What to Look for in a Great Mattress

Most people know when they first lay down on a mattress whether it is one that is going to meet their needs. You should always consider multiple styles and different sizes of mattresses, but there are a few other specific things that you should look for.


One of the first things a person may notice when laying down on a mattress is how it affects their bodily alignment. You don’t have to be an expert on mattresses to know if you are comfortable or not. And, depending on what position you sleep in the most (such as if you are a side sleeper) you will be able to decide if it is the right one for you. For example, you may lay on your side and feel okay, but when on you are on your back it may not be as comfortable. It is a good idea to write out a list of what your body’s specific needs are before beginning to choose your mattress.

Back Support

One of the main reasons folks go out looking for a new mattress is because, after months of sleepless nights, they are now in search of the best mattresses for back pain. People who work physically demanding jobs may have slowly developed big or small back problems over the years, and didn’t realize how bad they were until waking up in pain one morning. All the lifting, bending and turning they have to do during their shifts can add up to a lot of bodily discomfort at the end of the day, and all they want out of their mattress is support and comfort. A good idea is to ask your doctor for recommendations in mattresses before you begin shopping. He or she is sure to give you some good suggestions, whether it’s an injury you are treating with the new mattress or chronic pain.


A mattress is an investment that you will living with a long time, maybe the next 5 to 10 years or more. If you’re home every day you’ll use it just about every 24 hours, and you want it to be durable. Finding the longest-lasting mattresses takes doing a little research on the company that manufactures it beforehand, and taking your time when choosing just the right one for your needs.

Pressure Points

If you don’t know what these are, they are the places on your body that receive the most weight and pressure as you drift deeper and deeper into your sleep. And, they are probably the places where many people feel the most pain when awaking in the morning (like neck pain) after sleeping on a mattress that is not right for them. For example, let’s say you are a female side sleeper with wide hips. Being that your body has extra curves, you want a mattress that can relieve and soak up the pressure that may be occurring around those curves. You may feel pressure on the side that you sleep on the most first, but, as you try to switch up, the other side will begin to hurt over time as you begin to lay on it longer during the night. This is when you may want to begin searching for a mattress that focuses on easing pressure at those specific points that dip deeper into the mattress.


When it comes to firmness in your mattress, it’s a personal preference. Some folks like to be able to get into the bed and actually “melt” into the mattress when they lay down. Others want one that is less soft, so that they don’t get what they call a “sinking” feeling. You may be in search of mattresses for heavier people, and firm ones could definitely do the trick.

Can a High-Quality Mattress be Affordable?

When asking this question, the first thing you’re going to have to determine is what it is that you personally consider high quality. To do this, you have to ask yourself, “What is the most important feature that I absolutely need to have in this new mattress?” Everyone’s idea of high quality will not be the same, because what may be helpful for one person may not be comfortable for the next. Your personal level of quality will be your decision, no one else’s. Besides, you’re the one who is going to be sleeping on it!

You should never base your decision on price alone, or simply make your choice based on television commercials or other ads you may have seen online. Just because those actors (and yes, they are many times actors, not actual customers) may make the mattress look like the most comfortable one in the world doesn’t mean that it is.

For example, let’s say that a married couple is looking for a new mattress that doesn’t transfer motion. High quality in their eyes would be different sizes of mattresses that have that exact feature, and maybe a few other ones the two of them agree on, such as a mattress that comes with a lengthy warranty. On the other hand, a single person would not necessarily see that mattress as one that is of high quality, because they probably don’t sleep with anyone every single night that they would have to come to that agreement with.

A person who has bad back or neck pain would narrow down his or her choice of quality mattresses to ones that would alleviate that pain as they sleep. Where most people make a mistake is trying to simply get the most popular mattress because they think that it is cool, and don’t take the time to really figure out if it’s the one for them. The ones that you see the most with the most ads probably cost the most, and you may spend too much trying to chase style than acquiring quality.

Buying Online vs Buying In-Store

Although there are a few exceptions to this rule, in general most of the companies who sell mattresses online don’t have different sizes of mattresses in stores that you can try out beforehand. What you have to do is purchase it, try it out for a while, then send it back if it’s not what’s best for you.

Now, let’s say that you see a mattress that you like in a furniture store, but you decide that you don’t want to buy it at that store. What you could do is try it out, then go home and purchase the same item and brand online from the retailer that you desire. There is a good chance that the same mattress is a lower price online, and you could be paying about 20% more in-store. Granted the exact mattress that you laid on at the store isn’t the one that will be delivered from the other retailer with the lower online price, if the online store has a money back guarantee it may be worth it to go ahead and make the order.

