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The Nectar Mattress vs. The Layla: Which Bed Should You Choose?

When you need to buy a new mattress, you don’t want to wait, and you don’t want to invest in a bed that won’t meet your sleep needs. Buying a mattress isn’t like buying other pieces of furniture. You need to purchase a bed based on how well it’s going to enable you to get a good night’s rest. Here at Sleep Reviews, we’ve been conducting in-depth mattress reviews of a variety of brands to help sleepers everywhere find the right bed for them. Today, we’re going to take a look at the Nectar mattress and the Layla bed. We’ll review how well each bed is constructed, and whether or not it’s going to help with your particular sleep needs. You’ll come away from the review knowing the differences in price and firmness settings so you can get a good night’s sleep on your new mattress.


Nectar Sleep is a new company that’s taken the bed-in-a-box trend by storm. While most luxurious, all memory foam beds are pretty pricey, the Nectar guarantees a well-made, comfy memory foam mattress for an affordable price. The bed only comes in one medium-firm setting so that it will meet the needs of most sleepers. For the price, you’d think the Nectar mattress would be thin and flimsy. But the beds are made of five, dense layers of memory foam for an 11-inch thick mattress that holds up well over time. Best of all, the beds come with a full year free trial, so you can try it out for many months before committing. We’ll cover how well the Nectar bed will protect from motion transfer and sleeping hot later on in the review.

The Layla brand first launched in 2015, and the beds are created with an infused copper memory foam that allows for a cooler sleeping experience. The mattresses are flippable. One side is slightly softer than the Nectar while the other side comes in a medium-firm setting. The beds are at the cutting edge of sleep science with their unique, one-of-a-kind copper infusion. But are they durable enough to stand up to Nectar’s stellar reputation? Keep reading to find out.

What are the fundamental similarities between the Nectar bed and the Layla mattress?

  • Both mattresses are constructed with memory foam
  • The companies have similar, bed-in-a-box business models
  • Both companies offer generous trial periods and decent return policies.

What are some of the most significant differences between these two beds?

  • The Layla bed is made in the U.S.
  • Nectar Sleep mattresses are manufactured and shipped from China
  • Nectar beds are cheaper than Layla beds
  • The Layla bed uses copper-infused memory foam to make their mattresses
  • Nectar uses gel memory foam
  • The Nectar is bigger and comes equipped with a thicker comfort layer
  • The Layla bed is flippable, with two firmness settings
  • Nectar beds come in one firmness setting
  • Nectar beds have a slightly faster response than the Layla

How are the Nectar and the Layla bed constructed?

The Nectar bed stands at 11 inches thick and is comprised of five layers of memory foam. The cover is made out of a tencel and long-staple cotton blend. Tencel is 100% certified organic and is bedbug resistant, while also offering sleepers heat wicking abilities. The top layer is made out of a woven gel memory foam, which enables additional cooling. Memory foam beds are naturally hot and are known to trap heat. The Nectar is designed to combat heat trapping. Medium-hot sleepers can stay cool and comfortable on a Nectar bed. The woven gel fabric layer helps to relieve pressure points and gives the bed a soft and luxurious feel.

The next layer is made out of a 4 lbs of LushFoam, semi-open fast-recovery memory foam gel, which gives additional support and cooling comfort. The next transition layer is 3 inches of medical-grade cooling gel embedded foam. This layer acts as a comfortable transition before the base layer. The final base layer is 5.5 inches of high-density foam that provide deep compression support and a durable, sturdy foundation.

The Layla bed stands at 10 inches thick and is comprised of four separate layers of copper-infused memory foam. Inside the Layla bed is a core inner support foam layer and a comfort layer on each side of the mattress, which provides two firmness settings depending on which side of the mattress is flipped.

The first layer of the Layla bed is made out of 3 inches of high-density copper infused memory foam which provides sleepers with a cooling surface. The Layla brand claims that this layer helps to improve blood flow and circulation. The next support layer is 2 inches of convoluted foam that promotes airflow and support for the comfort layers on each side of the bed. Four inches make up the base layer of poly foam that provides support and structure no matter which side of the bed is up. Beneath the base layer is one inch of the same high-density copper infused memory foam.

What is the firmness and support of the Nectar and the Layla?

The Nectar bed comes in one firmness setting. On a scale of 1 to 10, the Nectar bed falls at a 6.5, so it’s a medium-firm mattress. Medium-firm mattresses can meet the needs of most sleepers. The heavy-duty, five layers of memory foam help to relieve pressure in the hips, shoulders, and back. Side sleepers report feeling the most comfortable on a Nectar bed, but it’s comfortable for back and stomach sleepers, too. The mattress will give a slight contouring feeling, but heavier sleepers won’t feel themselves sinking into the bed. Less sinkage also means that sleepers won’t feel so hot at night.

