It might be time to make a switch to a more natural mattress. Mattresses can be one of the most toxic things in your house. Old styles of memory foam are just petroleum by-products. Old spring mattresses are full of allergens and possibly bed bugs (yuck).

Eco-friendly mattresses are enjoying a spotlight. Companies are switching to more environmentally friendly options, and that’s good news for your respiratory system. Many are certified as having lower VOCs and emissions by using plant-based materials. The companies are reducing their carbon footprints as well.

NaturePedic offers an entire line of mattresses from infant crib mattresses to adult ones, and we’re going to look at all the factors you might need to decide if NaturePedic should be your new mattress. Let’s take a look in our NaturePedic mattress review.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Mattress

Before you choose a mattress, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Contouring And Support

Old types of mattresses are terrible. They don’t have much to help your curves. Instead, they force your body to conform to the surface of the mattress.

Your new mattress should have contouring and supporting layers to allow you both comfort and support. The top layer should be a material like memory foam or latex (or other options) that give way underneath your curves to help you get comfortable.  The materials then fill in gaps and spaces such as your waist or back so your spine can decompress and pressure points relax.

The supporting layer can be foam or springs, but it should push back against your weight so that you don’t sag. It should offer structural integrity to the mattress for proper support and keep your spine aligned.

Edge Support

If you can’t sit or lay near the edge of the bed, it’s a huge bummer. Sleeping with a partner beside you can drive you crazy if you both spend the majority of the night fighting over the sweet spot in the bed.

Edge support prevents compression towards the sides of the bed. Reinforced edges help you stay comfortable when you’re sleeping on the side of the bed. You should also be able to sit on the bed without sliding off.

Couples especially need edge support, but if you’re a stomach sleeper who uses the side of the bed to get into a comfortable position, edge support is also critical for you.

Motion Transfer

Couples should also look for good motion isolation. If your partner does the cha-cha in his or her sleep, you need some sort of motion isolation. Foams can help dampen motion so that you don’t feel every single movement from your partner.

Good motion isolation also prevents the indentation that happens underneath the heavier partner. There doesn’t have to be much weight difference for that to happen and you’re rolling towards each other all night.

Motion isolation prevents that sagging and gives each partner a pristine surface to sleep on.

Temperature Regulation

Materials that help cool down your body as you sleep can help prevent tossing and turning throughout the night. Memory foam has a reputation for being really warm, but modern types of memory foam are open cell. Air in tiny pockets in the material moves through the mattress as you move, refreshing the mattress.

Some mattresses have gel-infused foams or phase change technology to move heat away from your body and disperse it throughout the mattress. Whatever the type of material you decide, you should make sure that the material helps you sleep cooler.

If the mattress uses coils in the support layer, it can also help keep the mattress cooler. Coils have a lot of air between them which prevents the mattress from storing heat in the core. You sleep cooler and don’t toss as much.

Presenting NaturePedic

NaturePedic is an organic line of mattresses available in everything from infant crib mattresses to adult options. Adult mattresses have both foam and innerspring models.

NaturePedic’s main appeal is the eco-friendly materials. Their infant products are some of the best on the market with enough eco-certifications to fill your wall. All products feature the same certifications.

NaturePedic is certified by CertiPur-US for excellent indoor air quality, GreenGuard Gold for low emissions and formaldehyde free certified. NaturePedic is also involved in environmental advocacy and outreach. The company values green production practices and continuing education.

They have a varying sleep trial for their products, and all are covered by various warranties. Because their line is so extensive, it’s important to read all the terms involved when you purchase one of their mattresses.

The prices on the products vary from moderately budget to expensive, but you do have a wide range of choices in that front as well. NaturePedic offers financing to well-qualified buyers, and you can also test out a variety of their products in person at various big box stores.

We think you’ll be happy with your NaturePedic mattress whether it’s for you, your child, or your new baby. The company also offers a range of accessories meant to complement your new mattress.

Features and Benefits

Let’s break everything down. We’ll discuss the adult mattresses for most of this review, but we will look at both the children’s line and the crib mattresses later on in the review.

Contouring And Support

NaturePedic uses a variety of contouring materials to help keep your curves and pressure points comfortable. Some of the most common materials for the mattresses include a PLA material, a plant-based material that’s found in many different industries. Other materials are cotton batting and wool batting to help cushion the body from the coils.

