Today we’re going to look at the Nuvanna mattress. It’s a triple layer foam product that at first looks like every other mattress on the market in this price bracket. But when you start to dig deeper, there are a few little hidden bits of tech that start to set it apart from the rest.

Today we’re going to impartially review the Nuvanna mattress in incredible detail. We’re going to look at each individual layer, we’re going to answer many frequently asked questions, and we’re going to provide our unbiased opinion and recommendation at the end of this article.

Let’s get started.

Key Components To The Nuvanna Mattress

It’s always a good idea to start these articles off by looking at the components that make up a mattress. It’s here we will independently give our verdict on the quality and design of each of the layers you’ll find inside.

The Nuvanna is a hybrid mattress, like most mattresses on the market these days. Hybrid mattresses are products that are made up of several different layers of material that are stacked on top of one another to create a final product. This allows manufacturers to create composite products that have several strengths and minimal weaknesses.

The Nuvanna is a 3-layer product, which is quite honestly a little on the low side. We usually like to see 4 or more layers as it usually makes for a better overall product. However, 3 layers isn’t a problem – it’s just not ideal (in our opinion).

First Layer – Adaptive Gel Foam

The first layer in the Nuvanna is made from adaptive gel foam – which is one of the best ways to address the overheating issues that are common with standard memory foam. It’s extremely important for the top layer of a mattress to have some kind of cooling technology inside of it – especially if it’s a memory foam layer. So this is good to see.

The way adaptive gel foam works is actually reasonably simple in theory, but making the material is quite hard.

Normal memory foam heats up because it contains lots of little (microscopic) cells that contain trapped air inside of them. These cells are crucial to the design of memory foam and are what gives it its famous contouring properties.

Throughout the night your body heat will enter the mattress and make its way into the air inside these cells. When the air is heated up it cannot escape because the cells are completely closed – as such, hot spots form underneath the sleeper.

One way of solving this is by making open cell memory foam (which we will examine in the layer below). The other way is by adding a cooling gel to the foam mixture.

Cooling gel is actually not always a gel, it can be made from metallic compounds too – but either way, the principle is the same. Instead of your body heat entering the air inside the cells, it gets absorbed by the cooling gel.

Cooling gels are excellent thermal conductors, which means when the gel absorbs the heat it distributes it evenly throughout the entire layer. This eliminates hotspots underneath the sleeper and results in a cooler night’s sleep despite the same amount of heat being in the mattress overall (more or less).

Second Layer – Motion Control Layer

The motion control layer in this product serves two very important purposes. It firstly provides a little bit of stability and support to the softer more luxurious foam layer above – without this, things would be a little bit squishy and wobbly.

This layer also provides excellent levels of motion isolation which is great news if you’ve got a sleeping partner who is much larger or smaller than you. It means you’re not both going to roll together into the middle of the mattress during the night, and it means that when one of you moves the other isn’t going to feel it as much.

This motion control layer is made from another advanced variety of foam – this time it’s open cell memory foam.

In the layer above we described how memory foam overheats because of the trapped air inside the cells that give it its contouring properties. As you might have guessed, open-cell memory foam works by slightly opening the cells on one side so the air can ventilate freely throughout the layer. This means that it can eventually make its way to other parts of the mattress – or preferably out to the bedroom.

Third Layer – Foundation Layer

The base of the mattress is made from a high-density support foam (like nearly every other mattress on the market these days). Nuvanna claim that there’s some kind of support system in place here called “Nuvanna’s Progressive Support System” or NPSS.

We’ve looked high and low and can’t actually find any information on what this is, or how this layer is any different to standard high-density support foam. So we’re going to chalk it up to marketing speak, forget about it, and move on.

Nuvanna Mattress Coupons

Nuvanna is well known for releasing various coupons and discounts from time to time. While researching this article we came across a coupon that saves you $125 and gives you a free gratitude journal (it’s directly advertised on their website).

The code expires soon, so there’s no point in us sharing it – but we’d be surprised if another similar code isn’t available in the near future.

How Much Does The Nuvanna Mattress Cost?

The Nuvanna is a mid-range product that varies quite drastically in price depending upon the size of mattress you order.

  • Twin – $550
  • Twin XL – $600
  • Full – $790
  • Queen – $890
  • King – $950
  • California King – $950

Note: These prices are without any discount applied.

Nuvanna Mattress Review

Ok, so here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We now know what kind of materials make up the Nuvanna, and we know exactly how much it costs. But how does it perform when it’s all put together? And is it good value for money? Let’s find out in the Nuvanna review section!


The top two layers of the Nuvanna work perfectly with one another to create a super supportive mattress. The second layer of open cell memory foam is probably the biggest factor in this and its generous thickness combined with the quality of material used provides excellent levels of support.

