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Nectar vs. Casper Review: Which Mattress Will Give You a Better Night’s Sleep?

Choosing the right mattress for your sleep needs is critical to getting a good night’s sleep. A bed that is too soft, or too firm can have you tossing and turning at night and waking up the next day unrefreshed and with sore joints. But there are so many mattresses to choose from, and all offer unique benefits, construction, and varying price points. Our mattress reviews will give you an overall feel for which mattress is going to meet your sleep needs best. In this review, we’ll cover the differences and similarities between the Nectar mattress and the Casper mattress. You’ll come away with a good understanding of each bed’s firmness, support, and motion transfer. We’ll also explain the different price points and where you can purchase either mattress. At the end of the review, we’ll cover which type of sleepers will benefit most from either bed so that you can make an informed choice. Read on to learn if the Casper or the Nectar will give you a better night’s sleep.


The Nectar mattress is an all-memory foam mattress that offers high-quality materials for competitive prices. The mattresses only come in one firmness setting, which is marketed as a medium-firm mattress. The bed uses a gel memory foam that is quilted into the bottom of the cover. Also, the bed is reputed to contour well, but it doesn’t give people the usual cushioning commonly associated with memory foam beds. The construction of the Nectar bed leaves sleepers feeling cool and without feeling like they are sinking into the mattress. All Nectar beds are manufactured in China.

Casper is a well-known bed-in-a-box brand that has been on the market for many years. Casper is a unique company in that it offers customers two all-memory foam mattresses along with a mixed foam and latex model:

  • The Original Casper
  • The Wave
  • The Essential

The Casper brand is known for incorporating innovative techniques and technology into their mattress construction. The company has a reputation for frequently upgrading their models along with innovations in the industry. Overall, both the Casper and the Nectar net consistently favorable reviews from their customers.

What are the fundamental similarities between the Casper and the Nectar mattresses?

  • Both beds are all memory foam.
  • They are of similar thickness. The Nectar is 11 inches, and the Casper is 10 inches.
  • Both companies offer free shipping.
  • Both companies use high-quality materials.

What are the differences between the Casper and the Nectar mattress?

Both of these mattresses are made of similar quality memory foam, but they do have a few significant differences.

  • The Casper is more expensive than the Nectar.
  • Nectar is a better option for the budget-conscious.
  • The Nectar has a simpler construction and offers a more traditional memory-foam feel.
  • Casper materials are Certi-PUR certified, so they are slightly more eco-friendly than the Nectar
  • Nectar’s cover is made of tencel.
  • Nectar gives customers a generous 365-day trial.
  • Casper offers clients a 100-day trial.
  • Casper mattresses come in several firmness settings, where the Nectar only has one.

How are these two mattresses structured?

The Nectar mattress is comprised of five layers of memory foam. The cover is made from tencel and long-staple cotton, which is OEKO-TEX certified. That means the mattress cover does not contain harmful chemicals. The tencel cover is derived from wood and is 100% eco-friendly. Tencel also is a cool, and breathable materials, perfect for hot sleepers.

The first layer of a Nectar mattress is made of quilted gel memory foam for added comfort and breathability. The second layer is also made of gel memory foam. On the Nectar Sleep homepage, they describe this layer as a ‘semi-open lush foam.’ The foam is designed to absorb and redistribute heat. This type of foam is usually manufactured for medical settings.

The final two layers of a Nectar mattress make up the bulk of the bed’s thickness. The second to last layer is three inches of high-density adaptive foam for extra support. It gives the mattress a bit of a bounce but also allows for ample contour support. This is excellent news for people who suffer from lower back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Finally, the base layer uses a breathable foam that draws in fresh air through special channels. Despite its porous, breathable quality, this foam layer is also dense and supportive.

Casper mattress models come in firmness settings on a scale of 1 to 10. The Casper Essential is made of several layers of high-density polyfoam, polyfoam, and memory foam. The top is made of a knit fabric. The Casper original comes in ten inches of different layers of polyfoam and memory foam, with a polyester top panel. The Casper Wave is made of 11.5 inches of polyfoam and blended latex layers, with a cotton top.

What is the firmness and support of a Casper mattress vs. a Nectar mattress?

Casper mattresses come in different firmness settings. The Casper Essential is marketing as a firm mattress, at a 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. The original Casper mattress is set at a 5, and the Casper Wave is a soft mattress, coming in at 4.5 on the scale. Reviews consistently state that the Casper mattress, although they come in varying degrees of softness and firmness, does not give the sleeper a sunken-in feeling. The Casper may be a memory foam mattress, but people report that it doesn’t give us much cushioning as the competition. The lower supporting layers in the Casper will give the feeling of sleeping on top of the bed, as opposed to in it. If you change positions at night frequently, the Casper might be a good choice for you.

On the other hand, the Nectar mattress offers only one firmness setting. While this may seem like a downside, the Nectar mattress provides adequate support and just enough bounciness to be comfortable for all types of sleepers. The bed will contour to curves and eliminate pressure and pain points in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Nectar has more traditional memory foam feel to it, without the making the sleeper feel constricted or sunken in. So, it’s a good bed if you tend to change positions throughout the night, too.

