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Should You Choose a Nectar or a ZenHaven Mattress?

The bed-in-a-box trend has taken the world by storm. Now, there are so many different mattresses to choose from. Although it’s far easier and more affordable than ever to have a state-of-the-art bed delivered right to your door, there are some downsides to this trend. The most notable is that with most of these brands, you don’t have the option of trying out the mattress in-store. How can you know if it will work for you? If you suffer from back and neck pain or have a partner who tosses and turns, you need to know before committing to a mattress whether or not it’s going to meet your sleep needs. Below, we’re going to review Nectar and ZenHaven mattress. By the end of the review, you’ll know their differences and similarities regarding price, firmness, motion transfer, and more, so you can make the right investment for a good night’s sleep.


The Nectar brand has been at the forefront of the bed-in-a-box trend for several years now. The bed gets excellent reviews and has made many customers wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep. The Nectar is also one of the most affordable all memory foam mattresses on the market. They come in a range of sizes, but with only one firmness setting. Nectar products are made in China, and ship to the lower 48 states free of charge.

The ZenHaven is fundamentally different than the Nectar. These mattresses are made of all natural latex. They are durable and offer excellent support and comfort. ZenHaven is a relatively new model and offers two firmness options in one mattress. So, it’s flippable.

How are these mattresses different?

While most mattresses will offer a few fundamental similarities, the ZenHaven and the Nectar are two incredibly different mattresses.

  • Nectar is a bed-in-a-box
  • ZenHaven is not shipped in a box
  • Nectar comes in one firmness setting and is not flippable
  • ZenHaven offers two firmness settings in one flippable mattress
  • ZenHaven is made of all-natural latex
  • Nectar is made from all memory foam construction
  • Nectar is less expensive than the ZenHaven models
  • Nectar is 11 inches
  • ZenHaven mattresses are 10 inches
  • Nectar beds are made in China
  • ZenHaven beds are made in the USA

How are the Nectar and ZenHaven mattresses constructed?

The Nectar mattress is made from five layers of all-memory foam construction. The top layer is made of a tencel and long staple cotton cover, with a woven gel memory foam layer underneath. The gel memory foam pulls heat away from the body. Most memory foam mattresses have a reputation for trapping body heat. The Nectar cover offers superior breathability and cooling features for hot sleepers. Tencel is also bedbug resistant.

The next layer is Nectar’s patented LushFoam. This a premium gel memory foam that distributes weight and heat evenly throughout the mattress. The fourth layer is adaptive foam, which provides excellent support. The final layer in a Nectar mattress is made of high-density foam, which provides stability, and increased ventilation capabilities.

In contrast, the ZenHaven bed is made of four layers of all-natural latex. The material is bouncy, responsive, conforming, and naturally cool. The top layer is formed out of 1.5 inches of Talalay latex. This layer is also constructed with a 5-zone comfort layer that provides greater support across the surface of the bed, making it a universally comfortable mattress for all types of sleepers.

The second layer is made out of 3 inches of Talalay latex with an indentation load deflection that’s designed for pressure relief and support. Under this layer is another 3 inches of Talalay latex with another indentation load deflection layer that acts as a traditional support layer when the plush side of the mattress is flipped up. This layer provides instant push back and firmness when the bed is flipped.

Finally, the fourth layer in a ZenHaven mattress is made out of 1.5 inches of Talalay latex and is designed to provide sleepers with additional support. When the bed is flipped to the firmer setting, this bottom layer acts as the top comfort layer. The ability to flip this mattress to different firmness settings makes it appealing for all sleepers.

What is the firmness and support of a Nectar bed versus a ZenHaven mattress?

Nectar only has one firmness setting. On a scale of 1 – 10, the Nectar comes in around at 6, for a medium-firm feel. The firmness setting is universally appealing for a wide range of sleepers. Research indicates that the majority of people prefer mattresses that fall between a 5 and seven on a firmness scale of 1 – 10. Nectar mattress offers a good amount of contouring and a slight hug. Sleepers report that the Nectar’s high-density foam doesn’t give you as much of a sunken-in feeling as other memory foam mattress. The high-density, thick layers of foam are slow to respond, too. This might be a negative for sleepers who toss and turn a lot because the bed won’t regain its shape quickly. Overall, the bed rates the highest with side and back sleepers.

ZenHaven beds come with two firmness settings in one. On the one side, sleepers can get a plush mattress. This side rates on the lower end of the firmness scale. The opposite side gives sleepers a mattress that rates on the higher-end of the firmness scale. Sleepers can get a balanced level between sinkage, hug, and pressure relief.

The latex in the ZenHaven mattress does not contour like a memory foam mattress. When you sleep on a ZenHaven bed, you won’t get the ‘hugging’ feeling that you would with the Nectar. This feature of the ZenHaven gives sleepers a comfortable sinkage level with pressure relief that doesn’t make them feel enveloped in the mattress. Also, the firmness levels in the ZenHaven provide consistent spinal alignment for side, back, and stomach sleepers. So, it’s a slightly more versatile bed than the Nectar.

