Tuft And Needle are perhaps best known for their catchy slogan “an exceptional mattress at a fair price”. While it may seem like nothing more than marketing, many of us in the mattress industry seem to think it’s a very fitting description of their products.

Tuft And Needle are known for making mattresses that hit the lower end of the mid-range price bracket while providing premium quality.

Today we’re going to take a look at Tuft And Needle and their “exceptional mattresses” to tell you what we like (and don’t like) about them. We’re going to discuss what they’re made from, conduct an impartial review, and we’re going to answer some of the questions we most frequently get asked about the brand.

Let’s get started.

Key Components Of Tuft And Needle Mattresses

The principle behind Tuft And Needle’s products is one of simplicity. They have decided to take a different approach to many other brands by creating a hybrid product that only has two layers. They state that they are focusing on the quality of the materials instead of the number of layers, and it seems to work.

Let’s take a look at the 3 components that make up their mattresses.

Polyamide Cover

The cover of Tuft And Needle’s mattresses is made from a material called Polyamide which is blended with standard polyester. It’s a material that many people haven’t heard of, yet probably wear every day. It’s commonly used in clothing alongside polyester and is exceptionally soft to the touch.

It’s utilized as a cotton alternative and has exceptional wicking qualities that make it dry between 6 to 8 times faster than cotton. This combined with its excellent breathability make it a perfect material for mattress covering that provides a luxurious sleeping surface.

Adaptive Foam

The main comfort layer of this mattress is made from T&N adaptive foam. This is a proprietary material that Tuft And Needle have created from scratch. It’s been designed to combine the beneficial properties of latex and memory foam (without any of their respective downsides).

For example, the adaptive foam in this product has the contouring properties of memory foam. However, adaptive foam is not as contouring as memory foam is, and while the general feel of memory foam is there, it’s not the same.

The flipside of this, however, is that the adaptive foam used in Tuft And Needle’s products doesn’t suffer from the overheating issues that have marred the reputation of memory foam. This is where the latex-like properties come into play.

Latex is one of the best natural materials used in mattress design in terms of thermal regulation. It will keep you cooler than many other materials on the market in its natural state. The problem with latex foam is that it’s notoriously fragile. It lasts long enough for it to be considered a viable material, but you’re going to need to replace a latex mattress much sooner than something made from comfort foam or memory foam.

Adaptive foam takes the thermal regulation properties of latex and combines it with the durability and support of memory foam to make an exceptional material for mattress design.

Despite being an artificial material, adaptive foam is reasonably eco-friendly too (compared to memory foam). It’s earned the coveted Greenguard certification that proves that the mattress is low emission and supports healthy indoor environments.

Support Layer

As is often the case, the support layer of the Tuft And Needle mattress is the least interesting. It’s a reasonably standard (and reasonably boring) wedge of high-density foam. It’s a quality foam that will stand the test of time and provides excellent support while allowing for a decent amount of ventilation.

It’s no better (or worse) than the foam used by other mid-range brands, it just gets the job done.

How Much Do Tuft And Needle Mattresses Cost?

Tuft And Needle go to great lengths to provide a product that is extremely competitively priced. They’re pricing themselves at the lower end of the mid-range bracket, yet are providing a mattress that is of a similar quality to much more expensive products. They are incredibly good value for money.

Their smallest twin mattresses will set you back around $325, their largest king-sized mattress is around $850 (with the other sizes somewhere in between).

Tuft And Needle Mattress Coupons

Tuft And Needle almost never release coupon codes, and we kind of understand why. Their products are already exceptionally good value for money. With the quality of materials used in the manufacture of each product, we find it hard to believe that they have large profit margins on each one sold at the standard low price point.

You’ll very occasionally come across a free shipping coupon once in a while, but that’s about as good as it’s going to get. Sometimes free shipping will be offered directly on their website without any coupon code required, but this isn’t a permanent feature.

Tuft And Needle Mattress Review

As usual, we’re going to break down this review section into 4 categories that cover the most important things we like to evaluate in any mattress – support, comfort, heat retention, and price.


The adaptive foam used in Tuft And Needle’s mattresses has contouring properties that are very similar to memory foam but remember, it’s not identical. While you’re going to certainly see the similarities first hand when you lie down on one, you’re also going to notice the differences.

We can’t honestly sit here and say that a Tuft And Needle product made with adaptive foam is as supportive as memory foam – because it’s not. The contouring properties are simply not as good. However, despite this, it’s pretty darn close and this is a highly supportive product that will not disappoint.

Heat Retention

The upside to adaptive foam not being the same as memory foam is that it’s much better at staying cool. It’s been specifically designed to dissipate heat as efficiently as possible and eliminate hot spots that can occur throughout the night. This is a product that will stay cooler than almost any memory foam mattress on the market.


This is an exceptionally comfortable mattress that we feel will be to most peoples tastes. It’s a little bit on the firmer side of medium (only just), which may mean if you like a super soft mattress (or a super firm one) then you may want to look elsewhere. However, the vast majority of people will find the medium firmness and the super soft covering a perfect complement to the supportive adaptive foam. It’s an exceptionally comfortable product.