Still, there is a really good chance that you could not visit a store at all, buy a mattress online that you didn’t physically lay on yourself, and be completely happy with it for years. For example, you may purchase a condensed-packaged memory foam mattress that gets delivered to your home or apartment. Those mattresses conform to your body, so, if you tried it in a random store and liked it, then all your delivered one will need is a little breaking in. If you are switching mattress styles because of an injury, remember, get the doctors recommendations, because you could end up making a bad situation worse sleeping long hours on a mattress that isn’t helping relieve the pain in your body.

When you buy a mattress online, there is a chance that you will only get front-door delivery, whereas with most stores you can receive full-service delivery. As far as delivery speed goes, a furniture store could likely get you the new mattress in a day or two, while online orders can take weeks. That’s not to say that you can’t ever get it delivered quicker, but generally physical furniture stores deliver faster. Returning an online order can also be a hassle with some companies, whereas if you bought it at a store any exchanges and/or refunds are often streamlined. Still, the return fee for an in-store purchase is sometimes higher than online orders.

Another thing is you don’t know exactly how long a mattress has actually been on display when trying it out in a store. If it’s been there a while, then there is a chance that all those people who were testing it out may have broken it in unwittingly. Ask the salesman if the one that will be delivered feels like the one you just tested out. Even though you may have laid on it for 20 minutes (the recommended amount of time to lay on your back, sides, and maybe your tummy while testing it out), there is still a chance that it will feel different when you sleep on it overnight, when your body sinks and relaxes deeper into it for those six or eight hours of slumber.

The convenience of shopping online and not having to deal with pushy salespeople is still a top reason why customers decide to buy online. If you are buying a completely different mattress than you currently have, then it’ll be to your benefit to diligently research and/or test out the mattress for yourself before buying. As far as customer service goes, it may depend on the past experiences that you have had with online versus in-person salespeople. How good or bad customer service is really just depends on the company, but most prefer to deal with online rather than in-store sellers. You may also be able to get out of paying taxes on the mattress if you purchase it online.

Essential Tips for Purchasing the Best Mattress Online

  • Firstly, you want to keep your options open when choosing mattresses. For example, consider all the different sizes of mattresses, and which is best for you. You don’t want to limit yourself to just one choice, even if one seems perfect for what you need it for.
  • If you see a mattress online that you like, but feel a little hesitant to buy because you haven’t laid on it yet, see if a store out in town has it. If so, go lay on it in that store. Then, if you like it, go home and make the online purchase from the internet retailer.
  • When buying online, do research on the mattress first. In fact, research the company that is selling it as well. Check their Better Business Bureau rating reviews from past customers.
  • Make sure that there is a money-back guarantee. They are normally 30-days, but don’t assume. Ask for written proof.
  • Check the online retailer’s return policy. Make sure that there really is one, and that you agree with it.
  • Review prices for similar mattresses. Don’t think that just because a price is lower that you won’t get the same quality…you may save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Types of Mattresses

Memory Foam

One reason people choose memory foam is because they feel pressure point pain during the night on their old mattress. When a person lays in a position for a long time while sleeping, that’s when the pain hits the points that are being pushed back on by a mattress that is too firm. Memory foam adjusts more to a person’s individual shape, and that’s why they are some of the best mattresses for back pain.

Folks who have had past neck pain and/or spine problems benefit from sleeping on memory foam. Theses mattresses make the lumbar area on their body feel relaxed and comfortable whether laying down on their back or if they are side sleepers. Couples love memory foam because motion doesn’t transfer easily, even if one person gets all the way out of the bed and back in. Memory foam is also hypoallergenic, and repels dust mites very well. These types of mattresses are low maintenance, durable, and, if your bed is adjustable they may be perfect for you.

Our Top Pick is the Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel Pro 12-Inch. This luxury mattress has a layer of HD air-infused memory foam on top of another inch and a half of air-infused memory foam. If you buy it online, it will show up to your door tight and compact, and take about three hours to form into its original shape (which is fun to watch!) When it does, you’ll feel a weightless sleep experience like never before.


Congratulations on the new little bundle of joy! Now, all you have to do is find the right crib mattress. There are a few things you should always pay attention to when buying one. Firstly, consider the size of it. To avoid any chance of entrapment hazards, make sure it fits snugly with no gaps between the mattress and the inside of the crib frame. Another thing about crib mattresses is they need to be firm and resilient., and they should also have mattress protectors for leaky diapers and such. Press your hand into the middle of the mattress and observe how long the mattress takes to form back into its original shape. The faster is does, the better.