Does either mattress off-gas, or produce odors?

The ZenHaven does not produce any smells or off-gassing. In contrast, the Nectar will have a slight odor once you unbox it, but after a few hours, it will not produce any noticeable smells or off-gassing.

Which mattress is better for people who struggle to keep cool at night?

The Nectar is decent for hot sleepers. The tencel fabric cover and the way the mattress is designed helps to circulate air and also disperse heat throughout the bed. It performs better than other comparable memory foam mattresses with hot sleepers. But, it’s not quite as good as the ZenHaven in this regard.

Latex mattresses are well-known for their ability to keep sleepers cool at night. The ZenHaven mattress is aerated too, giving it added breathability. The cover of the ZenHaven mattress is made from organic Joma wool, which is well-known for its cool surface. This mattress consistently polls high with hot sleepers, giving it an above average rating.

Does either mattress protect from motion transfer?

If you’re a light sleeper, it’s critical that you have a mattress that provides superior protection from motion transfer. Both of these mattresses score highly on motion isolation. The dense layers of memory foam in the Nectar do a great job of deadening motion transfer as well as sound.

Although the ZenHaven has more bounce to it, it actually does an excellent job of protecting against motion transfer too. The base layers in the ZenHaven are designed to dissipate sudden movement. But buyers need to be aware that the foundation they choose for a ZenHaven mattress can cancel out this unique feature. Slat bed frames are to be avoided at all costs if you decide to go with a ZenHaven mattress.

Does either mattress have good edge support?

The Nectar mattress offers sleepers adequate edge support. The five layers of dense foam evenly distribute weight throughout the mattress. ZenHaven mattresses also provide sleepers good edge support, so there isn’t much of a noticeable difference between the two beds in this regard.

How much can you expect to pay for a Nectar or ZenHaven bed?

Nectar beds are more affordable than the ZenHaven.

  • $399 Twin
  • $469 Twin XL
  • $599 Full
  • $699 Queen
  • $799 King
  • $799 California King

ZenHaven beds are significantly more expensive than the Nectar, but they are made of all natural, high-quality materials.

  • $1299 Twin
  • $1349 Twin XL
  • $1699 Full
  • $1899 Queen
  • $2499 King
  • $2499 California King

What are the warranties and trial periods for Nectar and ZenHaven beds?

Nectar offers customers a generous lifetime warranty and a 365-day trial period. If you are unsatisfied with your Nectar mattress within the first year of purchase, the company will refund your mattress 100% and pick it up for you free of charge.

For ZenHaven customers, you can take advantage of their 120-day risk-free trial. As far as their warranty goes, things get a bit interesting. They offer a 20 year, non-transferable warranty. But, if manufacturing issues appear within the first two years, the company will repair your mattress at no cost. After two years, the company will fix the bed for free, but you will have to pay transportation costs. If within two years after purchase the mattress is deemed defective, ZenHaven will send you a new bed instead of repairing it. Also, you can get a new mattress at a prorated cost during the warranty period.

  • Between years 3 and 5, you would pay 25% of the new price and get a new mattress.
  • Between years 6 and 10, you pay 50% of the cost of a new mattress.
  • Between years 11 and 20, you’d pay 75% of the cost for a new bed.

Does either company have a good reputation for customer support and service?

Nectar has had some problems in the past regarding unresponsive, delayed customer service and support. They have made a turnaround in recent years, however. ZenHaven nets consistently positive reviews across the board for their customer support and service.

How are the beds shipped?

Nectar offers free shipping to the lower 48 states, with additional shipping charges that apply to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. The company compresses, then vacuum-seals the mattress in a box. The beds do not come with a white glove service option.

ZenHaven mattresses come with free, nationwide white glove delivery. Their team will come to your house, remove your old bed, and install the ZenHaven for you, for free. These beds are not compressed when delivered, either.

Who can benefit from a Nectar bed?

Nectar beds are suitable for side and back sleepers of all weights. They offer decent motion transfer protection, so they are an ideal choice for couples. Hot sleepers fare well on a Nectar bed, too. The budget-conscious may also prefer a Nectar bed. It’s hard to find a quality memory foam mattress in that price range.

Who can benefit from a ZenHaven bed?

ZenHaven beds are perfect for sleepers of all types and weights. These beds offer superior cooling abilities for hot sleepers and excellent protection from motion transfer. If you can’t remove your old mattress and set up a new one, the free white glove service that ZenHaven provides is an added bonus for your peace of mind.

What’s our ZenHaven vs. Nectar review bottom line?

We think the ZenHaven wins hands down. These beds are universally appealing, don’t off-gas, have generous warranty periods, and also come with superior service and support. While Nectar beds are an affordable choice and are well-made, when it comes to the ZenHaven, you get what you pay for. They have unique contouring abilities, and the two-in-one firmness settings are a nice feature. The beds are durable and made from the highest-quality latex and organic materials. We’re confident that if you purchase a ZenHaven bed, you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

Still unsure about which bed is a good choice for you? Check out our other reviews. We like to take the guesswork out of mattress shopping.

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