Serta is one of the most respected premium mattress manufacturers in the industry. They’re known for producing products that are of the highest possible quality, going above and beyond to ensure their customers get the best night’s sleep money can buy.

However, all this quality doesn’t come cheap, and if you want to experience sleeping on a Serta mattress, you’re going to need to have deep pockets (or book a night at a five-star hotel).

Today we’re going to take a look at Serta and their mattresses to see if they’re worth the money. We’re going to see what we like and don’t like about them, and we’re going to provide answers to questions our users frequently ask us about the brand.

Let’s get started.

Key Components Of Serta Mattresses

This section is going to be a little trickier than it usually is, mainly because of the sheer number of products that Serta have on offer. We’re going to discuss a wide variety of different components here, not all of them will be in every mattress – so bear that in mind when making your decision.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Many of Serta’s products use memory foam in their design. The vast majority of them use cooling gel memory foam (with a variety of different names thought up by Serta’s marketing department).

For all intents and purposes, all of these different kinds of cooling gel memory foam are the same as standard cooling gel memory foam, they’re perhaps just a little more efficient.

Cooling gel (of any kind) is one of the best solutions to the biggest problem that memory foam mattresses suffer from – overheating.

As memory foam wasn’t designed for use in mattresses (it was invented by NASA for airplane seats), heat retention wasn’t a huge concern at first. It was only when the material was pounced on by the mattress world that it became an issue. Throughout the night the sleeper’s body heat seeps into the memory foam, and because it’s such a good insulator – it stays there and warms the mattress up.

To solve this issue brands started experimenting with adding cooling gel into the memory foam mix before it cures into a solid piece. Unlike memory foam, cooling gel is exceptionally good at heat distribution.

In a cooling gel memory foam product, some heat is still trapped by the foam, but a lot of it is absorbed by the cooling gel. This gel then spreads the heat out evenly over the entire surface of the mattress reducing “hot spots” underneath where the sleeper is lying.

This doesn’t reduce the amount of heat that’s inside the mattress, but it does create an overall cooler temperature for the sleeper, providing them with an excellent night’s sleep.

Pillow Soft Foam

Many people think that Serta’s pillow soft foam is memory foam, but it’s not. Pillow soft foam is an exceptionally high-quality version of standard comfort foam. It’s plush, comfortable, and as the name suggests, it’s exceptionally soft.

Serta uses this material mainly in their pillow top products to give an incredibly luxurious feel to them. They allow a little bit of plush comfort to be added to mattresses that can still feel firm (if desired).

It’s an amazing foam that’s one of the most comfortable and soft materials we’ve ever had the pleasure of lying down on. It’s an excellent thermal regulator too, so you can be sure of a cool sleeping surface all night long.


To be honest, we’re quite shocked some mattresses at this price point still use a single piece innerspring. It’s an outdated technology that is vastly improved upon by individually wrapped coils.

An innerspring mattress contains several springs that are all connected to one another (and an outer frame) creating a single continuous piece. This means that when you lie on the mattress, springs that don’t have pressure directly applied to them will compress slightly (because they’re connected to springs that do have pressure applied to them).

This creates a general “dip” in the mattress that isn’t contoured to your body shape particularly well. Thankfully, not many of Serta’s mattresses use innerspring technology, most of them use individually wrapped coils.

Individually Wrapped Coils

To solve the “general dip” problem we mentioned above in the innerspring section, brands have developed individually wrapped coils. In these systems the coils are not connected to one another at all, they are independent and encased in their own “sock-like” coverings.

This means that springs will only compress when there is direct pressure applied to them by your body. It essentially creates a contouring effect that is similar to memory foam, but with springs instead.

Note: The actual effect is nothing like memory foam, but it’s a good way of thinking about the shape the springs form in an individually wrapped coil system.

This contouring effect vastly improves upon the single piece innerspring design in many ways, it’s more comfortable and it’s much more supportive. It also has beneficial motion isolation effects which mean that when one sleeping partner adjusts their position, the whole mattress doesn’t move and wobble.

ActivBalance Support Foam

ActivBalance support foam is an advanced form of high-density foam that you’ll find at the base of many of Serta’s mattresses. It’s a reasonably low tech design (compared to their other materials), but it’s still of an exceptionally high quality.

ActivBalance support foam improves upon standard high-density foam by working hand in hand with the memory foam layer above to create a responsive and supportive feel. You’ll be able to find ActivBalance support foam in a variety of different densities (which provides some of the overall firmness of the mattress).

How Much Do Serta Mattresses Cost?

With so many products on the market, it’s hard for us to definitively give you a list of prices here. What we can tell you, however, is that Serta is a premium brand who make premium products, with a premium price tag. They’re very good value for money in our opinion because they do provide an impeccable night’s sleep (despite being expensive).

To make things easier we’ll use queen sized mattresses to compare the price of Serta’s products. The cheapest queen-sized mattress we could find was around $900, this is their most basic option – but it’s still of an exceptional quality.

Their most expensive queen-sized mattresses range up to near $3,000 in price (which as you would expect deliver incredible performance). Obviously different sizes will cost more or less, and there are products in-between across the price spectrum.

