesn’t operate their business this way. While they do have many medium firm products, they also have several firm, plush, and super plush products too.

Want To Buy From a US Company – Dealing with a US company when you’re making a purchase of this size is always a good thing. Lucid are known for their impeccable customer service, and while they make some of the most reliable products on the market – accidents can happen.

If you’re unlucky enough to have a problem, you’re going to be thanking your lucky stars that you decided to go with a US company who has a US call center to discuss your warranty.


So there you have it, more than you probably ever wanted to know about Lucid and their mattresses.

If there’s one thing that we love about these products above all else, it’s the feeling of quality they exude. From the moment you open the box, it’s instantly apparent that you’re dealing with a brand who’s put a huge amount of care and attention into their mattresses.

We highly recommend you add Lucid to the very top of your shortlist (because you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep if you pick them).

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