Some of these mattresses in memory foam can be up to 20 or 25 lbs. But, typically, a good foam crib mattress is about 8 lbs. You will have the option to get a double or triple laminated mattress cover. The mattress should also have venting, and you can check it by paying attention to the small holes on the side of the mattress. The mattress should be easy to clean, and always be sure that the safety standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission are met, especially if you buy one that is listed as organic.

Our Top Pick is the Colgate Eco Classica III. It’s one of the best ones out there, featuring nice firmness. It can also be used on a toddler bed later on.

Gel Adjustable

Memory foam was developed in the 1960’s by Nasa, and since has been used to create mattresses that alleviate sleeping problems for millions of people. These are also some of the best mattresses for back pain. Gel foam breathes exceptionally well, so air flows through it as you sleep decreasing the chances of you sweating. Sleepers want that other-side-of-the-pillow feeling all over, and gel memory foam does it for them.

Chronic pain relief is also another reason memory foam is popular among seniors. It doesn’t matter what position you are laying in, the mattress adjusts to you. Motion also doesn’t transfer much at all with these mattresses.

Our Top Pick is one of coolest mattresses to sleep on, the Brentwood Home Cyprus Mattress. This one has three and a half inches of gel memory foam, and the mattress controls temperatures very well. This one is designed to keep you in a deep sleep for hours, without all the extra tossing and turning you are probably experiencing with your present mattress.

Pillow Top

There are wonderful benefits to having a pillow top on a nice firm mattress, such as decreased neck pain. Many people need skeletal/bodily support, and most of these mattresses have a good coil system. For a person’s back to remain aligned all night as they sleep, the bed has to have strength and support. But, many people find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep all night when a mattress is too firm, especially if they are side sleepers. This is where the pillow top comes in.

The pillow top gives the mattress just the balance of firmness and softness needed. It is made of memory foam, gel memory foam, and latex. Let’s say for example you sleep on your side more than any other position. The pillow top will allow you to do so for a longer period of time on either your left or right side, and you won’t feel all that pressure or pain in your shoulder or hips.

Our Top Pick is the Dream Foam Bedding Ultimate Dreams. Like any good pillow top mattress, it has wonderful support for your back, decreases neck pain, and gives comfort to the entire body. It’s the perfect blend of firmness and softness. Couples are fans of this one being that it actually doesn’t transfer much motion. The mattress itself is 11 inches, and has a tri-zone foam core.


Coil mattresses are made of coil springs and have a more bouncing effect. People have slept on them for years and those who are used to them stay loyal to this classic style. They are great shock absorbers, and one of the best things about these mattresses is that they stay the same temperature.

With other styles like memory foam, sometimes if the room is cold the mattress will feel harder when your body hits it at night. When it’s hot in the room, the memory foam may feel softer. Coil mattresses have good airflow, and temperature-wise are some of the coolest mattresses to sleep on. Folks who like natural firmness like coil mattresses. And, another great feature about them is that coils many times come with long warranties to ten or more years.

Out Top Pick is the Signature Sleep Signature 13-Inch. It’s high quality, affordable, and one of the best mattresses for heavier people. The core of the mattress is 10 inches, and has individually-wrapped coils that allow body weight to be distributed evenly. The firm mattress is complimented by a 1.6-inch comfy pillow top.


Air mattress can be used for serious emergency situations, but for the most part customers want them because they are fun for camping or sleepovers. Most folks simply adjust the air inside of them to their liking, and sleep comfortably. Your body weight on an air mattress is distributed across it, and the best ones are high off the floor. You want on that is durable, and that can also be easily stored. Air mattresses are a great economic solution if you are, say, just moving into an apartment and waiting on furniture.

Our Top Pick is the Sound Asleep Dream Series. It’s tall (about 20 inches), inflates in three or four minutes, and has a grip bottom for, say, uncarpeted floors. The best thing about it is that it has an automatic air pump.


Some folks feel that waterbeds have the most mentally therapeutic mattresses of all. The people who choose these mattresses may have ongoing chronic pain like arthritis and/or other joint or muscular conditions. Water mattresses are some of the best mattresses for heavier people, and are also popular among seniors and people who have ongoing back pain, and they especially love the heating feature.

Water mattresses are hygienic. Being that they are vinyl, they repel common bugs like dust mites. People with asthma or allergies benefit from this feature. Water mattresses have long had a kind of Zen appeal to consumers, many report feeling increased stamina and energy after a good night’s rest on one.

Out Top Pick is the InnoMax Genesis 800 Ultra Waveless mattress. This one give you that weightless feel while you rest, and a feeling of reinvigoration upon awakening.

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