Does either mattress off-gas?

The Nectar will produce minimal off-gassing for a few hours after unboxing it. The Casper also produces minimal off-gassing after unboxing. Both mattresses are manufactured from safe materials. The off-gassing smell is from the compression and shipping methods.

Which mattress is better for people who get too hot at night?

The Nectar mattress construction makes the Nectar an excellent choice for hot sleepers. The highly breathable tencel and cotton cover allow plenty of surface breathability. Also, the gel that is woven throughout the first layer of the Nectar mattress gives off additional cooling properties. The air channels woven throughout the mattress also allow for even more breathability.

The Casper mattress is a decent choice for hot sleepers, too. The memory foam layer sits lower in a Casper bed, and memory foam is a warm material. The upper layers of a Casper bed are made of latex which doesn’t give off nor trap heat like a traditional memory foam bed.

What is motion transfer like in a Casper bed or a Nectar bed?

Nectar beds do a great job of protecting you from motion transfer. If you or your partner toss and turn, and are light sleepers, a Nectar bed is an excellent choice for you. The mattress is firm enough, yet absorbent enough to protect sleepers from motion transfer.

The Casper is also a decent bed for protecting against motion transfer. Casper mattresses offer zoned motion support. On the company’s homepage, it states that if your partner is at least six inches away from you on the bed, you won’t feel or hear any movement. Reviews consistently back up this claim.

What is the price of a Casper mattress vs. a Nectar mattress?

Nectar mattresses consistently come in as one of the most affordable bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market. For the quality and the durability, their prices are hard to beat.

Currently, you can expect to pay the following for a Nectar mattress:

  • $399 Twin
  • $469 Twin XL
  • $599 Full
  • $699 Queen
  • $799 King
  • $799 California King

Casper mattresses vary depending on which model you choose. The Casper Essential is one of the more affordable options.

The Casper Essential:

  • $350 Twin
  • $400 Twin XL
  • $500 Full
  • $600 Queen
  • $725 King
  • $725 California King

The Casper Original:

  • $595 Twin
  • $645 Twin XL
  • $895 Full
  • $995 Queen
  • $1195 King
  • $1195 California King

The Casper Wave:

  • $1000 Twin
  • $1150 Twin XL
  • $1650 Full
  • $1850 Queen
  • $2250 King
  • $2250 California King

What warranties and trial periods come with Nectar and Casper mattresses?

Nectar Sleep offers customers a 365-day trial period, with a lifetime warranty. Casper only offers a 100-day trial period, and a 10-year, non-prorated warranty.

How are Nectar and Casper’s customer service and support reputation?

In the past, Nectar had a reputation for poor customer service. They’ve made significant progress on this front, and the company has consistent, positive reviews for service and support on third-party sites. Their support agents are available via chat, telephone, and email seven days a week.

Casper customer service and support have a good reputation for being responsive and helpful. Support agents are available via text, chat, and email seven days a week.

How are Nectar and Casper mattresses shipped?

Both mattresses are compressed and shipped in boxes. Nectar ships in all lower 48 states for free, with additional shipping charges for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. You can only purchase their mattresses from their online store.

Casper ships to the U.S. and Canada. They also offer white-glove services for free for the Casper Wave. Additional charges apply for white-glove service for the Casper Essential and the Casper original.

Who can benefit from a Nectar bed?

Nectar beds are great for people who love the feel of memory foam but don’t like the sunken-in, hugging feeling that you usually get with a memory foam mattress. Also, Nectar is a good mattress for couples because it gives sleepers excellent protection from motion transfer. If you suffer from lower back pain, neck, and shoulder tension, Nectar is a good choice. The material is cushioning, but not so soft that you sink in the bed and have added pressure on sensitive joints and muscles. If you sleep hot but like the feel of memory foam, go with a Nectar. Its unique construction doesn’t retain heat like most memory foam mattresses. A Nectar mattress is suitable for any sleep style, and for people who move around a lot at night.

Who can benefit from a Casper mattress?

If you need extra support, a Casper mattress might be a good choice for you. The Wave model is slightly thicker than a Nectar mattress and offers even less of a sunken-in feeling for sleepers. Also, the Wave’s zoned support is an excellent choice for sleepers who toss and turn. The Wave offers superior protection from motion transfer.

What’s our Casper and Nectar mattress review bottom line?

Overall, both mattress companies are high-quality and offer many benefits for budget-conscious shoppers. But, the Casper Wave and the Nectar are the most similar concerning motion transfer protection and support. However, the Wave costs significantly more than the Nectar. Nectar’s generous 365-day trial period is also much more consumer-friendly than Casper’s trial period. Both mattresses offer sleepers similar features and benefits, but the Nectar is much more affordable on all fronts. Bottom line? Go with a Nectar mattress.

When you’re in the market for a new bed, it’s crucial that you do your research before you buy. Getting the wrong mattress for your sleep needs can damage your health and well-being. Check out the rest of our comprehensive mattress reviews so you can make an informed choice the next time you buy a new bed.

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