Sleep Innovations are a brand that doesn’t like to diversify all that much. They know what they like, and they like what they know.

And what they know is memory foam.

They’re a brand that has firmly planted themselves in the mid-range price bracket. When they first came on to the market their quality to price ratio was incredibly disruptive for their competitors.

After entering the world of mattress production with a bang, Sleep Innovations has gone on to become one of the most successful mid-range mattress producers on the planet. Their products regularly get rave reviews from customers and professionals alike. They dominate on Amazon, and everything seems to be going pretty darn well for the brand.

Today we’re going to examine why that is. We’ll be taking a look at their products, why they’re good (or not so good), and we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions.

Let’s get started.

Key Components Of A Sleep Innovations Mattress

While sleep innovations make a variety of different products, they’re all of a reasonably similar design. They all use memory foam, and they all use a high-density foam base.

The main differences you’re going to find are the thickness of the products, the kind of memory foam used, and the density the foam. We’ll outline them below.

Sure Temp Memory Foam

Sure Temp memory foam is a proprietary kind of foam that Sleep Innovations has developed themselves. It’s a premium material that was specifically designed to prevent the main issue that is inherent in standard traditional memory foam – overheating.

Standard memory foam is an exceptionally good insulator. Because the material was initially made by NASA to increase the safety of airplane seats, the thermal retention properties were not considered to be a top priority. However, when the material was opened up to the world (and pounced upon by the mattress industry), it became a problem.

Throughout the night the memory foam would store all the heat that was produced by the body and warm up. This meant that the sleeper usually got uncomfortably hot and had a miserable night’s sleep.

Mattress manufacturers almost immediately began trying to solve this problem, and two main ways of dealing with it emerged over the years. One of which is called “open cell memory foam”.

On the microscopic level, standard memory foam is made from countless individual pockets (or cells) that are completely sealed. It’s part of what gives the material it’s contouring properties, but it’s also what makes it so hot.

When the air inside these cells heats up, it has nowhere to go (as it’s trapped).

Open cell memory foam solves this issue by opening the cells slightly allowing the air to flow freely around the mattress (and outside into your bedroom). Sure Temp memory foam is a variety of open cell memory foam, and it is exceptionally good at keeping the sleeping surface cool.

However, to be honest, Sure Temp is nothing special in the world of open cell memory foam, it’s reasonably standard (which is still a very good thing).

What’s special about Sure Temp memory foam is the price it can be produced at. Sleep Innovations offer some of the cheapest open cell memory foam products on the market (by a long way).

We’re not sure how they do it, but we’re sure glad they can.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam

We said in the section above that there were two main ways to solve the heat issues inherent with standard memory foam. The first way was the open cell design we just mentioned, and the other way is to use a cooling gel.

The way cooling gel works is much simpler than open cell memory foam, but it’s still incredibly effective.

Essentially how it works is that a certain amount of cooling gel is added to the mixture when the memory foam is made. This cooling gel has properties that make it perfect for heat distribution. When your body heat enters the mattress, some of it is absorbed by the memory foam – but most of it is absorbed by the cooling gel.

Because of the properties of the cooling gel, it spreads the heat out reasonably evenly throughout the entire mattress. The heat isn’t removed by the gel, it’s just spread out much more evenly. This reduces hotspots underneath where the sleeper is sleeping and results in a sleeping surface that feels much cooler to the touch.

However, Sleep Innovations do something very special with their cooling gel memory foam that only a few other brands do.

They combine it with open cell memory foam.

The cooling gel is added to the mixture of the Sure Temp memory foam we mentioned in the section above. This means that heat is distributed evenly throughout the mattress, and it’s extremely well ventilated at the same time.

It results in an exceptionally cool sleeping surface. Regardless of how hot you sleep, you’re not going to be disappointed.

High-Density Foam

The bottom layer of all of Sleep Innovations’s mattresses is a thick wedge of super high-density foam. It’s the least innovative of their materials, but it’s worth us covering briefly.

Essentially it’s a fairly standard foam that provides the bulk of the support and stability of the mattress. Sleep Innovations use a reasonably thick base to provide a feeling of luxuriousness in even their cheapest products. It’s reasonably well ventilated, but it’s nothing special.

All you need to know is that it’s a high-quality material that’s durable, reliable, and get’s the job done.

Sleep Innovations Mattress Coupons

Sleep Innovations don’t distribute coupons that we are aware of. They don’t even distribute their mattresses themselves. It’s all done through Amazon, who (apart from on special occasions) never really provide coupons or discounts.

As such, bargain hunters are out of luck.

Although if we are being honest, considering the quality of product you’re getting for the price – it’s almost like they are on sale already.

How Much Do Sleep Innovations Mattresses Cost?

Sleep Innovations has cleverly positioned themselves at the lower end of the mid-range price bracket. Their products are exceptionally good value for money, and you’ll struggle to find many brands that offer this level of quality at a similar price point.

