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Unless you’re a mattress addict you’ll probably never have heard of the Nectar mattress (or any specific brand of mattress for that matter). However, we do know the Nectar mattress, and it’s a bit of a legend in the weird, wonderful (and slightly nerdy) world of mattresses.

Today we are going to take a look at this renowned product to explain to you a little bit about what it is, why it’s different, and why so many people in the mattress industry are talking about it.

Let’s get started.

Key Components To The Nectar Mattress

This mattress is made up of 5 individual layers that each serves a very different purpose. They are all high-quality materials that meet the strictest health and safety standards and are built to stand the test of time.

Layer 1 – Tencel Cooling Cover

The very top layer of this mattress is made from a material that many people reading this will never have heard of before, Tencel. Like rayon and bamboo its a product that is made from fibrous strands of natural material (in this case wood cellulose) that has been rejuvenated and worked into a soft material.

Like rayon and bamboo Tencel is an excellent thermal regulator. It allows for huge amounts of unrestricted airflow above, below, and in-between the strands. This is great when used in mattresses as it allows for one of the coolest sleeping surfaces on the planet.

Another reason that Tencel is such a coveted material for mattress design is its natural bed bug resistance. Special properties in the wood cellulose that is used as the raw material for Tencel will keep your bed bedbug free. If a bug ever enters, it’s going to run a mile as quickly as it can.

Now rayon and bamboo also have excellent heat dissipation properties (and bedbug repellent capabilities too, to an extent). So why choose Tencel?

The best bit about Tencel for many people is that it’s one of the most eco-friendly materials of its kind on the market. Rayon and bamboo require a significant amount of processing to work them into a soft usable form that is suitable for mattresses. These processes use toxic, harmful chemicals. And while these chemicals won’t harm the sleeper, they will harm the environment.

Tencel also uses chemicals to be processed into a usable material – but they are much more eco-friendly. They are non-toxic and are used in what is known as a closed loop process (which means they are 99.5% reused).

All in all, Tencel provides sleepers with one of the softest, coolest, and most eco-friendly sleeping surfaces on the market. It quite literally doesn’t get much better than this.

Layer 2 – Quilted Gel Memory Foam

It’s not very often that you’ll find a product that is made from quilted memory foam. It’s a luxurious design pattern that costs quite a bit in terms of both manufacturing time and raw materials.

Memory foam itself is already a supremely comfortable material in its standard form. It has basically dominated the world of mattress design ever since it was first released to the public. However, it did (and continues to have) one main issue – heat retention.

Memory foam wasn’t designed to be used in mattresses (it was developed by NASA as a safer alternative to airplane seat cushions). And while it provides many benefits that are excellent qualities to have in a mattress, its heat retention properties have been the main issue for many years now.

There are many ways this can be solved, but quilting is one of the more effective (and expensive) methods.

Memory foam is usually traditionally very flat on the surface. It’s much easier to produce long standard smooth pieces of material instead of machining it into a specific shape.

Quilted memory foam adds reasonably small “pockets” on the upper surface of the foam. This creates sizeable air channels for the air to flow through and drastically improves heat dissipation capabilities, keeping you cooler throughout the night.

As an added bonus the quilting of this layer of memory foam also adds a little bit of loft to the mattress and further increases comfort. Also, the foam itself is gel infused, which we will discuss below.

Layer 3 – Gel Memory Foam

We can’t stress how much of an issue overheating is with memory foam products. It’s an excellent insulator, which is a problem when it’s being used as a mattress. One of the most common (and cost-effective) ways to reduce heat retention is by infusing the memory foam with cooling gel.

(Both this layer and the layer above are made from gel infused memory foam)

The way gel infusion works is reasonably simple. Heat transfers better through some compounds better than others. Memory foam likes to hold on to the heat it obtains, the cooling gel does not.

By infusing the memory foam with cooling gel it means that more of the sleeper’s body heat is absorbed by the gel (leaving less to be absorbed by the memory foam). The gel shares this heat evenly throughout the mattress. This reduces hot spots where the sleeper is lying. It also increases the amount of heat that is dissipated through natural ventilation as more air is coming into contact with the heat (as it is spread over a larger area).