The support layers of the different mattresses include dense support foams that are certified as low VOC and emissions and coils. The coils are individually pocketed to help prevent motion transfer and to increase the contouring.

Some of the mattresses use micro-coils as transitional layers to help further support the spine and offer contouring. The micro-coils move with your body and push back to keep the spine straight.

In other models, transitional layers of cotton or latex to transition the body. These layers have excellent response and move with your body as you change positions in the night. Overall,  there’s such a wide range of beds that just about everyone can find something they really like.

Overall, each different type of layer works well with the other. We think that you’ll be happy with the choices you’ll find.

Edge Support

The NaturePedic lines reinforce the edges of their beds so that you don’t feel as much compression as `you would without reinforced edges. Some of their beds have better edge support than others, but overall you can sleep near the edges of the mattress without feeling like you’re going to roll off.

You can also sit on the edges of the bed without losing support. That’s good news for those mornings when you need a few minutes to contemplate life before you get up.

We think the double coil options have the best edge support and if you or your partner are heavier, that might be the right option.

Motion Transfer

NaturePedic mattresses have protections in place to help dampen the feeling of motion across the bed. Foam, latex, and cotton help cushion your body against the springs while the springs themselves are individually pocketed. This frees up the coils to move independently of each other. You get all the bounce when you want, but when it’s time to sleep, the surface of the mattress stays pretty still.

Also, if one of the partners is heavier than the other, it can create an indent, but NaturePedic’s motion isolation helps prevent that indentation. Both partners should have plenty of pristine space to sleep. Together with edge support, this makes the NaturePedic line very couple friendly.

Temperature Regulation

NaturePedic mattresses don’t have any weird chemicals infused in the materials to help keep you cool. Instead, they make use of passive cooling by increasing airflow and breathability. The innerspring models are particularly good at this because there’s so much space between the coils. It makes it very hard to store heat in the core of the mattress.

If you sleep very sweaty, NaturePedic may not have enough in place to keep you cool. Average sleepers should be fine with the rate of time the mattress takes to return to ambient room temperature. Extra hot sleepers may not be quite a satisfied with the temperature regulation, however.

Mattress Options

There are five different mattress options for you to choose from. There’s even a vegan option for those of you who don’t consume any animal products.

The Vegan EOS is an all latex option with customizable layers. The other EOS version isn’t vegan, but it does allow you to swap layers to change the firmness levels continually. The mattress evolves with your sleep patterns and doesn’t lock you into one particular firmness option.

The Chorus uses a layer of micro-coils over the standard coils for a super responsive bed. The Serenade offers two different firmness options, plus individually pocketed coils to help you sleep without losing support.

The Halycon is an entire line on its own of different types of mattresses in different depths. Each one offers layers of comfort and contouring arranged to help you get to sleep without sacrificing your wallet or your conscience.


This is where NaturePedic shines. The mattress is certified by a number of different organizations. If you’re worried about off-gassing, CertiPur-US and GreenGuard Gold tell you that you won’t have to worry about it. If you’re concerned about formaldehyde, it’s also certified formaldehyde-free.

The company also belongs to a host of advocacy organizations dedicated to advancing environmental causes and working on sustainability.

The company is also endorsed by a variety of foundations including the AllergyKids Foundation.  They’re also certified by the Ecology Center.

It’s one of the most certified mattresses on the market, and that includes both the kids’ and infants’ line. If you have a lot of allergies, either respiratory or skin. They also work on ways to reduce their carbon footprint by shipping efficiently or improving production methods.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

NaturePedic’s sleep trial and warranty vary depending on the product you’re purchasing. It can make it a little bit confusing to understand what you’re getting, and there’s a high chance of misunderstanding the terms.

The infant and kid line offers a 30-day sleep trial while some other lines offer as much as 120 days. The warranty also varies with different things in their line. It’s essential that you read the terms and conditions of each separate product very carefully to make sure you’re on the same page.

We’d love to see some consistency with the trial period and warranty, but since their line is so varied, it does make sense why some things would be different even in the logistics.