The base layer and the mysterious NPSS system that Nuvanna talk about briefly on their website (without ever explaining anything about) should be disregarded entirely as marketing nonsense until they can back up their claim with some stats.

Note: Don’t hold this against Nuvanna, it’s not uncommon to use jargon in the mattress world to try and impress buyers about what is probably a super standard feature.

This isn’t quite an orthopedic product, so people with extreme joint pain in the morning should probably look at other mattresses. But if you suffer from mild to moderate joint pain when you wake up (or don’t suffer from pain at all) this is going to be a product that more than meets your expectations in the support department.


This is a supremely comfortable mattress, again thanks to how the top two layers work in tandem with one another. The first layer provides the loft and a feeling of luxury – letting you sink in just enough to feel supported. It contours quickly and doesn’t require any ramp-up time (like low-quality memory foams).

The second layer provides a supportive bottom to the top layer and stops you sinking into the mattress too much. The motion isolation it provides is great news for little and large sleeping partner combinations, and the added responsiveness and slight bounce are noticeable from the moment you lie down.

Overall, the Nuvanna gets top marks from us in the comfort department.


The cooling systems in this mattress are seriously impressive. It’s clear that Nuvanna has put a huge amount of effort into making this an extremely cool sleeping surface. Again, it’s the relationship between the top two layers that make the magic happen…

The cooling gel in the top layer absorbs the heat and transfers it away from the sleeper efficiently and quickly. Some of this will naturally radiate through the top and side of the layer, but a lot of it will go down into the open cell memory foam layer below.

The open cell layer then allows for ventilation of this heat out into the bedroom with minimal resistance – resulting in a super cool night’s sleep.

Trust us when we say that there’s no chance that you’re going to be upset with how cool this mattress sleeps.


The Nuvanna is probably slightly underpriced in all honesty – albeit not by much.

You’re getting quite a lot of mattress for your money here, and the materials are not only advanced – they’re of an exceptional quality too. When you factor in the discount codes that Nuvanna regularly put out, it’s a great value product that should more than meet your expectations.

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – Cooling gel foam
  • Pro – Open cell memory foam
  • Pro – Sleeps very cool
  • Pro – Great value
  • Pro – US company
  • Pro – Long warranty
  • Con – We don’t like the “marketing speak” about their base layer

Commonly Asked Questions:

Does The Nuvanna Mattress Come With A Warranty?

Yes! As standard Nuvanna cover all of their mattresses with a 10-year warranty that will protect you against manufacturing defects. Replacements are more common than repairs with Nuvanna, and the process of claiming against the warranty is quick and easy (according to anecdotal reviews).

Is The Nuvanna Mattress A Firm Or Soft Mattress?

The Nuvanna is a medium firmness mattress, which makes it a little softer than many of the other mattress manufacturers out there who only make one product. It’s not too soft by any means, and we are sure that it’s going to be agreeable to the vast majority of people. But if you like a firm mattress – this might not be the product for you.

Does The Nuvanna Mattress Sleep Hot or Cold?

This is a super cool mattress that will provide even the warmest sleepers with a cool sleeping surface throughout the night. This is all thanks to the reasonably thick layer of cooling gel foam on the top of the mattress.

The large quantity of the material means there’s more room for heat distribution, and the quality of the cooling gel is second to none (there’s more variation between cooling gel foams than you’d think).

Additionally, the open cell memory foam in the second layer works hand in hand with the cooling gel layer – ensuring proper ventilation for all the heat absorbed by the gel.

How Long Will The Nuvanna Mattress Last?

The warranty on this product lasts for 10 years, but we’d be surprised to hear about people thinking about replacing it within less than 15 years. The materials used are durable, and the build quality is excellent.

Is The Nuvanna Mattress Good For A Side, Stomach Or Back Sleeper?

This product is best for side sleepers, the way the support sections work is geared towards ensuring proper side sleeping spinal alignment. However, this is a good product for stomach and back sleepers too providing you’re not significantly overweight (due to the firmness).

We Recommend The Nuvanna Mattress For Someone That:

Sleeps Hot – The cooling technology in this product is efficient and liberally applied. You’re going to have a very cool night’s sleep whenever you bed down in the Nuvanna.

Wants A Lot Of Mattress On A Budget – The materials that are used in this mattress combined with the advanced design patterns are worthy of a higher price tag. It’s a great value product.


So there you have it, that’s what we think about the Nuvanna mattress.

We’re very impressed with the Nuvanna and are comfortable recommending it to almost everyone. Unless you’re a heavy stomach or back sleeper (or suffer from severe joint pain) we’re sure you’re going to be happy with a Nuvanna in your home.

It’s a great product, at a great price, made by a reputable brand. What more could you want?

Sweet dreams!


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