The Ultimate Sleep Number Mattress Review

Sleep number is much more than just a mattress manufacturer. They’re a company that is using the power of digital technology to transform the way we sleep. They market many of their products as a complete bed solution that includes a base. However, they’re perhaps most commonly known for the incredible quality of their stand-alone hi-tech mattresses.

Today we are going to be focusing on these mattresses to help you decide if they’re the right product for you. We’re going to be looking at their components, their properties, and we’re going to be answering some frequently asked questions about all the techno-wizardry they contain.

Let’s get started.

Components Of A Sleep Number Mattress

Sleep number make a range of different mattresses that include several different layers to make up a hybrid product. Their cheapest products contain materials that are fairly standard (like basic comfort foam), but they all use quality, durable materials that will do their job flawlessly. However, we’re not going to be devoting time to them today

We have much more interesting things to talk about.

Remember: Not all the components we are going to mention below will be present in all of Sleep Number’s products. So be sure to check what you are getting before you commit to a purchase.

Dual Air Adjustability

Sleep Number is most famously known for their mattresses dual adjustability functionality. It’s an innovative and unique approach to mattress technology that no other brand has attempted to emulate.

Essentially how it works is that inside the mattress there are two large inflatable compartments. By using the included software, you can adjust the settings of your mattress to change the firmness and support levels in real time. The software is easy to use and revolves around your “sleep number”, the higher the number is, the firmer your mattress is.

Don’t think this is a gimmick, it really does work. By simply changing this one setting you can dramatically change how your mattress feels. The difference is both obvious and addictive.

Fun Fact: Most people find a sleep number between 35 and 40 to be in their Goldilocks zone, but it’s all down to personal preference.

The 2 main compartments are on either side of the mattress and can be adjusted independently. This allows both sleeping partners get a sleeping experience custom tailored to their tastes.

Inside the 2 main compartments are several individual sections which can be inflated or deflated as required. This means that you can custom tailor every inch of your mattress to your preferred sleeping style.

The end result is one of the most versatile products on the market that will transform the way you think about sleeping. It’s very hard to go back to a traditional “one size fits all” mattress after you’ve owned one of these. You have been warned

Sleep IQ Technology

Most of the mattresses that include the Dual Air adjustability functionality we talked about above are able to utilize Sleep Number’s Sleep IQ technology. But for most of Sleep Number’s products (with the exception of their premium series), you’ll have to include this as an add-on at an additional cost.

This clever piece of technology monitors your heart rate, breathing patterns, and sleep quality throughout the night. It’ll be able to tell you how well you slept, when you finally drifted off, and if there are any adjustments you should be making for a better night’s sleep.

This is all controlled by a smartphone app that has an incredibly easy to use interface. It’ll often suggest changes you should make to your sleep number for a better experience. It’s a clever way for Sleep Number to help their customers to get the most out of their mattresses while improving their overall sleep quality too.

Plush Fit Foam

Plush Fit foam is a proprietary material that has been developed by Sleep Number to improve upon memory foam in various ways.

The most obvious issue that’s been solved is the overheating that’s inherent with memory foam products. Memory foam was made by NASA as a material to be used in airplane seats. While they were developing the material thermal regulation was less of a priority than it would have been if they had purpose made the material for mattresses.

Due to this, memory foam is an excellent insulator that stores heat very efficiently. When it’s used as a mattress it results in a warm sleeping surface that can create an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Plush Fit foam is not technically memory foam. It’s a different material that uses a very slightly different structure (but it’s still similar to memory foam). The small changes that have been made remove some of the heat retention properties that are present in normal memory foam, but it doesn’t remove them completely (like some other super premium materials do).

This being said, it’s much better at heat distribution and thermal regulation compared to the most advanced cooling gel infused open cell memory foams on the market. So all things considered, it does a darn good job at keeping cool.

The different chemical compounds and manufacturing processes of this material have created an extra plush feel (which is where it gets its name). It contours to your body exceptionally well and provides gentle yet supportive comfort.

With traditional memory foam, you have to wait a little while to get the full contouring effects (it requires a little body heat to get going). One of the most impressive things about this foam is that the contouring starts from the moment you lie down on the mattress (minimal heat is required). This is great when you adjust your sleeping position as you get an instant response from the foam.

How Much Do Sleep Number Mattresses Cost?

Some of the “budget” options that Sleep Number have on offer are actually cheaper than many people expect when they first hear about the technology. However, when you start to leave this very small section of their product range, prices increase dramatically.

  • For their “Classic Series” you’ll be paying between $699 and $1,399 for a queen-sized bed.
  • For their “Performance Series” you’ll be paying between $1,899 and $2,199 for a queen-sized bed.
  • For Their “Innovation Series” you’ll be paying between $3,199 and $4,499 for a queen sized bed

All of Sleep Number’s products include dual air adjustability functionality. But only the innovation series includes Sleep IQ technology as standard (it can be purchased as an add-on for their other series).

Sleep Number Coupons

Sleep number regularly offer free shipping coupons throughout the year. They also occasionally offer significant percentage based or dollar-based discounts from time to time. These are mainly distributed throughout the holidays, and they’re not valid for very long.

It’s not worth waiting around until they become available, because you may be waiting for a very long time.