The Layla offers two firmness settings. On one side, the bed sits at an eight on the firmness scale. When flipped over, the bed is a softer 5.5 on the firmness scale. The mattress does an excellent job of supporting side and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers probably won’t fare well on a Layla. The bed is reported to be too soft on one side, which means waking up with a sore lower back. The firm side can also be too uncomfortable for stomach sleepers.

Does either mattress off-gas or produce unpleasant odors after unboxing?

When unnatural chemicals are used during the manufacturing process, and items are sealed and stored before purchase, unpleasant odors can get trapped inside of the packaging. This is especially true with bed-in-a-box mattresses. Your bed is compressed and vacuumed sealed. When you get it delivered, you’ll need to unwrap it and allow it to expand for 24 to 48 hours. The bed will off-gas during this time. So, you don’t want to put any bedding on it or sleep on it while it off-gasses.

Both the Layla and the Nectar bed have a reputation for off-gassing. Open a window in the room while the mattress expands to reduce the smell. After the bed inflates, the odors should be gone, and you can use the mattress.

Which mattress is better for hot sleepers?

The Nectar bed is designed with the hot sleeper in mind. But it is still a memory foam bed. If you have a lot of trouble staying cool night after night, Nectar beds might not be the best choice. If you are a medium hot sleeper, the bed can keep you cool. There is minimal sinkage with a Nectar bed, plus the woven gel memory foam in the top layer allows for additional heat wicking and cooling abilities.

The Layla bed does a decent job of keeping medium hot sleepers cool. The copper infusion gel allows for heat wicking and cooling. But again, it is still a memory foam mattress. If you struggle with keeping cool at night, check out our review on the ZenHaven mattress if you want a bed that’s luxurious like memory foam without the heat-trapping ability of one.

How well does the Nectar and the Layla protect against motion transfer?

Light sleepers and those who toss and turn at night need a bed that will minimize motion transference. The Nectar’s five layers of dense memory foam do an excellent job of protecting sleepers from movement on the other side of the bed. The flipside though, is that the bed has a slightly slower response time than other memory foam beds. If you move a lot at night, it can take a little while for the bed to adjust and start contouring.

The Layla mattress does an excellent job of protecting against motion transfer. The mattress has a slower response time than the Nectar. If you toss and turn at night, it will take a little longer for the bed to respond to the new position.

Does either bed offer good edge support?

The Layla does not offer good edge support. If you share a bed, this might not be the mattress for you. There is significant sinkage whenever you need to sit on the edge of the mattress.

In contrast, the Nectar does a pretty good job of offering edge support for tired sleepers. Couples can stay comfortable no matter how close they sleep to the edge of the mattress.

How much can you expect to pay for each bed?

The Nectar is currently priced as follows:

  • $399 Twin
  • $469 Twin XL
  • $599 Full
  • $699 Queen
  • $799 King
  • $799 California King

For the Layla bed, you can expect to pay the following prices:

  • $399 Twin
  • $499 Twin XL
  • $699 Full
  • $799 Queen
  • $899 King
  • $899 California King

What are the warranties and trial periods for these beds?

The Nectar offers customers a generous 365-day trial period, so you can try out the mattress during all seasons of the year before you commit. They offer a lifetime warranty, too.

Layla beds come with a 100-day sleep trial with a lifetime warranty. But keep in mind, both of these brands are relatively new to the industry. Nectar was founded in 2017, and Layla in 2015.

How are the beds shipped?

You can only purchase a Nectar bed from their online store. The Nectar bed is shipped free from China to the lower 48 states. The beds will ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska for an additional charge. All beds are compressed and vacuum-sealed.

Layla beds can be purchased from their online shop or Amazon. The beds ship free across the U.S. They are also compressed and vacuum-sealed when shipped.

What is the customer support and service like for each company?

When they first started, Nectar Sleep had some issues with customer support and deliverability. Since then, the company has taken great strides to fix and maintain a good reputation. Nectar gets good reviews on third-party sites. The Layla brand gets consistently good reviews across third-party review sites, too.

What sleepers can benefit from a Nectar bed?

Side, stomach, and back sleepers all report being comfortable on a Nectar bed. But, side sleepers report additional pressure relief, thanks to Nectar’s generous gel memory foam comfort layer. Couples who need edge support and minimal motion transference can also benefit from a Nectar bed. The budget-conscious shopper can rest assured that they will be getting a high-quality mattress when they choose the Nectar Sleep brand.

If you want a flippable mattress option and want the opportunity to support a U.S.-made product, the Layla is a good choice. But heavier sleepers and stomach sleepers probably won’t find the mattress very comfortable.

What’s our Nectar vs. Layla review bottom line?

After careful review, we think the Nectar is a better mattress. The price is right, and it offers better value for the money. Plus, the bed appeals to a broader range of sleepers, making it ideal for couples. If you’re still undecided, check out our other reviews. We’ve conducted thorough reviews on a variety of mattress brands, and you’ll be sure to find something that will work for you sleep needs.

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