Layer 4 – Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam

Hi, Core memory foam is another advanced (and expensive) kind of memory foam that is rarely used in mattresses. It’s got excellent supportive properties that make it a perfect material. But Hi Core foam is very heavy to ship and the manufacturing cost is usually prohibitive (unless it’s purchased in very large quantities).

You’d need a degree in chemistry to properly understand the principles behind Hi Core memory foam and what makes it different. We think we know a thing or two, but even we struggle to fully grasp the concept (but we do have a basic understanding).

All you need to know is that Hi Core memory foam is more adaptive than traditional memory foam. This essentially means it can contour more to the shape of your body (and requires less heat to do so). It provides more support than any other kind of memory foam on the market.

Layer 5 – The Base

The base layer of any mattress is always going to be the least interesting, but even the base layer of the Nectar mattress has some interesting properties.

The main traditional function of a base layer is to do nothing more than provide a supportive base to the mattress (and perhaps provide a little bit of luxuriousness with added depth). However, as mattress technology has advanced (and consumers have become more demanding) the base is now widely seen as an excellent place to encourage further heat dissipation.

The base on this product is made from a high-density breathable foam (it’s not memory foam) that has been rated to an amazing 2.2 ILD (instead of the average 1.5 ILD). We know that this probably means very little to you, but take our word for it – it’s good.

This ILD rating essentially means that the base is very breathable. This base manages to retain durable high density while providing multiple airflow channels for impeccable ventilation.

Nectar Mattress Coupons

As standard Nectar price their products as cheap as they possibly can, we consider them to already be sold at a discounted rate. But, as you would expect from a respected brand in a demanding competitive marketplace, they do release coupon codes from time to time.

This isn’t something that they do regularly, and it’s certainly not worth waiting around for the next one to come out (they do it once or twice a year at most). But when there’s one available they can be very generous, at time of writing you can get the following deal:

$100 Off your Nectar mattress & 2 bonus pillows for free ($275 value in total)

(No coupon code required, just visit the site)

How Much Does The Nectar Mattress Cost?

The Nectar mattress is a premium product, and as such it has a premium price tag. However, considering the quality of the product and the amount of advanced (and expensive) materials it uses – it’s a bargain in our opinion.

The smallest twin size mattress will cost you $500, the largest king sized mattress costs $900 (and all the other sizes are somewhere in-between).

Nectar Mattress Review

Let’s break this section down into the main categories that a mattress should be judged on.


The Hi Core memory foam that forms the 4th layer of this product is mind-blowingly supportive. As we mentioned in the composition section it’s a premium material (that’s not cheap to make or ship) that’s not commonly used in mattress design. However, when it is used (like in this product), you can really tell the difference.

Heat Dissipation:

Again top marks for the Nectar mattress in the heat dissipation category. The combination of quilted materials, gel infused memory foam, the Tencel covering, and the well-ventilated base section makes this one of the coolest night’s sleep on the market.


This is one of the most comfortable mattresses we have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on. The 3 layers of memory foam that make up the bulk of this mattress are already more than enough to put it well ahead of any other product in this price bracket. Combine it with the fact that one of them is quilted, one of them is Hi Core, and it’s all topped off with a soft Tencel covering – and you’ve got a winner.


There’s no getting around the fact that this isn’t a cheap mattress. It’s a premium product with a premium price tag. With mattresses, 99 times out of 100 you get what you pay for, but this product is that 1 in 100.

This mattress should be priced closed to double what it retails for. The materials and the technology that is utilized in its manufacture should make the RRP be the price it costs Nectar to make the product.

We don’t know how much profit they’re making off of each product they sell, but we bet it’s not much.

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – Tencel covering
  • Pro – Quilted memory foam
  • Pro – Gel infused memory foam
  • Pro – Hi Core memory foam
  • Pro – Ventilated base
  • Pro – Exceptional heat dissipation
  • Pro – Very well priced
  • Pro – Lifetime warranty
  • Con – Honestly, there are none.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does The Nectar Mattress Come With A Warranty?