If you’re on a budget and feel Serta’s products are a little bit out of your price range then it’s worth checking out their financing options. They can offer 0% APR in some circumstances that can make owning a product of this quality an option for everyone, not just the wealthy.

Serta Mattress Coupons

Serta rarely releases coupon codes for their products. From time to time you may come across a free gift promotion, or a free shipping deal – but they are nothing to get excited about.

Very occasionally (during holidays) you’ll be able to find money off coupons, but they’re few and far between.

Serta Mattress Review

Here we will look at the 4 main categories we like to judge mattresses on – comfort, support, heat dissipation, and price.


All of Serta’s mattresses are exceptionally supportive. With the huge amount of products they have on offer, it’s hard for us to be specific here. However, these guys know what they are doing, and even their cheapest products are more than acceptable by anyone’s standards


The wide range of different products Serta have on the market means you’ll be able to find the perfect firmness level, regardless of your tastes. The materials they use are of an exceptional quality, and many people anecdotally regard Serta’s premium products as some of the most comfortable in the world.

Heat Dissipation

None of Serta’s products will disappoint in terms of heat dissipation. They all provide cool sleeping surfaces. Some are cooler than others, but none will cause any issues – regardless of how hot you sleep.


There’s no avoiding the fact that Serta is not a cheap brand. They make premium products with a premium price tag. They’re good value for money (as they’re worth every cent), but you need deep pockets to be able to even consider them as a viable option.

Pros And Cons

Pro – Exceptional support

Pro – Exceptional comfort

Pro – True resort style luxury

Pro – Excellent heat dissipation

Pro – Very durable

Pro – Long warranty

Pro – Respected US brand

Con – Their products are not exactly cheap

Commonly Asked Questions

Does Serta Mattresses Come With A Warranty?

Serta’s mattresses all come with a warranty, but the amount of time they are covered for differs between products. They have a dedicated warranty brochure that explains the ins and outs of their warranty system in a huge amount of detail. Most mattresses they offer have a warranty period of between 15 and 20 years.

It’s a pretty comprehensive warranty and their tolerance for sagging in memory foam is very low (often less than ¾ of an inch). They’re a company that deals a lot with the hotel industry and as such their customer support is top notch. They won’t mess you around if you do get a defect, and you can expect a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Are Serta Mattresses Firm Or Soft?

The vast amount of products that Serta has on offer means that they offer products in a wide range of different firmness levels. If you like to sleep on something as soft as a pillow or you like something as firm as concrete (or anything in between) – you’ll find a Serta product that is perfectly suited to your tastes.

Do Serta Mattresses Sleep Cool or Hot?

Overall Serta’s mattresses sleep very cool compared to many other products on the market. The exact thermal regulation properties will depend upon the mattress you choose. Because there are so many Serta products on the market, we’d need an entire article to discuss them in detail.

You should know that none of their products sleep hot, and they all provide more than acceptable cooling capabilities.

Memory foam is the biggest culprit for overheating in modern mattresses, but Serta has solved this issue entirely. Their various different kinds of advanced cooling gel-infused memory foam dissipate heat with impressive efficiency and entirely remove hotspots altogether.

How Long Do Serta Mattresses Last?

Many of Serta’s products are designed to be sold to luxury hotels and resorts, as such they are of an exceptionally high quality. Mattress manufacturers in this price bracket don’t last long if their products can’t stand the test of time, and Serta is stronger than ever.

On average you’ll easily get 15 to 20 years of use out of a Serta mattress before you start to notice degradation. 25 years would not be a surprise, especially with some of their more premium products.

Are Serta Mattresses Good For Side, Back Or Stomach Sleepers?

As Serta mattresses are available in a wide range of different firmness and support levels you’ll be able to find a product that suits your tastes – regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

We Recommend Serta Mattresses For People That:

Want Resort Style Luxury

Serta is a brand that is used by many of the world’s most famous and respected hotels and resorts. These businesses rely on the quality of their guests sleep as a cornerstone of their business. If they can trust Serta to provide impeccable quality products, so can you.

Want A Cool Nights Sleep

All of Serta’s products sleep cool, some are better than others – but they’re all more than acceptable by anyone’s standards. Their memory foam is particularly impressive in terms of thermal regulation, and if you want a cool night’s sleep – this is a brand you should seriously consider.

Want A US Made Product

Dealing with a US company provides many benefits compared to dealing with a brand based elsewhere. Serta has a US factory where it assembles and stores all its products. Their call centers are US based, and if you need a replacement product – it’ll be with you quicker than you ever thought possible.

Want Excellent Customer Service

As Serta’s main clients are hotels and resorts, they provide an exceptional level of customer service and support. The number you call up if you have issues is the same one the hotels use. As such you’ll be greeted with the same level of impeccable service these huge resorts demand from their suppliers.


So there you have it, all there is to know about Serta and their exceptional mattresses.

There are many brands on the market that claim to provide “resort quality” products to their customers, but Serta is one of the few that can back that claim up. They truly make impeccable products that will provide you with a five-star experience in the comfort of your own bedroom.

They’re not cheap, but if you can afford them, they’re a wise choice.

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