Sleep Number Review

Let’s take a look at the 4 main things we like to judge a mattress on – support, comfort, thermal regulation, and price.


You can literally tailor the sleeping surface of a Sleep Number mattress to be as supportive as you like. You can add support in areas you need it, and you can remove it where you don’t want it. Standard “dumb” mattresses cannot compete with this technology, it’s amazing, and it’s supportive on a whole new level.


Because you can tailor your sleeping experience by adjusting your Sleep Number this is seen as one of the most comfortable beds on the market by many in the mattress industry.

The materials used in the upper layers are soft to the touch and are a pleasure to sleep on. The products that don’t have the Plush Fit foam upper layer, use standard comfort foam instead, which is a little less luxurious (but they’re still acceptable by anyone’s standards).

Thermal Regulation

Some of the premium products that Sleep Number offers have thermal balancing layers in them, which are another modern marvel that will distribute heat as required throughout the night.

Without a thermal balancing layer, on their own the Plush Fit Foam layers are more than acceptable thermal regulators. They will stay reasonably cool throughout the night, but they’re nothing to get excited about.


These are premium products with a premium price tag.

You’re getting a high-quality mattress, that’s been infused with a bunch of technology and customization capability in each and every Sleep Number product. We think that they’re great value for money considering what they are providing, but there’s no avoiding the fact that they’re not exactly cheap.

Pros And Cons

Pro – Customizable support

Pro – Customizable firmness

Pro – Plush Fit Foam

Pro – Sleep IQ technology

Pro – 25 Year warranty

Con – Could be a little cheaper

Commonly Asked Questions

Do Sleep Number Mattresses Come With a Warranty?

For people to be comfortable with spending this much money on a mattress (that has this much technology inside it) Sleep Number know that they need to offer a generous warranty (which is exactly what they have done).

They have an iron-clad 25-year warranty included as standard with all of their products. If your mattress breaks down (sounds weird to say about a mattress), then they’ll repair or replace it for free.

Are Sleep Number’s Mattresses Firm Or Soft?

Sleep Number’s mattresses are whatever you want them to be. By adjusting the settings, the Dual Air functionality will be able to tailor your sleeping experience to whatever you find most comfortable. They can be as hard as concrete or as soft as a pillow, it’s up to you to decide.

Do Sleep Number’s Mattresses Sleep Cool Or Hot?

As the Plush Fit foam layer is not memory foam, it avoids many of the overheating issues that are present in the material. On its own, it’s not going to be as cool as something that is naturally better at thermal regulation (like latex), but it’s going to get the job done and keep you cool enough.

We would struggle to believe anyone could realistically complain about the heat retention performance of the material.

However, in some of Sleep Number’s products, the Plush Fit foam layer has help from a temperature balancing sleep surface. This advanced layer will absorb and store heat away from you when you’re warm during the night (and it will release it when you cool down slightly). This creates a sleeping surface with the perfect temperature all night long.

How Long Do Sleep Number’s Mattresses Last?

With all the technological wizardry that’s inside these mattresses, it’s easy to think that they may be a little unreliable compared to a traditional mattress. However, that is not the case (as is demonstrated by the huge warranty). You’ll easily get 20 years of use out of all of Sleep Number’s mattresses before you start to notice any issues, they’re built to last.

Are Sleep Number Mattresses Good for Side, Back or Stomach Sleepers?

Because you can dramatically alter the firmness of all of Sleep Number’s mattresses they are all perfectly suited to whatever sleeping style you prefer. They can literally be tailor-made to be the ideal sleeping surface.

However, it’s the segmented nature of the inflatable sections that make the biggest difference. You can adjust the mattress differently in different areas. This means you can have support where you need it, and plushness where you don’t.

We Recommend Sleep Number Mattresses for People That:

Sleep In A Different Style To Their Partner

One of the biggest dilemmas (and causes of arguments) when couples go mattress shopping is deciding if you want something soft or hard. If there’s a big difference in preference couples often meet in the middle and go for a medium firmness mattress. This results in neither partner getting exactly what they want. With a Sleep Number product, you’ll both be getting the sleeping surface of your dreams.

Have Back And Joint Pain Issues

The adjustable firmness (and the segmented nature of the air compartments) mean that you can customise your sleeping experience for optimized support. If you’ve got joint pain or back issues, this is going to eliminate almost all the discomfort you experience when you wake up in the morning that currently occurs because of your mattress.


So there you have it, an overview of what we think is the most technologically advanced mattress the world has ever seen.

Sleep Number’s products aren’t cheap, but the amount of support, customization, and comfort they provide is mind-boggling. We really did mean what we said earlier – once you own one, you’ll never be able to go back to a normal mattress.

You have been warned (again).

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  1. I have 3 sleep number beds. We just upgraded our 15 yr old sleep number bed to the the 360 smart bed. 3 things I want to say…. the i10 is the most expensive and the best at cooling ….the 25 warranty is a limited warranty ( for every year you own the mattress the price goes up on parts) ….also whatever you do, do not get the split design, it’s basically 2 twin mattresses pushed together with a huge gap in between. We had to exchange ours ( which btw they charge 200.00 for an exchange or refund within the first 100 days) to the half split flex fit. Other than it is a great investment and has helped us sleep so much better!

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