The Nectar mattress comes with a lifetime warranty that should allow any owner to sleep easy in the knowledge that their mattress is protected.

Unlike some lesser brands, this warranty from Nectar isn’t just a paper tiger – it’s a full blown beast of a warranty. Within the first 10 years if you notice any manufacturing defect whatsoever they will instantly replace your mattress with a brand new one free of charge.

After 10 years Nectar will repair any defects and have the mattress sent back to you. They will cover all transportation costs to and from the repair center.

Nectar also has a “Choice Option” that can be utilized after 10 years of ownership. If an issue arises, you’ll be able to buy a new Nectar mattress at a 50% discount instead of getting a repair.

Is The Nectar Mattress Firm Or Soft?

In the words of Goldilocks, it’s just right.

It’s a medium firmness that rates 5.5 to 7.5 on the firmness scale (which is between 0 and 10). Most people want a medium firmness bed, but even if you like it slightly softer or slightly harder, this product should be at the upper or lower limit of what you’ll enjoy.

Does The Nectar Mattress Sleep Cool Or Hot?

This is one of the coolest mattresses on the market right now. It contains so much ventilation and heat dissipation technology in its various layers that it puts other “cool” mattresses to shame. Let’s recap the cooling tech it includes:

  • Tencel 1st layer
  • Quilted cooling gel-infused memory foam 2nd layer
  • Cooling gel infused memory foam 3rd layer
  • The 4th layer has no specific cooling properties
  • High ventilation base layer

If this mattress was any cooler you’d need to wear a jumper to bed.

How Long Does the Nectar Mattress Last?

You’re going to easily get 20 years of solid use out of this mattress before you even consider needing to replace it. 25 years would not be unrealistic.

Is The Nectar Mattress Good for Side, Back or Stomach Sleepers?

As you have probably heard, different sleeping positions require different properties from a mattress for a healthy night’s sleep. It mainly revolves around firmness and support.

Support is almost a one size fits all variable. All sleeping positions need excellent levels of support, the more the better. This product has more than enough support, regardless of how you sleep.

Firmness is the main determining factor that decides if a mattress is suitable for your sleeping position. Nectar knows a thing or two about mattress design, and it’s no coincidence that they have hit the sweet spot here.

Its medium firmness is at the upper and lower ranges of what’s considered acceptable for front, back, and stomach sleepers. Sure some positions ideally have harder mattresses and others ideally have softer ones – but they all end up using a medium firmness as their “cut off limit”.

So regardless of how you sleep, this is a viable product for you.

We Recommend the Nectar Mattress for People That…

Sleep Hot – The multiple layers of cooling technology that is built into this mattress make it one of the coolest sleeping surfaces on the market. If you sleep hot throughout the night (or live in a warm climate) this is an excellent product for you.

Make Long-Term Investments – You spend more time sleeping on your mattress than you do using anything else in your home. Sure it’s not the cheapest mattress in the world, but it’s exceptionally good value. Combine this with the lifetime warranty and its money well spent.

Care About The Environment – The Tencel cooling cover is made from one of the most eco-friendly natural fibrous materials on the planet. Materials like Tencel, rayon, or bamboo are critical for optimal heat dissipation, but only Tencel allows you to stay cool without harming the planet.

Have Back Problems – The super supportive nature of this mattress makes it an excellent product for people who need to stay reasonably still throughout the night. The Hi Core memory foam provides unbeatable levels of support that will result in a less painful night’s sleep.


So there you have it, a review of one of the most amazing mattresses on the market right now.

We know that after reading this you may feel like we’ve got some kind of vested interest in Nectar. After all, we’ve just given their product a glowing review.

But honestly, that’s not the case (if you don’t believe us, just take a look at the other pages on our site).

The truth of the matter is that this is honestly a brilliant product, that is exceptionally well priced, and is more than worthy of your consideration.

Sweet dreams!

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