Their mid-range 12” Sure Temp mattresses start at $347 for a twin and range up to $640 for a California king.

Their cooling gel infused products are around $360 for a twin, and range up to $650 for a California king.

Sleep Innovations Mattress Review

We’re going to take a look at the 4 most important parts of a mattress in this section to see how Sleep Innovations holds up to scrutiny.


Sleep innovations make highly supportive products that we’re sure you’re going to be happy with. This is less to do with the brand themselves, and more to do with the already inherently supportive nature of memory foam (which is used in all of their products). Either way, they get the job done.


Regardless of how firm or soft you like your mattresses, you’re going to find Sleep Innovations’s products extremely comfortable. Their memory foam is very responsive, and it’s available in a wide range of firmness levels to suit all tastes.

Heat Dissipation

Sleep Innovations has invested most of their time and resources into developing exceptionally effective cooling technology. Their standard Sure Temp foam provides a cool sleeping surface, and their cooling gel infused products are even cooler.


The most impressive thing for us about Sleep Innovations is the price point they are able to offer their products at. They use thick layers of high quality advanced memory foam in all of their mattresses, yet they’re able to often undercut their competitors. They’re an absolute bargain.

Pros And Cons

  • Pro – Highly supportive
  • Pro – Very well priced
  • Pro – Open cell memory foam
  • Pro – Gel infused memory foam
  • Pro – 20 Year warranty
  • Pro – US Company
  • Con – None we can think of

Commonly Asked Questions

Do Sleep Innovations’s Mattresses Come With A Warranty?

As is reasonably standard with any brand in this price bracket who believes in their product, Sleep Innovations provide a 20-year limited warranty with all of their mattresses as standard.

Considering the quality of Sleep Innovations’s products we don’t think you’ll have any problems. But accidents can (and do) occasionally happen. If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in this situation, simply call up their US call center, and they’ll repair or replace your mattress for you.

Are Sleep Innovations’s Mattresses Firm Or Soft?

Sleep Innovations have invested quite a bit of money into developing various different densities of memory foam. As such they are able to offer products that are firm, medium, and soft.

Most of their products are in the medium range (as it’s the most popular), but there are several softer and firmer options on their virtual shelves.

Do Sleep Innovations’s Mattresses Sleep Cool Or Hot?

All of Sleep Innovations mattresses sleep cool (for memory foam). Their “standard” Sure Temp memory foam and its open cell design do an exceptionally good job of ventilating and dissipating heat.

Their cooling gel infused products are even better at keeping cool, and if you’re known to be a warm sleeper, they’re probably going to be your best bet.

How Long Do Sleep Innovations Mattress’s Last?

Sleep Innovations’s products are exceptionally durable, they’ll last as long as any other quality mattress in this price bracket (perhaps even longer). We’d be very surprised if you didn’t get at least 15 to 20 years of use out of your mattress before you start considering a replacement.

Are Sleep Innovations’s Mattresses Good For Side, Back Or Stomach Sleepers?

As we mentioned earlier, sleep innovations make products in a wide range of different firmness levels. As such you’ll be able to find something that is perfect for your needs, regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Fun Fact: Sleep Innovations are one of the few brands that let you browse their website via firmness, which is something we don’t often see (but would like to see more).

We Recommend Sleep Innovations’s Mattresses for People That:

Love Memory Foam – If you love memory foam (and let’s face it, who doesn’t), then sleep innovations are a brand you should really pay attention to. They offer products that have exceptionally high-quality foam at an unbelievable price. Their memory foam is supportive, durable, and is going to provide you with an excellent night’s sleep for many years to come.

Run Hot Throughout The Night – If you’re known to be a hot sleeper (or live in a warm climate) then you’re going to love the heat dissipation capabilities of Sleep Innovations’s cooling gel memory foam. It’s one of the cheapest products we’ve ever seen that combines open cell design with cooling gel infusion, and it provides an exceptionally cool sleeping surface.

Sleep With A Sleeping Partner Of A Different Size – Mattresses that use a coiled supportive layer for their base are prone to wobbling and moving when one person changes position. This is often more obvious when one sleeping partner is much larger than the other. With the pure foam construction of Sleep Innovations’s products, this will be a thing of the past – they all provide complete motion isolation.

Want To Deal With A US Company – If you get unlucky and something goes wrong, it’s always nice to know that you’re dealing with a US company. Instead of calling up a call center on the other side of the world, you can speak to someone closer to home. Any repairs or replacements that are needed will be conducted on home turf, meaning you’re not going to have to wait for something to be shipped from China.


So there you have it, an in-depth overview of Sleep Innovations and their products.

They’re honestly a great brand that provides excellent value for money. Their products are durable, they’re comfortable, and perhaps most importantly, they’re some of the coolest memory foam sleeping surfaces on the planet.

It’s a brand that is more than worthy of your consideration.

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