The thing that we love about Tuft And Needle is that they are exceptionally good value for money. This isn’t something we say lightly (check out our other reviews for proof). There are not many other products on the market that will provide this level of quality at such a low price.

Pros And Cons

Pro – Exceptional value for money

Pro – Very supportive

Pro – Medium firmness

Pro – 100 Night trial

Pro – Comfortable

Pro – Stays very cool

Con – Warranty could be a little longer

Commonly Asked Questions

Do Tuft And Needle Mattresses Come With A Warranty?

Tuft And Needle offer a 10-year limited warranty on their mattresses. If we’re completely honest this is a little bit underwhelming compared to some other products on the market. Even budget products will often provide a 20-year warranty as standard.

We’re unsure why Tuft And Needle have decided to keep their warranty this short. Their products are of an exceptional quality and they’ll last much longer than this without any issues.

We want to point out that a 10-year warranty isn’t unheard of, and this shouldn’t be seen as a red flag. Many of the worlds best mattresses have 10-year warranties.

It’s just that many of them have longer warranties too.

Are Tuft And Needle’s Mattresses Firm Or Soft?

The Tuft And Needle mattress is a medium firmness product that is perhaps a little bit on the firmer side. If you like a particularly firm or soft sleeping surface this may not be the product you’re looking for, but for the vast majority of people, it’s going to provide an exceptionally comfortable night’s sleep.

Do Tuft And Needle’s Mattresses Sleep Cool Or Hot?

The advanced adaptive foam that is used in Tuft And Needle’s mattresses has been specifically designed to be as cool as possible. It provides the contouring benefits of memory foam without the associated heat retention issues that the material is known for. As we mentioned earlier this is done by utilizing some of the natural thermal regulation capabilities of latex in the design of the material.

Regardless of how hot you sleep, or how warm your local climate is – this mattress will provide an exceptionally cool night’s sleep.

How Long Do Tuft And Needle’s Mattresses Last?

Tuft And Needle’s mattresses are very durable (despite the reasonably short 10-year warranty). You’ll easily be able to get 15 to 20 years of use out of it before considering a replacement.

Are Tuft And Needle’s Mattresses Good For Side, Back Or Stomach Sleepers?

As Tuft And Needle’s mattresses are exceptionally supportive and are in the medium firmness range they are going to be acceptable for almost everyone, regardless of their sleeping position. This is not a happy coincidence, many mattress manufacturers who only make a single product hit this “everyone is happy” sweet spot intentionally.

If you’re super picky, then you may need to look for another product – but for the vast majority of people, you’ll have no issues sleeping on a Tuft And Needle product. Regardless of how you sleep.

We understand that this can be a little hard to believe for many people (and Tuft And Needle understand this too). This is why they have an exceptionally well executed 100-night trial program to allow you to experience their mattresses without any risk.

If at any point you’re not happy with your Tuft And Needle mattress during the first 100 nights you can simply call up their call center and get a full refund, no questions asked. It’s anecdotally supposed to be a very easy process and you get no “hard selling” that attempts to get you to keep the product when you call up for a refund.

They even donate the mattress you don’t want anymore to a local charity of your choice.

We Recommend Tuft And Needle Mattresses For People That:

Want A Premium Product Without The Premium Price Tag

In our opinion Tuft And Needle have earned the right to use their “an exceptional mattress at a fair price” catchphrase. It’s a good description of the quality to price ratio their mattresses offer. They may not have coupons or discounts, but their everyday low price should be more than enough to satisfy even the most hardcore bargain hunters out there.

Sleep Hot During The Night

If you want the contouring properties of memory foam but don’t want to deal with the heat retention issues that the material is known for, then this could be the product for you. It’s an exceptionally cool mattress that will not disappoint.

Need Exceptional Support

The adaptive foam used in this product isn’t as contouring as memory foam, but it’s still exceptionally supportive. If you need a lot of support throughout the night (or suffer from joint or back pain issues) then this is a mattress that is more than worthy of your consideration.


So there you have it, everything there is to know about Tuft And Needle and their mattresses.

Some people are a little bit afraid of going with a product that doesn’t include memory foam these days, which is a shame. Memory foam is an exceptional material, but it’s not unbeatable. The adaptive foam that Tuft And Needle have developed provides exceptional support in a similar fashion to memory foam without the heat retention issues.

If you’re on the fence, we highly recommend you consider giving Tuft And Needle a chance with their 100-night trial.

Because if you do, we’re pretty confident you’re going to end up deciding to keep it.

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  1. This sounds really good. I have one question that doesn’t seem to ever get asked. Do Tuft and Needle beds get the what I call “hammock effect” from a body sleeping on the same side of the bed for years. As in a hole you fall into that forces you to either sleep sideways across the bed to avoid the hole and to beat down the hump in the middle to avoid being in this hole situation? I’m going to apologize if this sounds like an odd question.
    But, Thank You if you understand what I ask!

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