We recommend you sleep on your mattress for at least 30 days if possible before thinking about returning it. It’s crucial that you have plenty of time to adjust and that the mattress has time to break in and reach peak support. Make sure you initiate a return before the trial period is over.

Options For Heavier People

We weren’t really impressed with the options for heavier than average sleepers. If you’re really large, all of the mattresses in the line are going to lose contouring and feel more firm than they actually are. You’re better off with a mattress that’s built for heavier people and can take your unique needs into consideration.

Infant Mattresses

The NaturePedic infant line is built on the idea that the materials closest to your baby’s skin can be the most important. NaturePedic crib mattresses are certified organic and have no off-gassing. The cover materials are organic cotton, and the interior is mold and mildew resistant. They also are very firm, so there’s no danger of suffocation.

Make sure you combine the mattress with an organic crib sheet and NaturePedic mattress protector to help keep things clean and prevent any outside allergens from irritating your baby’s sensitive respiratory system.

Kid Mattresses

For your child’s first big kid mattress, the organic options from NaturePedic are good choices. Three different lines are offering different features as different as your kid.

One is standard coils with plenty of cushioning and a two-sided firmness design. The next is an upgrade to individually pocketed coils plus all the cushioning. The third is a two in one mattress with a washable side for when they first come out of the crib and are potty training. As they get older, you can flip the mattress over for a more comfortable feeling.

All their kid mattresses are certified organic and contain no VOCs that will off gas. THey’re safe for your kids although they might be a little bit expensive for some budgets.

Customer Service

NaturePedic’s customer service is excellent. The representatives appear to be located in the United States and are very helpful. They’re polite, and any issue you have should be resolved quickly and without a problem.


NaturePedic’s mattresses aren’t the cheapest on the market, but if you decide that you want something organic, it’s an excellent line.

The Chorus line is just under $2500 for a California King. The Serenade is just under $3000 for the same. The Eos has three different options going up to just under $4800 for a California king. The Vegan Eos is just under $4900. Finally, the Halcyon series is available in stores and will depend on your individual retailer.

The crib mattress series is between $259 and $399 which may be a little expensive compared to some big box mattress stores, but definitely worth the organic option.

The kids’ mattresses are on the higher end between just under $650 and $1500. That’s nearly as much as adult mattresses, but if you’re very concerned about organics, that budget may be worth it.

Quick Points

If you still can’t decide we have a few significant points to help you out.

What We Like:

  • full line of organic mattresses for infants, kids, and adults
  • a wide range of options
  • no synthetic fire retardants
  • extra responsive mattresses

What We Don’t Like:

  • the price point is higher than average internet mattress options
  • warranty, and sleep trials vary. It can be confusing.
  • some mattresses are available in stores, but some aren’t

Who’s It For:

We recommend this mattress line for families looking to reinvent everyone’s sleep situation.

Social Proof

If you’re looking for a great organic mattress for your children’s room, this one is wonderful. I got these for my kids.


DreamCloud – Hybrid Option

DreamCloud uses eight different layers of materials to achieve contouring and supporting mattress. There are two layers of foam, one gel and one quilted, plus a few other transitional layers including latex. Individually pocketed memory coils help reduce motion transfer. The entire thing is very comfortable and also very supporting.

It has a year-long sleep trial and a lifetime warranty against defects. These are some of the best on the market. We definitely recommend it for those looking for options that are cheaper or if you’re a heavier person.

Real Sleep – Foam Option

The Real Sleep option uses just two simple layers. The first layer is gel infused memory foam that’s CertiPur-US certified. It draws heat away from your body and prevents it from being stored in the core of the mattress.

The support layer is a dense foam that gives the mattress structural integrity. It doesn’t produce off-gassing and won’t irritate sensitive allergies. The company gives you 100 nights to try the mattress out before deciding if it’s the right one for you. You’re also covered by a ten-year warranty.


NaturePedic is excellent if you’re anxious about your family’s allergies and the environment. It’s also a suitable choice for the vegan lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and support. We do think the price point is a little high considering other options on the market, but the value is good for what you pay.

NaturePedic can also outfit both your new baby and your children. Everyone can get a new bedroom, and you won’t worry about any of the usual environmental concerns of regular mattresses. Plus, with several options for everyone, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the mattress of your dreams.

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